Recipes for Skyrim Potions | Types


Traveling through the vast expanses of Skyrim, you will constantly go to magic potions and various ingredients. The very first jars of healing and replenishment of magic reserve are waiting for us immediately in Helgen, during the walkthrough of the "training". In the first cave you will meet frost spiders, from the corpses of which you can collect eggs. And on the walls will grow numerous mushrooms, plants, moss and other nonsense. Why is all this necessary?

Any ingredient that you find during your wanderings can be used to make potions or poisons. At first glance, beginners may think that potions and poisons are useless - I drank a health potion and that's enough. But this is not true, because potions are one of the most important consumables for your character, and also can not only restore health and stamina, but significantly strengthen you in battle, or pump a certain skill. You may be scared by the amount of alchemical ingredients that you come across here and there, but do not be scared, everything is easier than you think! Let's see what is alchemy and how to create potions and poisons. All jars of poisons, “Hilk” and potent potions are created only in the alchemy laboratory. This station can be found anywhere - in caves, abandoned mines, shelters of witches and alchemists, taverns, as well as in almost any city. In Whiterun, for example, one of the laboratories is located in the Dragon Reach.

Skyrim potions - types and recipes

Here you will definitely visit as soon as you begin to go through the storyline and inform the Jarl of Whiterun about what is happening in Helgen. But do not rush to rejoice, one alchemical station is not enough!

It’s impossible to make magic bottles from the air, here we need the very ingredients that you collect around the world. This is where the difficulty of this craft begins, which immediately scares away many. Each ingredient gives its own unique effects, initially unknown to the player. Only by “eating” the reagent, you can find out its first effect. The rest are discovered through experimentation and the creation of potions.

In addition to travel, materials can also be bought in the store, which can also be found in almost every city. And if you specialize in pickpocketing, you can try to steal from the store or the pockets of the owner of the establishment. Please note that this store also has another alchemical station. As mentioned earlier, you can find them anywhere, and even buy one in your own home. It does not matter whether the House of Winds in Whiterun or your own house, which becomes available in one of the additions.

Buying Various Potion Ingredients in Skyrim

Spending time collecting rare reagents from around the world, Dovakin will be able to create very powerful potions that will significantly increase your characteristics, immediately restore full health, mana, stamina, and much more.

By default, all potion recipes are hidden. Before the recipe appears, you need to test it yourself. You can eat everything you see in order to know the effect, or use a recipe that is guaranteed to give you the right potion. Below you will find a table of recipes for the most popular and necessary potions.

Having learned the effect of the reagent, or reading the recipe, you simply go to the alchemical table and create the necessary potion. If you tried a lot of materials, the list of potions that you can now create will be displayed on the left. Choosing the right recipe, you can see what it is for him and, if necessary, buy the necessary goods in the store.

Most often, creating a potion requires only two reagents, although in rare cases you can create powerful four-part elixirs. The more materials you try and the more craft you make, the more different jars you can create. Do not be lazy to experiment and combine everything with everything. Thus, you can find the most effective potions, as well as significantly pump skill skill.

In addition to creating poisons and potions, the level of alchemy can also be pumped through books that are scattered throughout the world. The higher your skill level and the better the perks you have pumped, the better effect you will get.

Types of Potions

All manufactured elixirs are divided into several types:

  • Restoring settings - is the most basic jars that you will often use in battle. These include potions of health, magic, and power reserve. How many stats he restores depends on the level of the potion.
  • Increase parameters - Enhancing potions that increase your maximum health, stamina, or mana. The power reserve potion is perfect for any melee warrior, and the magic potion is for all spellcasters.
  • Skill improvement - These potions will help you not only in the creation of weapons, armor and enchantment, but also in battle. Increase your two-handed or one-handed weapons, and the difference in damage dealt immediately becomes noticeable.
  • Poisons - poisons can be used to lubricate melee weapons or arrows to poison an adversary, cause a negative effect, do more damage or mislead. Most often, archers use poisons, because constantly using poison in close combat is extremely inconvenient.

Potions Recipes

For those who do not like to experiment and learn recipes myself, I will make a table of recipes for the most popular potions, which the player often has to use. Each potion has several variations due to different reagent effects, so if you accidentally stumble upon an alternative recipe and it is much easier for you to craft it - don’t hesitate and use it immediately!

The right side of the table will indicate the materials from which you can craft this potion. It is enough to combine any 2 to get the desired result. Therefore, I advise you not to be lazy and collect everything you find. As you can see, each item has its own purpose and one day it will come in handy for you.

Try the ingredients, increase the level of alchemy, do not be afraid to experiment and create new, more powerful potions and poisons!