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In the fifth part of the Elders Scrolls, dragons for the player become, if not the main enemy, then one of the most significant. Battles with them are a test of strength for the player, the skills and equipment in these bouts have a certain coloring and are a special feature of the game, since the dragon's character pumping system is built on the souls of the dragon. After a fight with the dragon, the Dragonborn receives the soul of a dragon and thanks to this he improves his skills. In the game there are varieties of dragons, some will be ordinary opponents that the player will meet in random encounters to find others will have to sweat, and nominal dragons will become the most formidable opponents.

Ordinary dragons can be divided into the following categories:

  • Ordinary;
  • Blood;
  • Frost;
  • Elder ;
  • Ancient;
  • Respectable;
  • Legendary;

All these dragons differ in their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the threshold levels at which they will meet the player, with a ten-level interval, they will be located from the ordinary to the legendary. The player can also meet rare species like the Bone Dragon or Serpentine, which dwells only on the island of Solstheim. The stronger the dragon, the higher his level of attack, resistance to damage and health. Depending on the type of dragon breathing, its vulnerability to damage types is determined; if a dragon has fiery breath, then it is vulnerable to frost and vice versa.

Meeting Dragons

A player may encounter a dragon as they explore the game world, plot events, or go hunting for the beast to the Walls of words, on which one of the dragons necessarily sits, as well as dragons can be found on dragon peaks, which is quite symbolic. Most often, they will meet in the highlands, so walking in the northern and central parts of the map you can run into a sudden meeting.

Locations dragons in Skyrim

Named Dragons

Another thing is nominal dragons, they are closely tied to the plot and are more formidable enemies than their nameless brothers. There are nine such dragons in the game:

Alduin is the main antagonist of the game and the first dragon to be encountered in the game. Fight him, it will be possible only in the final of the main plot of the game, for which the player will have to go to Sovngard.

Alduin - the main antagonist of the game and the first dragon

Paarthurnax - brother of Alduin, lives on High Hrothgar and teaches the Gray-bearded "Voice" ways. Is an ally of the player, but can be killed by him on the instructions of the blades.

Dragon - Paarthurnax brother Alduin, lives on High Hrothgar

Mirmulnir - the first dragon with which the player will have to fight, according to the plot the fight will take place near Whiterun. It is after this fight that it will be known that the hero Dragonborn and his Greybeards will be called upon.

Mirmulnir - the first dragon with which the player will have to fight

Sahloknir - the second dragon of which will be encountered during the walkthrough of the main plot, you can witness how Alduin resurrects him near the Kynesgrove.

Sahloknir - the second dragon on the storyline, Alduin resurrects him

Viinturuth - dragon mound which is located near the village of Anga Viinturuth - dragon mound which is located near the village of Anga

Nahagliiv - a dragon who was buried not far from Rorikstead

Nahagliiv - a dragon who was buried not far from Rorikstead

Vuljotnaak - buried near the cave Broken Fang

Vuljotnaak  - buried near the cave Broken Fang

Odahviing - the dragon of which the player can subdue and call for help during the battle, you can also fly on this dragon and he is the only way to get to the walkthrough to Sovngarde.

Odavin - a dragon whose player can subdue and call for help during a battle

Durnehviir - a dragon who is imprisoned in Soul Cairn, can be released by a player and also be called upon to assist in battles.

In addition to the above, there is one more nominal dragon, it is sharpened in a golden ball in the center of the Blackreach. His name is Vulthuryol and to release it you need to use a cry "Unrelenting Force" on this ball.

Dragons Tactics

Dragons are formidable opponents, so fights with them require a special approach. A dragon in the sky is a more formidable enemy than on the ground; he soars incredibly quickly in the sky because of which it is difficult to hit him with a bow or with the help of magic. Therefore, the primary task is to try to knock him down or to hide until he sits down and only to join the fight with him.

A dragon will not be able to fly when it has less than half its health, but it will still use fiery or icy breathing, so it’s better to stay with your side or behind it, because it attacks with a wing or tail, and these attacks cause noticeably less damage. After mastering the dragon's cry, it will be possible to cast the dragons to the ground and deal with them there. The use of weapons with enchanting to which the vulnerable dragon greatly simplify the fight, so you should have two sets: for dragons with fiery and icy breath.

Flying a dragon

In the main storyline, only Odavin is available for flight, and even then only after walkthrough through the main plot. However, in the Dragonborn addition, a new shout “Bend Will” appears, thanks to which any dragon can become a vehicle for movement. After using the scream, the dragon will land on the ground and it can be saddled, in flight you can attack the targets with a dragon or with magic. Upon landing, the dragon will leave the player, and it will no longer be possible to summon him, only Odahviing and Durnehviir are amenable to such a call.