Skyrim Stones of Barenziah | No Stone Unturned - walkthrough


One of the longest and most difficult quests in the expanses of Skyrim is "No Stone Unturned". During the quest, which the player will receive from Vex from the Thieves Guild, he will have to find 24 stones and the very crown of Queen Morrowind Barenziah. An inattentive eye is unlikely to be able to detect all the stones, and finding some stones is possible only during the passage of the quest line. To facilitate the search for stones, the location of each of them will be presented below.

Skyrim Stones of Barenziah - Locations

Whiterun and Surroundings

Three stones will be located in Whiterun and finding them is not difficult. The first is in the jar’s chambers on the table near the bed, the second can be found in the building of associates - Jörrvaskr, he will be in the room of Kodlak Gray Mane, also on the table near the bed. The third stone is in the Hall of the Dead, if you go down to the catacombs on the left stairs, then the stone will be on the first left grave.

If you move north from Whiterun, you can stumble upon the Fellglow fortress, one of the stones will wait for the player there, but access to it can be obtained only during the quest for the story branch of the College of Mages "Hitting the Books".

Barenziah Stone - 1 in 24 stones. Quest: No Stone Unturned

Solitude and Surroundings

In Solitude, there are two stones, the first in the room, which is located farthest from the throne of the jar, oddly enough, also on the table near the bed. It is more difficult to get the second stone in Solitude, for this you need to buy a house for the hero, it will lie on the third floor of the estate in the master’s bedroom.

Another stone is located not far from Solitude on the "The Dainty Sload" ship, but you can get it only during the quest of the Guild of Thieves, during a mission in the city.

One stone can be obtained at the Talmor embassy, during the quest "Diplomatic Immunity". The stone is in the chambers of the head of the embassy on the second floor on the table by the bed - the first left room.

Another stone can be found in the Smoky Cave, next to the corpse. The location is located just west of the Talmor Embassy.

Markarth and Surroundings

Two stones are located in Markarth, the first is in the Dwemer Museum and you can get it during the quest of the same Thieves Guild - "Hard Answers", it is in the very first room on the table to the left of the entrance. The second stone can be found during the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy", it is in the treasury in the farthest left room, right next to the bed.

One stone is located in the location of "The Old Lady's Rock" south of Markarth, the stone licks on the altar near the wall of the Words, it will be hard to miss.

Winterhold and Surroundings

One of the stones is located in the chambers of the Archhold of the College of Winterhold, after the hero becomes the head of the College and gets access to this room, he will find the stone in the closet to the left of the bed.

Windhelm and Surroundings

Two stones are located in Windhelme, the first in the house of the Shattered Shield clan on the second floor, in the first left bedroom. The second stone is in the castle in the chambers of the court magician, the first left door, then you need to move right to the very end, the stone will be in the side niche, access to the chambers of the magician will be open during the quest "Blood on the Ice".

Riften and Surroundings

One stone of Barenziah is located in the chambers of Jarl Riften on the bedside table.

Another stone can be found in the residence "Black-Briars", during the quest "Promises to Keep", you need to climb from the main hall on the left stairs, the stone will lie on the table in the first room.

In the ancient Nordic ruins of "Ansilvund", the stone will be in the room where the player will kill Lu'a.

Folkrit and Surroundings

One stone is in the chambers of the head of the "Dark Brotherhood" - Astrid, on the table, but in order to get into the shelter you will need to join the fraternity.

At the location "Pinewatch", which can be accessed on a special task from the Thieves Guild, also finds one of the stones. If you get into the room where the dragoons rest, there will be a door, the stone will be behind it right on the shelf.

In the cave "Sunderstone Gorge", near the wall of the Words there is a table with corpses, on it lies one of the stones of Barenziah.

Dunstar and Surroundings

In the Nordic ruins of "Yngvild", Barenziah’s stone is in a room not far from the throne room. You can get it during the quest "Arondil's Journal".

Another stone is also located not far from Dunstar at the location of the "Hob's Fall Cave", the stone can be found on the shelf, which is located in a room with alchemical supplies.

Morphal and Surroundings

Moving south from Morphal, you can stumble upon yet another place where the stone of Barenziah rests - these are the ancient Nordic ruins "Rannveig's Fast". To find the stone you need to go down to the very bottom, the stone will wait for the player on the table.

Final stage

Crown of Barenziah with 24 stones. Quest: No Stone Unturned in Skyrim

When all twenty-four stones have been collected, Vex will send the player in search of the very crown of Barenziah. The artifact will be in Tolvald's Cave, returning to Vex and giving her the crown, the quest will be completed and the player will have a valuable artifact that will enhance the hero’s thief’s skills and all members of the Thieves Guild, the hero will also receive an effect called “Prowler's Profit", which will allow you to find more precious stones while rummaging chests and pockets. Unfortunately, the crown cannot be equipped without modifications, so it will be just a beautiful decoration that will rest on the stand in the shelter of the Thieves Guild.