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Defense is one of the most important characteristics in a battle in Skyrim. Even if you play as a wizard, or prefer secretive killings, in some cases you will have to face enemies in close combat. And exactly how many points of damage your hero will receive depends on the protection parameter. This article will be useful both for beginners who are just beginning to learn the world of the Ancient Scrolls, and for those who play for a long time. Let's look at the armor in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, find out about the types of armor and find the best armor for each class.

Why do need armor in Skyrim

First of all, it affects how many health points the Dragonborn loses in the next battle. Well, in the second, of course, the appearance. Many players spend dozens of game hours on creating a character's appearance and picking up a unique look. There are dozens of different sets in Skyrim, so you can definitely find the one you like the most. And if not, then there are always mods with thousands of variations for every taste, class and game style.

In Skyrim, the maximum character protection level is 567. This is the highest level of armor that you can get in a game without using cheats, a game console or mods. Scoring the right amount of points for the maximum value of protection is very difficult. Here you will need a full set of armor, which often gives tasty effects (+100 to armor, for example). Having reached the maximum protection rate, the protagonist will receive only 20% of the incoming damage. However, achieving an 80% damage reduction is not easy.

Given the rather random appearance of things in chests, it often happens that a player cannot find the missing part of the kit. Or he doesn’t have enough resources or skill level to forge it on his own. What then to do, how to increase the rate of protection? Here magic will help us!

First of all, you should pay attention to the dragon skin spell. With it, the hero will receive maximum armor, albeit only for a minute and a half. This ability is very popular among magicians who can’t wear heavy armor and suffer melee damage. This spell belongs to the “Change” branch. As a beginner or adept, you will have to use weaker variations of this ability, such as Oak Flesh, Stone Flesh, Iron Flesh, and Ebonite Flesh. They also increase your protection, although not to the maximum value.

Change is a branch of magic that is quite difficult to pump. Here you can help the teacher, as well as special potions. You will hardly find them in the world, because they are very expensive, so you have to create them yourself with the help of alchemy.

So, magic will only help us for a minute and a half, and you could not find the right part of the armor. What to do? Let's learn how to create armor yourself.

Self-creating armor in Skyrim - Riverwood

The first forge can be found to the left of the main entrance to Riverwood. Talk to the blacksmith, and he will give you a couple of lessons, as well as materials to start pumping the craft. This skill will allow you to create any armor in the game with your own hand (except for the unique one). As in all other skill branches, in order to create better armor, you must first collect as many levels as possible. In this case, you need a level 100 blacksmithing skill to get the latest talent. As the game progressed, my favorite place was the Sky Forge in Whiterun. It has everything you need, and you can also quickly get to the nearest stores to buy the missing materials.

Sky Forge in Whiterun - self-crafting armor in Skyrim

Attention! If you are going to create armor with your own hands, then you should complete the task “Unfathomable Depths”. For its implementation, you will receive the unique talent “Ancient Knowledge”, which speeds up crafting and gives a bonus of 15% protection when wearing Dwemer armor.

Dealing with the creation of objects, as well as with enchantment, is very simple. Bring the necessary materials, create new things and pump the skill until you get the opportunity to create the armor you need. Do not forget that in addition to armor, you can also increase protection by enchanting rings, clothes, and other accessories.

The most important thing is to get to 567 defense points to calmly fight any boss you meet. Well, those who wish can even increase this figure using third-party mods or cheat codes.

The best Light Armor in Skyrim

The armor in Skyrim is divided into two types - light and heavy. All enchanted items of magicians are considered simply “clothes”, so they are not included in this list. Lightweight armor is suitable for those who want to maintain mobility in battle, while maintaining good protection. Of course, the performance of armor can not be compared with heavy armor, but your endurance will be spent more slowly, you can easily dodge strikes and defeat enemies at your own speed.

In addition, in light armor you can rotate thieves' affairs. If you try to sneak in heavy armor, then you will be heard right away, but the lung is ideal for hacking, pickpocketing or hidden killing. Yes, and in the inventory takes up very little space, unlike heavy.

In order to increase the level of protection in light armor as much as possible, the dragonborn should pump the skill of wearing “light armor” to level 100. You can do this in many ways - skill books, teachers in the cities, potions, or just take damage and restore health.

The first light armor kit you'll see in the game is likely to be Leather Armor. She can be removed from any bandit, or found in the dungeon. If you wish, you can make it yourself by hunting animals and hunting for skins. Its characteristics leave much to be desired, so do not bother much, you will quickly find a good replacement for it.

Skyrim leather armor set (lightest armor)

The second easy set will be elven armor. She already has good stats and will serve you for some time while traveling. Upon reaching level 12, you will begin to meet robbers in elven armor, so that there will be no problems with getting. In addition, it can be created independently in the forge. To do this, you need to pump the required skill to the craft branch and collect the necessary resources.

