Skyrim Daedra Quests | Complete List


In the world of the Elder Scrolls, there are gods, and their opposites, which reign in their Oblivion Plans. They are greedy and cunning and a person for them is no more a means to achieve the goal, but serving the Daedric princes can be beneficial, they are always supportive of those who serve them. The game has a group of quests in which the player will have to help the Daedra deal with their problems, what to expect from them further.

Azura (Black Star)

Azura (Black Star) - Reward for walkthrough the Azura Shrine

Upon learning about the Azura sanctuary during his travels, the hero is free to go there and get the task of the hostess of dusk and dawn. The quest will lead you to Winterhold where you need to find a dark elf who has studied a Daedra artifact called "Azura Star". He will send the player to an abandoned fort, where the artifact rests, having obtained it before the player will have a choice of what to do: clean the Azura Star from the black soul that used its mage or make it a vessel for black souls. In any case, upon completion of the quest, the artifact will belong to the player.

Boethiah (Boethiah's Calling)

The reward for completing the quest:Boethiah s Calling - ebonite mail

Upon reaching the thirtieth level, a mysterious body cultist will attack the player, who can find an unusual book called “Boethiah's Calling”, after studying which the hero learns about finding the Shrine of Boetii. In order to get the quest, the player will have to sacrifice one of his companions, only then will the Daedra speak. The task is carried out in two stages: the first thing you need to kill all the ministers in the sanctuary, and then go to the specified place and kill the previous elected prince of conspiracies. An artifact "Ebony Mail" will be removed from the corpse of the latter, which Boethea will once again empower and this unusual, enchanted, heavy armor will become the property of the player.

Vaermina (Walking Nightmare)

Skull of defacement - an artifact in return for killing a priest

Upon reaching the fourteenth level, strange things will begin to happen to the inhabitants of Dunstar, at night all the same nightmarish dreams will torment them all. After talking with the priest Mary, the hero will go to the temple of Summoners of the night and deal with the curse of Vaermina. The priest will go with you to the temple and there the player will find out that earlier he was also the priest of Vaermina, but he escaped from the temple during the attack of the orcs. After removing the magic barrier and being in the heart of the temple, Vaermin will speak with the player and will offer to kill the priest in exchange for his skull-defacement artifact. Before the player will have the choice to get a magic staff or help the priest break the curse.

Clavicus Vile (A Daedra's Best Friend)

Ax grief - reward for the walkthrough of the Heimar Cave

The local blacksmith of the city of Falkreath is looking for a dog, having accepted his request for help, the hero in the forest will find a talking dog, who turns out to be a companion of Clavicus Vile. Along with the dog, the player will go to the sanctuary of the Daedra, which is located in the cave of Heimar. There, the Daedra prince will give you the task of returning the "The Rueful Axe", which will have to be found in some ruins. Returning with an ax, Clavicus Vile will give a choice: the hero must kill the dog and then the ax will belong to him or persuade the Daedra to pick up the dog and then the quest reward will be “Clavicus Vile's Masque”, then the decision is entirely up to the player.

Clavicus Vile s Masque - reward for the fact that the dog was alive

Malacath (The Cursed Tribe)

Volendrag - reward for walkthrough (Groves of the Giants)

In the south-west of Riften there is the orc fortress Largashbur, from the Grok shaman he learns that he is cursed over the orcs and asks him to help him take it off. To talk to Malacath you need troll fat and a Daedra heart. After the call of Malacath, it turns out that the reason for the curse is the weakness of the leader of the tribe, who was unable to protect the sanctuary of Malacath from the giants. The prince of the Daedra requires proof of strength from the leader — the hammer of the giant; therefore, the hero and the leader will go to the "Giant's Grove". During the battle with the leader of the giants, the orc will die and the player will deliver the hammer to the tribe. Malacath recognizes the strength of the player and will remove the curse from the orcs, and the mined hammer will turn the Volendrag into his artifact and give it to the player.

Meridia (The Break of Dawn)

Dawnbreaker - a reward from Prince Daedra: Meridia (The Break of Dawn)

Finding the sanctuary of Meridia, she will ask the player to find the "Meridia's Beacon" artifact and bring her light to the Kilkrit sanctuary, which has been defiled by a necromancer. By activating pedestals with reflectors, the player can get to the lower tiers of the sanctuary, where the necromancer is located. Having defeated the body of the necromancer and his spirit, the player will be able to get a sword called "Dawnbreaker", which will serve as a reward from the Prince Daedra, his distinctive feature hanging damage against the undead, tearing it into pieces.

Mehrunes Dagon (Pieces of the Past)

The artifact of Merunes Dagon - an exhibit of the museum: Merunes Razor

At the twentieth level, the hero will receive a letter in which it is written about the opening of the museum, which is dedicated to the "Mythic Dawn", the center of Dawnstar. The creator of the museum will ask the player to help him get the most valuable exhibit for the museum - the Mehrunes' Razor. The blade was divided into parts, and parts were given to different people for storage, in order to prevent the appearance of this formidable weapon. Three parts of the artifact are from a variety of people and have to walk around the world to collect them. When all the parts are assembled, the player together with Silom (the head of the museum) will go to the Shrine of Merunes to restore the blade. In the sanctuary, the Daedra will offer the player to kill the Force and get a dagger, but the player can spare him and let him go with the artifact fragments without receiving an award from the daedra.

