«The Sims 4»: Free Real Estate | How to Input Cheat Codes


The Sims is one of the most popular games around the globe. Her fans strive to embody all possible developments in the life of sims in the game and create unique works on building lots.

But each player sooner or later tries to push the boundaries of the gameplay and resort to the help of additional cheats.

In this article, we have cited the most popular combinations that can significantly expand gaming capabilities.

But it’s worth consecrating such a unique opportunity, like buying any residential area, regardless of the financial ability of the character.

The Sims 4»: Free real estate 

This is best done at the very beginning of the game. Having completed the creation of the character, the game puts the player in the first mode of buying real estate, choosing a city, we select the desired plot, regardless of the possibility of its acquisition, and perform the following actions:

  • Call up the cheat code entry menu by pressing: Shift+Ctrl+C
  • Next, in the appeared line, enter the developer code: Testingcheats true
  • After successful input, use the cheat to buy the site: freerealestate on

Activation is complete, the purchase of any home becomes available for the sim. We select the desired object and instill in it a family.

Cheat code fro free Real Estate

Testing input cheat codes in The Sims 4

Available free Real Estate in The Sims 4

HouseHold is moving - The Sims 4

In addition, it is worth noting that this opportunity can also be used when moving, that is, if the family is already created, and there are no funds to buy the desired house, then this cheat will also work when moving. It is entered in the same way in the city menu.

To cancel the cheat, just enter in the input line: freerealestate off

For cancel the cheat (The Sims 4) need input line

Thanks to such simple actions, the player can afford any site he likes, and the sims will be able to live a new interesting life.

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