Skyrim how become Vampire | Vampire Cure | Pros and Cons


Skyrim opens up a million different possibilities for Dovahkiin. Here you can get married, become the ruler of the city, take part in a civil war, fight dragons, get into other worlds, and also become a werewolf or a Vampire! I will talk about Lycanthropy (the ability to take the form of a beast) in another article, so let's talk about bloodsuckers. And in this guide we will analyze how to become a vampire and how to cure vampirism, we will learn the pros and cons of this condition and how it affects the world. You may not have known, but about vampires there is a whole major addition called The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. Let's start!

How to become a Vampire in Skyrim

Tired of playing for one of the “standard” races of the game? Want to complicate your task, get more thrills? Gain powerful skills and abilities to start drinking blood? Then why not become a Vampire! This process will take some time, but at the end of the reincarnation, your appearance will completely change, new talents, passive skills will appear, and previously peace-loving Non-player characters will begin to be afraid of you.

Important! Before becoming a Vampire, I advise you to make a separate save. Yes, Vampires are much more powerful than the intelligent races of Tamriel, but also have a lot of minuses that will complicate your game. Vampirism can be cured, but this is a long and complicated process, so it’s better to make a separate save game so that you can “roll back” to it if something happens.

There are several ways in the game how you can become a Vampire. Both “legal” and using cheat codes. I want to immediately warn that it is much easier to catch Vampirism than to recover from it, so be careful.

Fight another Vampire in Battle

If you do not take into account the addition of Dawnguard, then aggressively minded bloodsuckers can be met during wanderings. Vampires can be found in places like Movart's Lair, Blood Throne, Heimar Cave, Fellglow Fortress and Broken Fang Cave. The easiest place is the Lair of Movart, which is located near Morphal. Here you will find low level opponents, so it will be easier to catch Vampirism. To get to the right place, it’s enough to get to Morphal by carriage (or by moving quickly) and take a walk to the northeast.

Movart s Lair - Located Near Morthal

You will not meet vampires right away, first you will need to deal with frosty spiders and robbers at the entrance. Kill opponents and move inside the cave, collecting delicious loot on the way. At the end of the dungeon you will see a large room with a dining table, at which two bloodsuckers sit.

Meeting with Vampires in the game Skyrim

That is what we need! Make conservation, prepare more potions of healing, food and spells of the school of recovery. Now draw their attention to yourself and get ready for treatment. You need the Vampires to cast Life Drain on you. When casting a spell, Dovahkiin has a chance to catch the “Sanguinar Vampiris” disease, which will turn you into a Vampire.

How to become a vampire in skyrim - whiteness (Sanguinare Vampiris)

When you notice a notice that the disease has appeared, you can safely kill opponents. Information about the disease can be found in the “Magic” menu in passive skills. You have 72 more hours to change your mind and recover from vampirism. To do this, visit the altar of the Nine or drink a potion of healing diseases.

If you have not received this disease, then move away from the vampires, restore health and try again until it works out. You can repeat as many times as you like.

After 72 hours, the character becomes a Vampire of the “first phase” and he immediately appears a series of passive skills:

  • Weakness in the sun - When exposed to the sun, your maximum supply of magic, health and stamina will decrease, and the regeneration rate will decrease by 100%. In addition, there will be visual changes - the skin will begin to char.
  • Disease resistance - vampires are very tenacious, so now you can not be afraid to catch any infection. Dovahkiin gets 100% disease resistance.
  • Resistance to poisons - 100% resistance to all poisons and poisonings.
  • Night Predator Steps - when you sneak, you are 25% harder to spot.
  • Harbinger of the night - your Illusion spells are now 25% more effective.

Resistance to disease - if you are a Vampire you can not be afraid to catch a disease

These effects apply to all stages of vampires, which we will learn about later.

Become Vampire use the Game Console

Attention! This method is available only on PC. On game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.) cheat codes are not available, if you play on one of the above platforms, you can immediately skip this item.

If you do not want to look for Vampires, or if you can’t catch the right disease, you may have encountered a bug. In this case, the cheat code for vampirism will help you. How to use it?

  • Press the keyboard (~) to open the console menu. All actions in the game are currently paused.
  • Enter the player.setrace Xracevampire command in which X should be replaced by your hero's race. The race must be indicated in English. If you play as a north, then the team will look like this: player.setrace nordracevampire. And if you play kajit, then player.setrace khajitracevampire.
  • Press Enter.

Right after that you will become a vampire of the first stage. You will have all the basic abilities, the active skill "Vampire Vision" and all of the above passive talents.

Ability - Vampire Vision

Drink liquid from a Red Spring

For the third method, you will definitely need the addition of The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. And in it you can become not just a Vampire, but a vampire-lord! In addition to the usual abilities, Dovahkiin will also receive a unique tree of Vampire skills, the ability to change shape and much more.

To become a Vampire in the expansion, you need to complete several story missions, get to the Redwater Lair and drink a strange liquid from the Red Spring. Along the way, you will be Serana - a young Nordic vampire girl, whom you can even marry after. Having an add-on and the status of a vampire lord will give you many advantages that are not available in the original game:

  • Passive skills for resistance to cold and vulnerability to fire have been changed by +20% / +30% / +40% / +50%.
  • The Vampire Seduction ability will now allow you to bite not only sleeping, but also awake victims.
  • At the last stage of vampirism, Non-player character phrases will change. Now you will often hear comments like “Your skin is white as snow, are you afraid of the sun or what?” Or “I don’t like your eyes.” Some kind of strange cold. ” But no one will attack you, which will greatly facilitate life. You will be able to move freely around the cities and be fed with blood even during the day. But in a transformed form it is better not to appear before the peasants.
  • Appearance will also change. All women and Nordic men had bright red eyes, and the rest of the races became golden. Scars appeared near the mouth, and the faces themselves became more intimidating.