Mephala (The Whispering Door)

Ebony Blade - Artifact Mephala

At the twentieth level in Whiterun rumors about children of the Earl, with whom something is wrong, will go. Starting to investigate these rumors, the player finds out that this is not rumors, one of the sons of Jarl became more violent and gloomy. After talking with the child, you can find out that there is a door in the castle, which speaks to the boy, and therefore he became so. Having found the door, it turns out that it is locked and the key to it is only for two people - the Jarl and the court magician. How to get the key the player decides to steal it or kill it, behind the door only one reward - “Ebony Blade”, an artifact of Mephala. Becoming owners of the blade the player learns that the blade will be even stronger if they kill the faithful companions.

Molag Bal (House of Horrors)

Molag Bal - the reward for finding the person who has defiled the Altar

In Markarth, a follower of Stendarr asks the player to help deal with the ghosts in one of the houses. Once in the house, the player and the priest will begin to hear voices; under their influence, the Sentinel Stendarr will attack the player and die by his hand. As it turns out all this trick Molag Bal, as a reward for the murder, he will say, the player is waiting for "Mace of Molag Bal", as he asks to deal with the fanatic Boehti that he defiled his altar. Having found this person, you will lead him to the altar in the same house, so that he entrusted his soul to Mol, Balu, when this happens, the daedra will order to kill him. As a reward you will receive "Bulova Molag Bal" and the house where the altar is located.

Namira (The Taste of Death)

There are rumors in Markarth that the hall of the dead is closed on the orders of the Jarl, because someone eats parts of the bodies of the dead at night. Trying to find out the cause of the rumors, the player learns from the local priest Arkay that this is indeed the case and asks to investigate this matter. Once in the hall of the dead with the player immediately speaks Namir, she recognized in you a cannibal and a testament to the banquet. The player will need to go to the location called "Reachcliff Cave" and destroy there all the awakened draugi, preparing a place for a feast, the main course on which will be the priest Arkay who asked to help the player. Having tasted his flesh Namira will give the player a gift in the form of the “Ring of Namira”, thanks to which you can eat the corpses and replenish your health.

Peryite (The Only Cure)

Spell breaker - Shield Destroyer in the Skyrim after quest: Peryite (The Only Cure)

During a chance meeting, the player knows about one candidate who miraculously survived the plague. He will offer you the patronage of the prince daedra to talk, with which you need to inject a special mixture that prepares the kajit. Having collected all the necessary ingredients, the player will learn about the Dwemer city of Bthardamz, in which the traitor hides that he has not completed the Peryite task. Having settled with the former follower of the Daedra, you need to go back and continue about success, then as a gift from Peryite the shield "Spell breaker".

Sanguine (A Night to Remember)

Rosa Sanguine - reward for completing the chain of quests of the Daedric Prince

In the tavern, a player may encounter a character that offers to play the “whoever drinks more” game, thus starting the chain of quests for the Daedric Prince of Delights. When a player comes to his senses, he will have to deal with the consequences of this drinking, you will need to go to Whiterun, Rorikstead, in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth and correct everything that you have drunk. Then you will need to go to "Fort Morvunskar" and meet there with your drinking companion, having dealt with all the enemies, you will find the transition to the Oblivion Sanguin Platon. As it turned out, your daemon lord himself was your drinking companion and for a good time he gives you his artifact - the staff of the Sanguine Rose.

Hermaeus Mora (Discerning the Transmundane)

The mage lives on the location of “Septimus Signus' Outpost”, which follows the path of knowledge and is trying by all means to discover the ancient cube that the Dwemer left after their disappearance. The player can help him in this, but for this you need an ancient scroll, you need to transfer all the knowledge that is hidden in it in the dictionary that is given to the player by the magician. For this you need to go to the Blackreach, because there is a device that will help to do this. After receiving the device, he will come to the conclusion that his work requires a thing that cannot be found - the blood of the Dwemer, but it can be replaced with the mixed blood of all the elves and he again asks you to help. At the exit of the mage's haven, the player will meet hermera mora and say that there is no longer any need for the magga, and the player will take his place. Having collected blood and opened the Dwemer dwelling within, there will be a gift of the Prince Daedra - the book Oghma Infinium.

Hircine (Met By Moonlight)

In the prison of Falcritus is a werewolf, who is obsessed with the curse of the daedric prince of hunting, Hircine. He will ask you to help get rid of the curse and give a ring to encourage Hircine. After killing the great beast in the forest, Hircine himself will appear to you, he will ask you to kill the werewolf that is hiding in a cave nearby, but there will be other hunters in the cave that follow the path of Hircine. Before the player there will be a choice - to kill the werewolf or those who hunt him, in both cases the player will have a reward from the Daedra. If you kill a werewolf, then Hircine favors the player's cuirass “Savior's Skin”, in the second case, the player’s player will become the owner of the “Hircine's Ring”.

Sheogorath (The Mind of Madness)

In Solitude, the player will meet the poor man, who lost his master, so the player will need to find him in an abandoned part of the palace, where there is a transition into a part of the Sheogorath plan - the daedric prince of madness. Once in the Daedra plan, Sheogorath will offer only one option to go back. The player will need to deal with the three nightmares of Emperor Pellagius III using the gift of Sheogorath - “Wabbajack”. In the first case, it will be necessary to awaken the emperor, turning the terrible creatures into cute little animals. In the second case, you need to give the emperor confidence by increasing it and allowing her to overcome anger. In the third dispel paranoia showing that enemies are near. After that, Sheogorath will let the player go and give him Wabbajack.