Soul Gem in Skyrim | Purpose | Guide


Purpose of Soul Gem

In the world of Skyrim, there are charms that are superimposed on armor or weapons, but such charms are not durable and eventually cease to give their effect. When the magic effect is exhausted, it is necessary to replenish the level of magic in the ammunition, by means of a special object, and soul gems will serve as this means of reloading. The soul that rests in the gem will fill the level of spells partially or completely, it all depends on the gem, what size soul it holds inside. If the armor is not bewitched, and you want to add enchantment to it, then soul gems are one of the main ingredients that are necessary for this. Soul gems will play a significant role if your character wears heavily enchanted armor and weapons, because without them you can forget about powerful features, so you should constantly monitor the presence of charged soul gems and constantly replenish their supply.

Skyrim Soul gem: Tiny to Black

Using Soul Gems and enchantment

To charge an item, just select it in the inventory and press the T key, the item will be filled based on the capacity of the soul gem. To enchant an item, you need to find the "Pentagram of Souls", a special table for enchantment, it is in every city, then choose an enchantment, an item for enchantment and a completely filled soul gem. Initially, only one type of enchantment is available, others can be studied by disassembling enchanted objects on the Pentagram of Souls.

Skyrim item enchantment table

Where to get Soul Gems

Soul gems are not uncommon in the game world and getting them will not be difficult. The main source for their production will be killed enemies, just do not be lazy to drip in their inventory. Among other things, souls gems are abundant among merchants, but their range is quite limited, but the stock is replenished every game week.

The Dwemer were skilled magicians and engineers, so they used soul gems as fuel for their animatrons. Once in the Dwemer ruins, they can be found almost everywhere, all the mechanisms of the Dwemer have in themselves one of the types of soul gems. In this case, everything depends on the size, the larger the security system, the larger the gem inside, it is not difficult to guess that the largest gems feed the Dwemer Centurions, by the way, it’s in the two-ruined ruins that you can get more soul gems in one go than all merchants in Skyrim.

The exit of minerals to the surface - indicates that there is an accumulation of soul stones under the ground

Deep underground in the "Black Reach" you can get a huge number of soul gems. All that is needed is to have a pickax with you and find where minerals come to the surface, after spending a little time, you can get a good handful of soul gems. But you can also mine soul gems in the same way, but the likelihood of extracting the “Black Soul Stone” is one-time less. On average, you can mine from two to three gems of different types at a time.

How to charge a Gem Soul

Charge the gem soul is a simple task, for this you need to cast a spell from the School of Witchcraft "Soul Trap" on the alleged victim, and then end it before the effect of the spell passes. The spell's lifespan is determined by the level of development of the witchcraft skill, but it will still count for seconds. It is much easier to capture with weapons on which enchantment is installed, which is associated with the abduction of gems. After death, the gems will automatically fill in the corresponding soul gem, and the procedure on the enemies can be done until all the soul gems that are in the inventory are filled.

Charging Soul Gems Method - Capture Souls in Skyrim

But not everything is so simple, souls are like gems of different sizes, and therefore not every gem will be suitable for one or another soul, and the souls of rational races can even be placed only in a special kind of soul gems. What gems are intended and for what souls look further.

Types of Soul Gems

All living creatures in the game have souls, the smallest in wild animals, and the largest in intelligent races of Tamriel. Each soul has a volume, like the gem in which it is placed. The smallest gem has a volume of 250, and the largest 3000.

The main disadvantage of soul gems is their one-time use, when a soul gem loses its supply, it simply collapses. Thanks to the Daedric artifactAzura's Star” this can be avoided, because the artifact has an unlimited number of uses and the volume for storing souls. Depending on the choice made when completing the quest of the same name, you can get two different artifacts, one will be able to enclose the souls of intelligent races ("Black Star"), the other not.


Game merchants buy empty and charged soul gems at the same price, however charged ones sell back three times as expensive, which makes such trading extremely unprofitable, but this only applies to the great and black soul gems.

If you throw out the incomplete soul gem from the inventory, then placing it back into the inventory you may find that it is empty. This feature will allow you to clean the gems of souls and re-fill them, avoiding the destruction of the gem, to complete devastation.

In Cairn, it is possible to fill completely empty soul gems using faults in the surface. There are also special devices that allow you to convert large and great soul gems into black.

In the location "Hag's End" you can find the dagger "Bloodthorn", which will be an excellent weapon for filling soul gems, it does not absorb only the souls of dragons.