Light Elven Armor. You can find on the robbers or create yourself

During the adventure you will find many new items, sets of armor and weapons. Upon reaching level 70 “Blacksmithing”, or after taking level 30, Dovakin will be able to get glass armor. This is one of the penultimate sets of light armor, which should be enchanted and actively used due to its high characteristics. This kit will last you a long time until you get enough dragon bones or go through the storyline of the thieves guild or the Dark Brotherhood.

Skyrim glass armor is available upon reaching level 30

The best light armor

Now let's talk about the best light armor, which is in the original game. Here you should pay attention to two sets at once - “Nightingale Armor” and “Dragon Scale Armor”.

Best Light Armor - Nightingale Armor and Dragon Scale Armor

Nightingale Armor

Nightingale armor - an enchanted set of armor that increases damage with one-handed weapons and maximum stamina. The legendary set is one of the best options for those who use one-handed weapons. This kit can be obtained during the passage of the plot chain of the Thieves Guild for the quest “The Revived Triad”. Having put on a full set, you will receive +40 to maximum endurance, + 50% resistance to fire, + 25% damage with one-handed weapons. In addition, the cost of the Illusion school spell will decrease by 17%, and stealth will increase. In this armor, it will be easier for thieves to pull things out of their pockets, as well as break locks.

If you have not reached this assignment yet, then you can use the “first” version of this reservation - “Thieves Guild Armor”. This will greatly simplify pickpocketing and breaking locks.

Skyrim Nightingale Armor Increases Damage and Maximum Stamina

Dragon Scale Armor

Dragon Scale Armor is an armor that you can create yourself using Blacksmithing. To do this, Dovakin needs to upgrade the skill level to 100 and learn the special Dragon Armor perk. This kit does not have unique bonuses like the legendary “Nightingale Armor”, but it offers the player high protection. With it, you can achieve the maximum protection rate much faster, and bonuses can be obtained through enchantment. For each part of the kit, you need 6 dragon scales and bones, as well as 10 leather strips that can be found at any blacksmith.

Dragon Scale Armor - You can create it yourself. Perk - Dragon Armor

Assassin's Armor

If you prefer to attack enemies from stealth mode and pump daggers, then the assassin's armor is also suitable for you. You can get it by joining the Dark Brotherhood, or by killing any member of the guild and searching his corpse. The kit has high resistance to poisons, makes the wearer silent, and also doubles damage in the back and increases damage from onions by 20%.

Assassin s armor - allows you to move quietly and remain in stealth mode

Best Heavy Armor

There are no significant differences between light and heavy armor. You can change one type of armor to another at any time and vice versa. Achievement of 567 protection can be achieved with both light and heavy, but with a heavy one it will be easier. Thanks to this, the player will have the opportunity to experiment with different sets and assemble one of the best of several parts.

Ancient Nordic Armor

The situation with heavy armor is the same as with light. As you progress through missions and travel around the world, you will encounter many types of heavy armor, and the best is waiting for you at a high level. One of the first good sets is Ancient Nordic armor. This armor is created from steel and iron ingots, as well as leather and leather strips. Due to its high characteristics (for its level), the ancient Nordic armor will greatly help you during your first wanderings.

Best Heavy Armor (Ancient Nordic Armor)

And if we talk about the best heavy armor, then there are two sets that are worth getting - Daedric armor and Azidal armor.

Daedric Armor

Daedric armor is one of the most popular armor sets in the original game. This heavy armor looks gorgeous on the character, and also has the highest protection rate.

To create daedric armor, you will need to upgrade Blacksmithing to at least 90, and also take the corresponding perk. When crafting armor, very rare resources are required - the hearts of the daedra, as well as hard rubber ingots and leather strips. You should have no problems with the strips, nor with ebony ingots, because from level 27 they will sell 150 gold in the store. But hearts are one of the rarest resources of Skyrim.

Hearts can be obtained by completing certain tasks, or by tearing up the corpse of a daedron. For each part of the set, 10 strips of skin, 5 daedric hearts and 17 ebonite ingots are required. The best place to farm hearts is the Sanctuary of Merunes. After completing the mission to the Razor of Merunes, Daedra will appear at the entrance to the shrine every few days, which will greatly help you accumulate hearts on the coveted armor.

Daedric Armor - Has the highest levels of defense in the game.

Ahzidal Armor

“Ahzidal Armor” - this set can be obtained for completing the “Unearthed” quest. The main advantage of this set is that it can be enchanted by the chance to paralyze opponents. In addition, it increases the range of spells of the School of Witchcraft, but they will cost 25% more mana. This kit is a good temporary option, but still I advise you to get Daedric armor, which is significantly superior to any other heavy option.

Some sets of armor cannot be crafted by yourself, but can only be obtained for completing tasks or picking up enemies from corpses. For example, the armor of the storm brothers or the imperial armor, which can only be obtained for completing faction missions.

Azidal Armor - gives a chance to paralyze opponents

As well as many other unique things that you will find in the dangerous dungeons of Skyrim. Embark on a journey right now to find them!