Change in appearance - red or golden eyes

The stages of vampirism. Pros and cons of being a vampire

As mentioned above, Dovahkiin will not immediately become a full-fledged vampire. Having received the Sanguinar Vampirus disease and having waited 72 game hours, you will become the first stage vampire. What is the difference between the first stage and the following and what abilities do you get? Now we will analyze it.

The first stage of Vampirism

So, you have embarked on the path of a vampire. The townspeople are no longer afraid of you, but you no longer love the sun. In addition to the above passive skills (resistance to poisons, diseases, strengthening Illusion spells, etc.) you will also get permanent effects:

  • Cold resistance - cold damage taken reduced by 20%
  • Weakness for fire - fire damage taken increased by 20%.
  • Weakness in the sun - Health, Magic, and Stamina reduced by 15.

In addition to the permanent effects, the Dragonborn will also have a number of new active skills:

  • Vampire servant - the ability to pick up a weak corpse from the dead for 60 seconds. The summoned servant will fight by your side. You can use it once a day.
  • Stretching life is the very ability through which you fall ill. The spell allows you to draw 2 units of life per second at the chosen target. This magic belongs to the school "Destruction", the level of "Beginner".
  • The vampire's gaze is the ability to see in the dark. The spell lasts 60 seconds, you can use it once a day.

The second stage of Vampirism

Permanent effects remain the same, but their performance increases significantly:

  • Cold resistance - Cold damage taken reduced by 30%
  • Weakness for fire - Fire damage taken increased by 30%.
  • Weakness in the sun - Health, Magic and Stamina reduced by 30 (twice!).

Active abilities became even stronger, and a new and very important skill was added:

  • Vampire servant - the ability to raise a dead corpse from the dead for 60 seconds. The summoned servant will fight by your side. You can use it once a day.
  • Life stretching - The spell allows you to draw 3 units of life per second at the chosen target. Not a big increase at all. But then it will be better. Spells remain for Beginners.
  • Seduction - the spell soothes representatives of intelligent races and creatures up to level 10. Action time 30 seconds. A very useful spell that will help you out many times.

The third stage of Vampirism

The permanent effects remain the same, but the percentage continues to increase:

  • Cold resistance - Cold damage taken reduced by 40%
  • Weakness for fire - Fire damage taken increased by 40%.
  • Weakness in the sun - Health, Magic, and Stamina reduced by 45.

Similarly with active effects:

  • Vampire servant - the ability to raise a dead corpse from the dead for 60 seconds. The summoned servant will fight by your side. You can use it once a day. Now it makes sense to use this spell. Personally, this servant helped me out many times.
  • Life stretching - The spell allows you to draw 4 units of life per second at the chosen target. Compared with the first level, the “damage” of the spell has already doubled. At the fourth level, vampirism will be even better!

The fourth and final stage of Vampirism

Unfortunately, the last stage of vampirism will not please us with new passive skills:

  • Cold resistance - Cold damage taken reduced by 50%
  • Weakness for fire - Fire damage taken increased by 50%.
  • Weakness in the sun - Health, Magic, and Stamina reduced by 60. With such a debuff, it’s better not to go out at all during the day, brr.

And here is a new active skill, and even what! Perfect for thieves, hacking and pickpockers, and also save you from any trouble:

  • Vampire servant - the ability to raise a very strong corpse from the dead for 60 seconds. The summoned servant will fight by your side. You can use it once a day. Now you will be a storm of all giants, bears and frosty spiders!
  • Life stretching - The spell allows you to draw 5 units of life per second at the chosen target. Still not a fan of this spell, but with such damage, it can already be useful against enemies that are easy to keep at a distance.
  • Hug of shadows — the ability to become invisible and turn on night vision for 3 minutes. Used only 1 time per day. A very useful spell that will help you out of any situation.

So you have reached the maximum stage of vampirism. Unfortunately, in addition to useful passive effects and powerful spells, you will also experience some disadvantages of this position.

All characters will be hostile to you, since now you are a full-fledged vampire with the appropriate appearance. You will be attacked by ALL characters in the game. This can be corrected by eating a little blood. Quenching your thirst will lower your level of vampirism to the first (all effects and spells will also change). You can drink blood only in stealth mode. If you do not have an addition, then only sleeping characters. And if installed, then the mechanics are the same as with pocket guards. Sneak up in stealth mode and press the corresponding button.

How to Cure Vampirism

Dovahkiin can regain its former appearance even at the last stage of transformation into a vampire. What is needed for that?

  • Complete Falion’s quest “Rise at Dawn”. The task can be completed only 1 time per game, so do not waste it just like that.
  • Complete the storyline quest Companions and become a werewolf. Vampirism is “rewritten” by a new disease. You will no longer be a vampire, but you will become a lycanthrope.
  • Use the console command player.removespell 000B8780. This team will completely remove Vampirism from Dovahkiin.

Vampirism has many advantages and disadvantages. Think carefully before deciding on the fate of the bloodsucker. See you in the next Guide!