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«The Dark Brotherhood» - is one of the organizations in the world of the Elder Scrolls, an offshoot of the Sithis cult that deals with the killings. Because of its activities, it is illegal, but its services are resorted to on the whole continent. In the Skyrim, the Brotherhood has its own story, the player will become the main character.

Where is the Dark Brotherhood

Door to the Dark Brotherhood Refuge

The refuge of the dark brotherhood is located not far from Falkreath, you just need to follow the south. However, the door that stands there will only allow anyone who knows the correct password to enter and without going through the entrance quest in the Refuge of the Dark Brotherhood. There will be eight characters in the shelter who will somehow be connected with the storyline, but I want to upset you in advance, not everyone will survive to the finale.

The message of the dark brotherhood in Skyrim

How to join the Dark Brotherhood

To join the "Dark Brotherhood", the player needs to hear a rumor that they will talk about on the street that Aventus Arentino performs a dark sacrament. After finding the boy in Windhelm and completing his building, the story line of "The Dark Brotherhood" will begin.

After the mission is completed, the hero will be kidnapped during a dream, and he will wake up in a shed with three captives, and Astrid - the head of the Brotherhood, will offer to kill one of them and join the ranks of "The Dark Brotherhood".

Quests Walkthrough

The Dark Brotherhood quest line consists of fourteen story quests, twelve kill contacts and endless Radian quests that are randomly generated. There is a myth that after completing hundreds of Radian quests, a special task will open, but there is none and this has already been verified by personal experience.

In quests where you need to fulfill the contract for the murder, there is not any particular variability, and they do not carry a plot load, however, they are a good source of income.

The first and optional tasks on the way to "the Dark Brotherhood" will be "Delayed Burial", and the hero will have to decide how to help the wandering jester Cicero repair the cart or set the guards on him. This quest will not be marked in the "Dark Brotherhood" line, the consequences of this quest will be clear later, you can start it on the "Loreius Farm", which is located near Whiterun.

Further, to join, you need to complete three introductory quests, which were briefly described above. It is the quest “Innocence Lost” that will lead the player to the Skyrim Assassins Guild. It will be necessary to kill the hostess of the boarding school for children (orphanage) - Grelod Good by order of a boy from Windhelm, the boarding house is located in Riften and it will be easiest to kill an old woman from a bow, being in stealth mode, lurking in the corner of the boarding house (by the way, the children will be extremely happy about this) . After completing the quest, the player will receive a note from the messenger with the seal of the dark brotherhood and one phrase: “We know,” and then will be kidnapped during sleep.

Astrid in an abandoned hut sitting on a closet

After the abduction, the hero will come to his senses in an abandoned house, Astrid will sit on the closet, and in front of him there will be three in bags on his head. So begins the second introductory quest "With Friends Like These". After killing one of the victims (you can kill all three) Astrid, hand over the key and allow you to leave, telling about the refuge of the Dark Brotherhood and thus launch the quest "Sanctuary". The lair of the brotherhood will now be marked on the map. When the player gets there, he will receive the Dark Brotherhood set of armor and become a member of this organization. On this, the introductory quests end, and a full-fledged storyline begins, which will lead to a high-profile order and the return of the fraternity to the roots.

The first full-fledged quest will be “Mourning Never Comes”, Astrid will send the hero to Markarth, where he learns that he needs to kill the former lover of Muiri, who works in “The Hag's Cure”. The victim will be in the Dwemer ruins of Raldbhtar, after death, you can safely return and walkthrough the quest. The quest has another optional element, you will need to go to Windhelm and kill Nielsin the Shattered Shield, in case of completion Muiri will present the player with his enchanted ring.

Cicero and the coffin of the mother of the night in Skyrim

When the jester Cicero arrives at the shelter, the one to whom the player helped or not to fix the cart near Lorei's farm, the quest “Whisper in Darkness” begins, by the way, if the hero turned Cicero to the guards, then all the characters on the Lorea farm were killed. Astrid will instruct the player to find out what this jester is up to, for this the hero will have to hide in the tomb of "Mother of the Night" that Cicero brought and eavesdrop on who he is talking to. Being there, the “Mother of the Night” will speak to him and name the hero with his “Hearing”, the only one who is able to hear the “Mother of the Night”, she will send messages about the perfect “Dark Sacrament” to him. The hero finds out that a certain Amon Motier performed a dark sacrament and is waiting for an assassin in the Nordic ruins of Volundrud. Having told Astrid about this, she will send the hero to Nazir, and she will go to meet her.

Having completed Nazir’s contract, the player will receive the quest “Whispers in the Dark”. Astrid will send him to the Nordic tomb to take on the mission. Having met with the customer, the player finds out that the emperor Titus Mead II should become a victim. In confirmation, Amon Motier will give a note and an amulet of the Council of Elders, establishing the authenticity of which in the "Thieves Guild" starts the chain to kill the emperor.

