Skyrim Lover Stone | Constellation | Location | Comparison with other Stones


Skyrim needs no introduction. It has been 9 years since the games and it is still one of the most popular games out there. The game is still played by millions because of its ability to keep players entertained with hundreds of quests and even more side quests and other fun exploration possibilities. The game has a huge map and the exploration potential is seemingly limitless. The game is a RPG and is one of the greatest games in its genre, at least in the eyes of most.

Much like any RPG game set in the medieval times, the game uses mechanics such as Magicka, stamina and obviously, health. The game also has power ups and other items and artefacts that can boost your stats.

One of the items you can use to boost your stats or passive abilities are the Standing Stones. According to games lore, the standing stones are magical stone like artefacts that are huge in size were said to provide power to the heroes in the past and gave them the ability to change their fates entirely.

The Standing Stones have the following effects on your character.

  • The speed of certain skills is increased by 20%.
  • Stones grant a special ability which can be used for unique purposes, one a day.
  • Your Health, Stamina or Magicka are increased or their regeneration rates are, depending on the stone.
  • Minor stats such as carry weight capacity, armor etc. are also boosted.

However, every stone also has a downside to it. For example the Atronach Stone take a toll on your Magicka and equipping it results in a significantly slower rate of Magicka regeneration.

Your character can only use one stone at a time, but their currently active blessing can be switched at any time by simply equipping a different stone. However, if you have the Aetherial crown equipped, you can access the blessings of two separate stones at the same time, one blessing from the stone you had equipped previously and one skill from the stone you have equipped currently.

There are 13 different standing stones scattered across the province of Skyrim and each of them have their own unique effects. Finding these stones may not be so easy, but they are well worth the effort. One of the best stones in the game is the Lover stone, which has an effect on every attribute and increases the rate at which they level up by 15%. Given below is the games description for the stone.


Skyrim Lover Stone - Constellation


The Lover Skill is the most useful stone for your character if you have recently started the game and are looking to improve your stats quicker or if you want to make your character have a mixed play style, for example having a similar level in stats like stealth and magic.

Lover Stone Location

Skyrim Lover Stone Location

The Lover Stone is fairly easy to get considering the great effect it has. You will not encounter any significantly strong enemies and the only enemy that you will encounter near the location of the Lover Stone is a cave bear. To get to the head to the Markath River which is east from the Markath. From here head over to the most north-west tip of the river. Over here you will find the primary location for the Lover stone. However, if you want to reach the stone’s exact location, you will have to travel up to the top of the mountains in the east and travel down from there. From here travel north and cross the bridge which will take you across the river. From here you will see a path, which will be the closest to you on your right side. Travelling to the north from this location will lead you to a steep path on the left hand side which will lead you towards the location of the stone however it is still a bit hard to find where the stone is placed.

A few other items can also be found near by the lover stone which you can also find a bit useful. These items are listed below:

  • Multiple Juniper Berries, which can be used for many purposes, one of which being health regeneration.
  • 2 Rock Warbler Eggs (inside of a Bird's Nest). These can be used for alchemical purposes such as "fortify one hand".
  • A single Iron Ore Vein. Iron Ore veins can be mined once every in game month and have a small chance of giving you valuable gems.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Lover Stone is one of the most popular standing stones among the players of the game. Although it provides a 5% less boost as compared to other standing stones, it provides a boost to every stat making it the go to option if you want to make your character stronger quicker or want to balance out and improve your weaker stats.

The Lover Stone seems like the perfect standing stone for you to use, but like every other stone in the game, the Lover Stone also has its downsides. One of the biggest downsides that the Lover Stone brings with it is the fact that sleeping has no resting effects on your character, meaning that your character will remain tired no matter how long you make them sleep. This can be costly but you can overcome this by simply un-equipping the stone and going into your inventory to equip it at a later time. However, if you have lycanthropy, the lover stone is much more favourable for you as werewolves do not need to sleep in the first place. Because of this, the lover stone doesn’t stack with the well-rested bonus either meaning that you can’t gain the plus 10% bonus to all stats that you get from the well-rested bonus.

The well-rested boosted is one of the best boosts in game as it provides all of your stats with a 10% boost just by simply sleeping. But the boost doesn’t work if you have the lover stone equipped, meaning that you will not be rested and you will not gain any bonus to your stats like you would if you had any other stone equipped.

Because of this very reason some players are against using the lover stone as they think that using another stone that will give them a major boost in an attribute of their choice along with a small 10% boost for 2 other stats which are specified. For example, players that want to focus on stealth use the thief stone to give themselves a 20% boost in every stealth skill and can increase to 30% with the help of the well-rested boost which is not usable with the lover stone.

If you are having trouble deciding if the lover stone is the best option for you, here is a comparison between the lover stone with some of the other stones you can find in game.

VS. Apprentice Stone

The apprentice stone is your go to stone if you have a strong magic character. The apprentice stone provides 100%+ Magicka regeneration and also makes the enemy twice as more vulnerable to magic than usual. Following is a description for the apprentice stone.


Constellation - Apprentice Stone

The apprentice stone is quite useful if you have a strong magic build but the lover stone can also provide a similar boost in the long term as it helps you slowly max out your stats by levelling them up, so if you have just started the game and want to improve your magic you should start with the lover stone and switch to the apprentice stone once you feel your magic attribute is high enough.

VS. Ritual Stone

The ritual stone is a great stone to have in a big fight. The ritual stone allows you to resseruct any corpses near you and command them to fight for you. The ritual stone has no effects on your attributes and is only used to call upon the dead. You can only use the ritual stone once a day. Below is a description for the ritual stone.


Ritual Stone - Constellation. Skyrim

The ritual stone can’t really be compared with the lover stone as they perform two completely different tasks but if you are looking to make your character grow stronger than you should obviously choose the lover stone, however when heading into a big fight switch to the ritual stone to turn the tables in a tight situation.

VS. Warrior Stone

The warrior stone is one of the best stones in game if all you want to do is fight the enemies head on. The warrior stone increases the rate at which all of your combat attributes grow by 20%. Following is a description for the warrior stone.


Warrior Stone - Constellation

The warrior stone has the ability to make your character a killing machine at a very young level and is the best stone for you if you are looking for action. Although the lover stone also provides a boost for combat attributes, the warrior stone has twice the effect when it comes to combat. With the help of the well-rested boost you can get a 30% combat attribute increase boost and can max out all your combat stats quite quickly. So depending on the way you play the game you can choose between either stone.

VS. Lord Stone

The lord stone can be of quite use when used at the right time. The lord stone is most useful in a boss fight as it provides you resistance against all forms of attacks. Following is a description for the lord stone.


Lord Stone - Constellation

The lord stone and the lover stone are too very different things so they can’t be compared. The lord stone has no effects on your attributes but it provides you with significant damage resistance, whether it be against magical or physical attacks, whereas the lover stone has an effect on how much of a boost you get for your attributes. Personally, I recommend that you choose the love stone over the lord stone but switch to the lord stone before getting into a fight.

VS. Lady Stone

The lady stone is another great stone which provides you with great regenerative capabilities and should be a certain pick if you have the Aetherial crown which allows you to equip 2 stones. Given below is a description for the lady stone.


Lady Stone - Constellation

25% may not seem like much, but it is a significant boost and could mean life and death in some circumstances. The lady stone lets you regain stamina and health much quicker which allows you to attack quickly and taking less time to get your health back to a safer level. Once at a high enough level you should choose the lady stone over the lover stone however the lover stone should remain your main pick at the start of the game regardless of situation.