Miraak Skyrim | Walkthrough | The fate of the Skaal | The Way of Knowledge


In the Dragonborn addition, the player will have to meet another dragonborn, but the catch is that his goals are completely different and he lived in the time of Alduin himself. The main antagonist in this supplement is Miraak, and no matter what, let him plunge the whole world into the abyss of chaos, he will have to be destroyed.

During «the tyranny of the voice» of dragons, Miraak was one of the dragon priests, realizing. That he can absorb the souls of dragons, he decided to destroy them and single-handedly rule, but was overthrown and buried on the island of Saltheim. Death bypassed him, he was saved in his plan by Oblivion Herméus Mora, since then he has been waiting an hour to return and implement his plan.


The quest line will begin after the hero finds out about his Dragonborn status, returning from High Khroddgar, in an arbitrary location on the map, the hero will be attacked by a group of cultists in strange masks and robes whose intentions are quite prosaic - to kill Dovakin. After a failed assassination attempt from the body of one of them, it will be possible to pick up a note that says "About the real Dragonborn", which is behind this attempt. From the same note, you can find out that they arrived in Skyrim from Saltheim, and the ship that delivered them stands on the docks of Winterhold.

Group Cultists in strange masks in the game Skyrim

The captain of the ship just does not want to bring the player to the island, but there are several benefits to solving this problem, from bribery to threats, as a result, the boatman will deliver the player, where he will have to find out who this Miraak is.

During the “Oblivion Crisis” Morrowind suffered a mass of devastating disasters, the main of which was the eruption of Red Mountain, the few Dunmer who survived, moved to Saltheim, where they began to re-equip themselves.

On arrival at the island, you can not wait for a warm welcome, the colony «Crow's Rock» is going through hard times. Something strange happens to people, by someone’s invisible command, the inhabitants of the colony begin to erect a kind of temple nearby. Having returned the reason to the inhabitants with the help of one of the screams, the player will find out that the same Miraak is behind this, and his Temple has risen from the nearby ruins, where he has to go to figure out what is happening.

Meeting with Miraak in the game Skyrim

Temple of Miraak

One of the residents of Freya Island will go with the player to explore the Temple of Miraak, in the dungeons of the temple of the player there are many traps and enemies, the main value is the wall where you can learn a new scream. In the very depths of the Temple is the Black Book - a portal to the halls of Oblivion, which belong to the Hermeus More, where Miraak awaits the player.

Wall of submission of will in the game Skyrim

Then a monologue will follow, which will be impossible to miss, after Miraak will fly away on the Dragon, and the servants of Herméus Mora will return Dovakin back to the Temple.

Skaal Village - Miraak quest in Skyrim

The fate of the Skaal

After the hero comes to his senses, together with Freya, he will go to yet another settlement on Soltsheim, namely to the village of local indigenous inhabitants - skaals. Thanks to the skala, Dovakin learns that it is possible to free the mind of the people who constantly build a temple for Miraak with the cry “Bend Will”, for this it is necessary to influence them on the All-Created Stone, around which enslaved people work. Following this advice, the hero goes to study a new scream, the wall is located on the northern outskirts of the island in a dragon's den.

Having studied the scream, (by the way, it’s better to keep a couple of dragon souls in reserve, because on Saltheim all the souls of the defeated dragons will be consumed by Miraak), you need to go to the marker on the map and use a new scream on the stone to free people from Miraak’s rule. Then we return to the village of Skaal and complete the quest with the elder, along the way you can clear the four remaining stones of the All-Creator.

The Way of Knowledge

The next quest will lead Dovakin to the dark elf, one of the last from the house of Telvania, in pursuit of knowledge about the weaknesses of Miraak, along with him he will go to the Dwemer ruins of Tel Mitrin. In the ruins you have to solve the ancient mystery of the Dwemer, in order to get to the next Black Book.

It will not be difficult to solve puzzles when the book is available, the quest will end, in order to start a new one you will have to read the book you have obtained.

Reading, once again cast Dovakin into the plan of Herméus Mora, who is already waiting for the player, after a short dialogue, riddles begin again, but they are many times easier. Moving through the level, you need to read all the books in the order of numbering; upon completion, Herméus Mora will teach the second word in the cry “Bend Will”. Returning to him, one should tell about Hermaeus Mora and then the old man will decide to sacrifice himself and read the Black Book, thus giving all the accumulated knowledge to the Daedric prince and giving Dovakin a chance to defeat Miraak.

Miraak s death - victory of Dovahkiin

The gardener of the human race

The last stage of the quest for the destruction of Miraak will take place in the plan of the daedron, jumping on the plan with the help of books, Dovakin will get to four book stands on which to place the appropriate books. Symbols are drawn on the stands that will suggest the names of books: «Eye» – the book «Curious Spheres», «Fangs» – the book «Grinding Blades», «Tentacles» – the book «Boneless Limbs», the last rack - the book «Biting Claws». After all the books have been placed, you need to read the book on the central stand, it will transfer the player to the next location, the book will also open the third word of power to the cry of «Subjugation of Will».

On top of the Apocrypha

In the new location of the player, the dragon will wait, on which he will have to test the full power of the new scream, subjecting it to his will, you can saddle him and go to Miraak, fighting on horseback with other dragons. The fight with Miraak will be protracted, because every time the villain loses a lot of health he will use the cry of “Immobility” and then a liquid with a full health scale will appear in the pool with the dark one, but this will not help him avoid death. At one point, his former patron will get tired of it and he will end Miraak, and Dovakin will only have to collect trophies from his corpse and return to Salsheim, this is where the main storyline of the expansion will be completed, but there are still many interesting places and quests for the player on the island .

Outfit of Miraak

Miraak’s sword is a unique sword that turns into a whip when attacking, which makes it one of the most long-range swords, in this indicator it surpasses even two-handed counterparts. Among other things, the sword also steals fifteen units of power from the attacker, which allows you to quickly save the opponent from endurance.

Miraak Sword - Drawn to the Whip - Long-Range Sword in the Game

The robe of Miraak is a unique vestment of the first Dragonborn, which absorbs fifteen mana from the breath of dragons or other magical attacks, there is also a small probability of the tentacles exploding when attacking a character.

Robe of Maraak - Absorbs 15 mana from Dragon Breath

Miraak helmet - a unique helmet that can be in two variations of heavy and light armor (it depends on the skill with which the player will approach the final battle). This item of equipment increases the player’s supply of magic.