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In this article we will examine all the cheat codes in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Surely, many of you still remember by heart codes for such old games as GTA: Vice City, San Andreas, and so on. Many wrote cheats on a piece of paper, someone memorized. Skyrim, fortunately for gamers, contains a huge number of cheat codes that allow you to have fun as you please, or to get yourself out of a bug or some other gaming problem.

Why do we need Cheat Codes in Skyrim

As we know, no game is complete without bugs. Unfortunately, no matter how many patches and patches would come out, this cannot be avoided. The character has failed in texture, or the NPS is not responding according to the task, the necessary door does not open. Sometimes bugs are trivial and are corrected by a banal reboot or exit from a location, but there are also some serious ones that can spoil your progress.

For example, having stopped during the passage of plot tasks, you will not be able to continue them, and therefore you will have to start all over again. Or use a saving cheat code, which will assign you a task in a second and allow you to move on.

In addition to problems with tasks, cheats, you can open any door, get an infinite number of skill points, gold, levels, dragons souls. You can call near any NPCs and monsters, and even arrange a battle in the spirit of “100 giants against 200 frost spiders”. Cheat codes also help gamers set up and install mods, which are thousands for Skyrim. In general, even if you want to play the game “honestly”, you will still come across one day with cheats.

How to Enter Cheat Codes

Before proceeding to the codes themselves, let's first figure out how to enter them in the game. In many games, cheats are used by pressing the necessary keys, or by typing a word in the main menu or in the game itself. Skyrim in this regard is more advanced - for all codes, namely console commands, there is a special window - the in-game console.

Attention! The console with cheat codes is available only for the PC version of the game. On Play Station 4 and other consoles, unfortunately, it is impossible to open it.

On which platform you would not play (Steam, GOG, others), by default the game console will open on (tilde ~).

Skyrim cheat codes - opening a console to enter Skyrim cheats

A large, dark menu will open at the bottom of the screen. The game itself at this moment will “freeze”, so do not worry that someone will kill you or something will happen.

Note! Enter commands need only in English

How to change the Language in the Console

There are several ways, we consider each separately.

  1. The easiest way is to change the language of the game to English. All replicas of characters, descriptions, abilities will change, but problems with the console will disappear immediately. Many people don’t like this option, because players prefer to play in their own language. But, if you are satisfied with the English localization of Skyrim, I advise you to use this method as the easiest.
  2. The second way is to change the main input language to English in Windows. Thanks to this, when you open the console and begin to enter a command, it will immediately be entered in English. If you have a Windows version up to 10, then you can change the input language in the “Control Panel”, or by opening the languages ​​menu in the “Start” panel. In Windows 10, everything is much simpler: click on the language icon in the “Taskbar”, select the desired language and click the “Use as Primary Language” button. In my screenshot, the icon is grayed out because the language is already selected as the main one. This should fix the console problem.

Whatever way you use, congratulations, you now have access to the endless world of commands and cheat codes for the fifth Scrolls! It's time to go to the codes themselves.

General Cheat Codes

There are many teams in the game like “add certain weapons to inventory” or “raise the level by a given value”, but there are also common ones that we will first consider.

The result of entering the cheat code in the game console

Important! Before using any command, I advise you to save first. You never know that you have time to mess things up with cheats. To use a command, you need to press Enter on the keyboard, and to repeat the last command, you should use the arrows or the Page Up / Page Down keys.

Cheat codes for character leveling

There are many codes for the complete improvement of your character: health, mana, endurance, weight, level, skills, words of power, etc. Consider them.

So, with the speed of running, the height of the jumps and the speed of attack figured out. We now turn to the characteristics of the Dragonborn - maximum health, mana, stamina, level, etc.

After increasing the stats of the character, it's time to move on to skills. There are two options: add a certain amount of experience to the desired skill or immediately set the skill level to the desired one. The first way will allow you to gain ability points, so I advise you to use it.

Tu’um Studies

Cheats also allow the player to learn all the cries of dragons instantly. To do this, you do not even need to hunt for the souls of dragons, because you can also add them directly to your inventory.

Receiving Items

Using the in-game console, you can add absolutely any item to your inventory if you know its ID. Armor, weapons, quest items, spell books, master keys, food, money - all this can be yours in a second! Let's find out how to do this.

Advice to Beginners

In addition to common teams and teams for Dovahkiin, there are a number of useful cheats that will greatly help you during the study of Skyrim.

For example, if you encounter a closed door or a chest and cannot open it at all, then you need to do the following:

  1. Open the in-game console (~ on the keyboard).
  2. Click on the closed door or chest.
  3. Write the unlock command in the console and press Enter.
  4. That's all, you can pass!

How to open the door using a cheat in Skyrim

And if you stumbled upon an opponent that you cannot defeat even on light difficulties, I advise you to use the kill command. The sequence of actions is exactly the same as when opening the door. Opened the console - clicked the mouse - wrote kill - it's done. Works on any creature in the world. True, the characters important for the plot will not die, but simply fall on their knees.

Use cheats in Skyrim to defeat the enemy

If you accidentally killed an NPC or a creature that did not want to kill, then do not rush to boot, everything can be fixed! Repeat exactly the same thing, only this time enter the resurrect command.

The result of canceling the Kill cheat entry in the game Skyrim

As you can see, our character is alive and well! I hope these tips will help you during your journey through the cruel world of Scrolls, full of monsters, riddles and dangers.

Resurrecting characters using a cheat in the game Skyrim

This guide cheat codes ends. Experiment, add various items to your inventory, summon creatures and have fun properly and be sure to leave comments)!