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Skyrim uses a character pumping system and skills, which can be considered one of the most appropriate for RPG games. In contrast to the prevailing S.P.E.S.I.A.L., which was based on obtaining skills and their distribution, it will not be possible to learn to forge by shooting from a bow at monsters. The skill develops only when it is used: if you want to become a skilled blacksmith - take a hammer and strike. In this guide, we will look at how to quickly master craft skills and when we can cheat.


The skill is more suitable for a warrior who can independently craft all the necessary equipment for himself. It makes it possible to create armor and weapons depending on the learned rank of the craft, as well as to improve the already finished ones, increasing their characteristics. The same equipment, farm resources, can be crafted and sold to profitable merchants - game currency never hurts.

The easiest way to level up is crafting iron daggers with skill level 30. The easiest way to do this is in Whiterun in the shop “Warmaiden's”, where there are two merchants with strasses with the necessary components. They can buy iron bars and ore, leather and strips of leather.

Increasing level Blacksmithing - skyrim

At level 30, you can continue to craft the same daggers, but pumping will go a little slower. An alternative option is to activate the “Dwarven Armor” skill, pick up a lot of scrap metal in the Dwemer ruins and craft Dwemer bows up to the 100th level of blacksmith's craft.

Perfectly improves the skill of the blacksmith's craft, fitting armor and sharpening weapons, which will cost less forging. For even greater acceleration, it is rational to use armor and jewelry, which give an increase to the “Blacksmithing” skill, as well as Blacksmith's Potion.

Upgrade Enchanting Enchantment

The skill is useful for giving the weapon additional damage enhancing properties. With a high level of craft, you can impose two enchantments on one item at once. The easiest way to level up is to enchant the daggers and Dwemer bows mentioned above to capture souls.

You will need to learn this spell, as well as all the stones of souls that you can find or buy in the game - from the smallest to the largest. Facilitates the filling of these stones "Bound Sword" from the School of Sorcery with a perk on a grip or a weapon enchanted on a grip for a second. Progress in pumping depends not so much on the level of enchantment, but on the number of operations. Therefore, it is optimal to use a large number of cheap objects and small stones. From spells, the enchanting skill of scaring the undead, absorbing health, expelling Daedra and paralysis is most effective.

Increasing level Alchemy

When doing alchemy, you don’t have to spend money at all - it’s enough to remember the spawn sites of the most valuable resources - for example, the hearts of Daedra and the giant finger At low craft levels, alchemy may not be profitable. If you take the “Merchant” perk in the shops, you can buy more ingredients.

Increasing level alchemy - Skyrim

The development of the skill is assisted by the imposition on artisan clothing and bijouterie of the peculiarities of improving the quality of potions - up to 29%. So the potions will not only be more effective, but also sell them as expensive as possible.

At the initial stage of pumping alchemy, you will need to mix different components, studying their properties. It is recommended to mix not two, but three ingredients - the higher the probability that, when sampling from 12 properties, 2 identical ones will fall. When mixing, it is better to take those components that have more unexplored properties - so the higher the probability of discovering new ones.

Ingredients used to create various drinks - potions

It is most effective for pumping alchemy potions with the effects of paralysis, invisibility, damage to the regeneration of magic, restoration of magic and increased health, as the character gains more experience while crafting.

Selection of the most effective use of alchemy

Increase the level of Magic

To increase the level of the spells of the school of restoration to be substituted for the blows and to heal yourself is not the most effective way. The best option is to learn the “Turn Undead” spell and cast it with two hands in some tomb. Since this spell partially paralyzes the skeleton, with the correct caste the undead will not be able to leave the place. It remains only to call the enemy for quick pumping. Also well pumped skills spell "Circle of Protection", which can be conjured even in the absence of opponents.

For the development of the branch of the School of Illusion, the best spell is “Muffle”. You can use it whenever the character has mana, including when exploring the game world and on foot transitions between locations. A bunch of “Calm” and “Rout” spells, which are cast from different hands, also works quite well. It is enough to find some deer or crab to scare him and lure him back.

Increase the level of magic - in game Skyrim

To raise the level of the school of Sorcery, the “Soul Trap” is best, which is cast on the corpse with two hands at the same time. This spell also works if applied to your own horse, including Shadowfreed.

Tom spells - capture souls best for Witchcraft school

The Telekinesis spell is ideally suited for the development of school skills Change. The efficiency of pumping depends on the distance to the object and its mass. Life Detection also works in places where there are many living beings - for example, somewhere in the city on the square. “Waterbreathing” works well if you go into the water to the waist and begin to apply the skill.

To raise the level of the Destruction School branch, it is better to use high-ranking spells, killing sentient beings. Damage to pumping affects little. That is, the “Ice Storm” level Adept acts more efficiently than the “Ice Spike”. The most effective effect of spells on the area, killing several opponents at a time.

Tips for Upgrading

If a character is not ill with lycanthropy, for 8 hours of play after resting on his own bed, all skills swing a little faster. If you relax in the tavern, the character will receive 5% experience gains, in his own house 10%, and with his spouse already 15%.

When using the Eterian crown, you can save the effect of two characters simultaneously. That is, if you activate signs that improve the pumping of certain skills, they can be combined. Keep in mind that the effect of the Stone Lover, which gives skills gains of 15%, and sleep on the bed does not stack.

All possible options for increasing levels

Having accumulated enough money in the game, you can use the help of mentors. The higher the level of pumping, the more you have to pay for further development. Consider who you can turn to upgrade the skills described in this guide.

Blacksmith craft:

  • Ghorza gra-Bagol in Markarth;
  • Balimund in Riften;
  • Eorlund Gray-Mane in the SkyForge.


  • Sergius Turrianus at College of Winterhold;
  • Hamal in the Temple of Dibella;
  • Neloth in the Tower of Tel Mithryn.

School of Illusion:

  • Atub in Largashbur;
  • Drevis Neloren in College of Winterhold.

School of Witchcraft:

  • Runil in the Hall of the Dead;
  • Phinis Gestor at College of Winterhold;
  • Falion in Morthal;
  • Talvas Fathryon in the Tel Mithryn Tower.

School of Destruction:

  • Wuunferth the Unliving at the Palace of the Kings;
  • Sybille Stentor in the Blue Palace;
  • Faralda at College of Winterhold.

School of Recovery:

  • Colette Marence at College of Winterhold;
  • Keeper Carcette in the Hall of the Vigilant;
  • Danica Pure-Spring in the Temple of Kynareth.

School Changes:

  • Melaran in the Blue Palace;
  • Dravynea the Stoneweaver in the "Braidwood Inn" Tavern;
  • Tolfdir in College of Winterhold.

For each level of mastery you can take no more than five lessons, so you still have to shake all the skills yourself. Skills also swing with the help of books that can be found everywhere in Skyrim.