Emperor of the dark brotherhood in Skyrim

Getting to the emperor is not an easy task, so you need to carefully prepare. The first stage of preparation will be the killing of the cousin of the emperor and at the same time the head of the eastern imperial company, a quest entitled "Bound Until Death". The victim is planning a wedding, and the murder will be committed right on it. There are several ways to complete the quest: you can adjust the accident by throwing a statue at the lovers, or you can shoot from a bow - a convenient parapet is located just opposite the victim. When the work is done, it will just be necessary to escape from the city, and the Argonian Vizara sent to help will help in this.

Next on the way to the emperor will be "Breaching Security", the player will have to kill the son of the head of the imperial intelligence service, which will incapacitate him and help him get to the emperor. It will not be difficult to kill him, but he is in constant movement with a small retinue in the settlements of Skyrim, the route of his movement can be found in the settlement "Dragon Bridge". After his murder, you will need to throw a letter on the body that compromises him as a participant in a conspiracy against the emperor.

Hall of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

While the player was carrying out the task, Cicero attacked the members of the fraternity and escaped, as it turns out in Skyrim there is one more refuge of the Dark Brotherhood and there is a search for the jester there, the quest “Cure for Madness” starts. Asbjörn followed his trail, but did not cope with him; a wounded player will find him near the entrance to the shelter near Dawnstar. Making his way through the shelter through the ghosts of the members of the fraternity, the hero will get to Cicero and he will have the choice to kill or save the life of the jester, the first one does not have any features and stern opportunity to get Cicero's clothes, which has pleasant bonuses. In the second case, he can become a player’s companion.

The final step in preparing for the assassination of the emperor will be the quest “Recipe for Disaster”. The emperor arrives, and in order for the emperor to be satisfied and full, a famous chef is invited, the problem is that no one knows what he looks like. The player will have to find out the identity of this cook, for this he will have to go to Markarth, where he will find out at the jarl chef that he is an orc and he lives in the tavern “Nightgate Inn”. The player will have to kill him, hide his body and pick up a confirmation letter that he is the “Gourmet” in order to gain access to the emperor’s kitchen.

Members of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

All preparations are over and the quest "To Kill an Empire" begins. Having learned the details from Astrid, the player will go to Solitude, where the emperor is in the "Castle Dour". Having accepted the role of “Gourmet” and using the letter, the player will easily get into the kitchen, where, together with the local chef, he will start preparing a “special dish” for the emperor, and the poisonous herb that Astrid gave will be a special ingredient. Having poisoned the emperor, the player leaves the Castle Dour, but at the exit imperial agents await him, he learns that he only killed the emperor’s double, and Astrid betrayed him. The Commander also reports that at the moment the troops are storming the refuge of the brotherhood in Falkreath.

Throwing himself into the shelter, the hero begins the quest "Death Incarnate" where he will save all the survivors after the storm, the shelter is on fire, and the soldiers of Penitus Okulatus are waiting for him at the entrance. Of all the members, only two survived - Nizar and Babette, but most importantly, the player has to save the coffin of "Night Mother". When the player regains consciousness, only ruins will remain from the shelter, he will have to finish the murder of the emperor and revive the brotherhood, restoring the Dunstar refuge.

The final quest for the storyline will be "Hail Sithis". The player will go to Whiterun and meet with the customer to find out the location of the real emperor. After finding out that the emperor is on his ship, in the Gulf of Solitude, he goes to where the emperor ends. Having completed the task, you can find out from the employer where the reward is stored, killing him at the same time, at the request of the emperor. The reward will be 20,000 Septims, which will build a shelter in Dunstar. On this, the storyline will be completed and an endless stream of Radian quests from the "Night Mother" will begin.

In the new refuge, the player will have several companions in the form of new members of the fraternity and Cicero.


At the very beginning of the game, if Astrid is killed instead of captives, the chain of quests to destroy the "Dark Brotherhood" starts, but this is not profitable because the award will be only 2,000 Septims and a reduction in playing time with role-playing.

Blade of sorrow in the game Skyrim - the passage of the dark brotherhood

During the passage of the storyline, you can access unique equipment: “Brotherhood Armor”, “Blade of Woe”, “Gilded Wristguards”, “Emperor's Robes”, “Jester's Cap”, “Jester's Costume”, scimitar “Windshear”, “Ancient armor of Shadows ”,“ Execution Hood”,“ Redguard hood ”, horse “ Shadowmere”.

Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Armor

In the torture chambers of the Dunstar refuge, if you talk to the prisoners twice, you can find out where they hid the treasures.