Skyrim Items | (ID, magic and enchanted)


We can safely say that objects make up about 50% of the entire game in Skyrim. Of course, the plot, tasks, open and closed locations and adventures are very important, but can you cope with the next boss without the appropriate uniforms? Most likely no.

The game offers our hero thousands of different items: weapons, armor, books, food, ingredients, consumables, objects for tasks. And besides this, there are many things that the locations are furnished with - furniture, barrels, chests, baskets, cutlery and products, and much more. In this guide, we will consider what objects are, how to find out their ID, what are unique objects, and much more.

Categories of items in Skyrim

Since the game has more than a thousand objects, we can not consider each. Therefore, just go through the main categories.

Non-enchanting items

  • Weapon - any unenchanted weapon that you meet in the game. Swords, bows, daggers, axes, two-handed hammers and so on. There are many options and you can get them in any way you like: forging yourself, picking up a bandit from a corpse, or buying from a merchant.
  • Armor - light or heavy armor. You can read more about armor in another guide.
  • Ammunition - This section includes all arrows, magical or not.
  • Clothing - ordinary items of clothing and jewelry that are worn by almost all non-playable characters in the game.
  • Books - This category includes both regular volumes telling about the lore of the game, and books of spells and abilities. The game has one unique book, which was also present in past games of the Scrolls series - Ogma Infinium. This is a daedric item once obtained by the sage Xarxes from Herméus Mora. Judging by the binding, the cover of the book made the skin of all reasonable races of Tamriel. Upon reading, gives Dovahkiin +5 levels to all the skills of a warrior or +5 to the skills of a thief to choose from. After use is destroyed. This item can be obtained for the quest “Beyond the Ordinary”.

    Items without enchantment in the game Skyrim

  • Food - products for cooking, as well as ready-made food that can be found at merchants or simply stole from the table until no one sees it.
  • Ingredients - reagents of potions and poisons that you can grow yourself or collect, traveling around the world.
  • The keys - keys for chests and caskets, as well as doors, gates and cave entrances.
  • Scrapbook - letters from couriers, random notes during adventures, or messages found in the corpses of robbers.
  • Ore and Ingots - you cannot mine ore yourself, but finding it is easy. One has only to clean the mine from uninvited guests, and you will leave it with full pockets of items for crafting.
  • Potions - drinks that restore magic or health, poisons, as well as all kinds of potions. Particularly popular are elixirs that enhance the skill of enchantment and alchemy. Thanks to these potions, your buffs will last even longer and become more effective.
  • Special clothes - sets of clothes and armor of various fractions and guilds.
  • Soul stones - magic stones that allow you to enchant an item, and then charge it. The most powerful are the Azura Star and the Black Star (its other variation), since they can contain the souls of higher creatures.

The most powerful soul stone is the star of Azura and the Black Star

Interesting! If you did not know, but in Skyrim you can completely rename the item. To do this, you need to enchant him. Go to any station for enchantments, choose an item, effect and soul stone and before completing the process, select the “Rename” option. To give the subject a new name, you must definitely erase the past, otherwise the changes simply will not apply. After entering a new name, just press Enter and the job is done!

Renaming items in Skyrim

  • Quest items - items for tasks that can no longer be used.
  • Inaccessible items - in many games, such things are called “developer items”. Officially, they were not introduced into the game, but are present in it. You can only get them using the Creation Kit, and activate them using the in-game console.
  • Other - different things that do not fall into the categories above. These also include building items that have been added to the game along with the major Hearthfire expansion. During the construction of the estate you will need to get various building materials (everything is just like in real life): glass, clay, stones, straw, hinges, logs, locks, nails, iron fittings and so on. Start building your own estate in one of three places: Falkrit, Dunstar and Morphal. Having completed the jarl’s assignment, you will receive rights to your own land and receive further instructions on how to build your own home.

We’ve sorted out ordinary objects, now let's move on to the enchanted ones. Most often this is a common item, for example, “Steel two-handed sword”, but with an additional effect. However, unique things will also be on this list, and there are enough of them in Skyrim.

Magic and Enchanted Items

  • Magical weapons - enchanted swords, axes and daggers can be found anywhere. Most often, Dovahkiin will stumble upon them while exploring dungeons in high-level chests. In addition, enchanted weapons can be created with your own hands, as mentioned earlier.
  • Magic clothes and accessories - parts of armor, clothing that reinforces branches of magic, enchanted rings and bracelets, and much more. You can find during wanderings or create yourself. Similarly with weapons.
  • Quest Items - for completing various quests you will receive unique items with a fixed enchantment. There are many such quests - orders of tans, tasks of factions, guild quests. Here you can add the Thieves Guild armor sets, Assassin's set from the Dark Brotherhood, and other unique armor.
  • Scrolls - magic scrolls allow you to use a specific spell once. At low levels, they can get Dovahkiin out of trouble and are extremely useful. In addition, they cost good money, so you can always sell them and get rich rich.
  • Staves - weapons of magicians that you can find during wanderings. Each staff has a specific spell attached to it that can be used until the charge runs out. Recharged with soul gems, like the rest of enchanted weapons.
  • Artifacts - artifacts include Daedra’s weapons and armor, which can only be obtained once per game. Most often, the legendary item is given for the successful completion of the task of one of the princes of Daedra, but there are other cases. Several Daedra items have been mentioned before: the Black Star and the Azura Star, as well as the book of Ogma Infinum. In addition, several weapons and parts of the armor belong to daedric artifacts. Each part has a special effect and is quite powerful. Merunes’s razor, for example, gives the wearer a chance to kill any enemy with one hit.

    Merunes razor - gives a chance to kill any opponent with one blow

    And the ring of Namira will give you a significant increase in the supply of strength. These items are incredibly rare and valuable, so do not even think to sell them if you can get it. Better put it in the chest, if you still need it.

    Ring of Namira - significantly adds a reserve of forces

  • Unique items - also a kind of artifacts, only they have nothing to do with the Daedra. Unique items include personalized weapons or armor of various significant NPCs. Each such item has its own peculiarity and effect, and there is no other such in the game. In addition, masks of dragon priests are unique. There are 8 of them, and each has strong effects. Krosis, an example, is an ideal subject for thieves and for those who prefer to attack out of stealth.

ID of Items and how to find out

I also wanted to mention that each item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has its own identification number. Knowing it, you can add this item to your inventory in any quantity at any time. This is not an honest way to do this, so here you will need an in-game console and several cheat codes.

Adding an Item through the Console

So, first of all, opens the game console. To do this, press (~) on the keyboard. The game will pause, so don’t worry that you miss something. Next, you need to change the input language to English (more details can be found in another Guide) and enter the command:

player.additem ID X

In this line, the ID value must be replaced with the code of your item, and X - by the number of items you want to receive. After entering the command, press Enter and the indicated thing will immediately appear in your inventory. Thus, you can get any weapon, armor, a unique artifact, or the desired amount of gold and master keys. But this is provided if you know the item ID. How to recognize him?

How to find the item ID in Skyrim

If you already have this item, then do the following:

  1. We find any container. In general, any storage in which you can put things: a chest, a barrel, a wallet, an urn, a sarcophagus, anything will do.
  2. We shift the necessary thing into it.
  3. Open the console with the ~ key.
  4. We click on the container with the left mouse button (in my case, on the barrel).
  5. We write the showinventory command and press Enter.

After that, the console will display all the things in the container (in my case, it is the Merunes Razor), and then the ID of these items. Knowing it, you can multiply this item as many times as you want.

Tricks for getting Items in the game Skyrim using the console

If you do not have an Item, then I advise you to read our article on cheat codes. There are many useful commands that will help the player, as well as the ID of weapons, armor, potions and consumables. Knowing the necessary commands, you can immediately add these items to your inventory.

On this Guide comes to an end. Explore the world and surprise yourself with new unusual finds!