RDR2: Bow and Arrows | Types


In Red Dead Redemption 2, in addition to pistols, rifles, and shotguns, there is another simple but effective weapon - a bow with arrows. Although at first glance it seems like a primitive option, you should not underestimate onions. No wonder the Indians used it to the last, and they knew a lot about hunting. Unfortunately, there is only one bow in the game. It can be used both for hunting and for destroying opponents, if you need to carry out an operation to eliminate it as quietly as possible without attracting too much attention. The developers have not presented any modifications and options for pumping onions, but you can improve the arrows. This will tell further in a small guide.

Rdr 2: Bow and Arrows - A Silent and Effective Weapon

Where to get a Bow and Arrows

Access to this weapon is opened at the very beginning of the game. If a gamer cannot find a bow, then he most likely lies in saddle bags, loaded onto a horse. To equip the bow, you need to click in the inventory on L1 (LB). If a weapon appears on Morgan’s shoulder, then the gear went well. At first, access will be open only to conventional arrows, and subsequently new modifications will open. They are ideally suited for "accurate" hunting for the beast, when the victim must be killed so that the skin does not deteriorate from the numerous holes. For the skins of excellent quality, you can help out more money from the buyer, and Pearson, for pumping the main character's bag, also accepts only such high-quality hunting trophies.

Where to get a bow and arrows in the game RDR 2

Recipes for making all arrows, without exception, will open as you progress through the game. Arthur will draw on this knowledge from special brochures that one way or another fall into his hands. The player will receive the recipes of small hunting, improved and fire arrows in the second chapter. To open up access to poisoned arrows, you need to find a box in the vicinity of the Mysterious Hill Home - a remarkable place for those who have already passed the game. The same equipment will appear in the assortment of Francis after the player has passed the plot of the second chapter. To open access to fuel arrows, which undermine the goal, you need to go to the Indian Reservation Wapiti. In the southern part of the location there is an old wooden bridge.

How to open poisoned arrows in the game RDR 2

Near him is a box that Morgan needs. Fire arrows will be available for purchase from Francis after the player completes the “Short Walk in a Beautiful City” mission. Arrows, like other ammunition, can be obtained in several ways:

  • Buying in the store, but buying it honestly is expensive, and Morgan has occasionally wind in his pockets, so the method does not always fit the situation. For a sample, you can contact the seller a couple of times, but the arrows purchased are no different from those made personally.
  • Remove from the corpse. Recycling is the best option for economical handling of arrows. After Morgan shoots an arrow into an animal or person, she can be pulled out of a wound on a corpse and again equipped with a bow. A similar rule applies to killing with a tomahawk or throwing knives. Such weapons, too, should not be scattered. With cartridges such a trick will not work, but when you remove a person, you can search and select his personal ammunition.
  • Do it yourself in a temporary camp. Another prudent way without extra cash costs. Learn more about where As you progress through the game, Arthur will learn new recipes for the manufacture of certain items. After receiving the recipe, you need to collect the required ingredients and build an arrow yourself. The number of components for arrows ranges from two to three. And surely one of them is the usual arrow that needs to be pumped.

Even with the appearance of clever rifles and bow pistols, it is not worth refusing. Many players continue to use it throughout the game, paying tribute to its effectiveness.

Bow - a very effective weapon throughout the game RDR 2

Types of arrows

In addition to the usual arrows in the game there are a few more advanced types. The first is better to use in the hunt for small animals like rabbits. After more interesting modifications are opened, the player forgets about ordinary arrows, using them only as a basis for the improvement process. Access to the latest type of arrows will open at the end of the third chapter. In total, the game has six types, along with the usual:

  • Small arrows for hunting small game with minimal damage to the skins. For its manufacture using a conventional arrow, the cartridge case of the shotgun cartridge and the pen.
  • Poisoned arrow. Opens to the player after passing the second chapter. Ideal not only for hunting animals of medium size, but also for killing a person. With poisoned arrows, you can walk on wolves, boars, coyotes and armadillos. A well-aimed poisoned arrow kills condors, eagles and hawks. In the "recipe" of its manufacture appears a regular arrow, a constant feather and oleander. This plant can be found in the gaming spaces. Due to the high content of cardiac glycosides in oleander juice, it is poisonous. It is impossible to take a sample by yourself or to give parts of a horse plant. First, toxins affect the nervous system, and then contribute to cardiac arrest.

    How to make poisoned arrows in the game RDR 2

    Mark on the map where it is - Oleander

  • Improved boom. To make it you need a regular arrow and a feather. Characterized by increased flight speed to the target.
  • Fire arrow It is best suited not for hunting, but for killing, since it sets fire to the target and in some cases the space around it in a small radius of destruction. For the manufacture of the necessary conventional boom, feather and fat of any animal. They can be purchased from the stolen buyer.
  • Arrows with dynamite (flammable). This is the most dangerous modification, which effectively undermines the target and those who are close to it. For obvious reasons, they are not used for hunting. If a player needs a carcass, then after the launch of such an explosive arrow, the skeleton will remain at best from the same coyote. Weapons are ideal for eliminating large concentrations of opponents. One blast instantly leads the enemy camp to a flaming anthill, along which disoriented people are rushing around. To make it you need a regular arrow, a feather and dynamite.

Arrows with dynamite (flammable) - the most dangerous modification

Feathers can be pulled out of the wounded bird. To make an arrow yourself, you need to press and hold “Y / Triangle”. The player will transfer to the menu. If the recipe has been read and all the ingredients are available, then the option to create a modified arrow will appear in it. Each arrow has its own purpose, so you should not hunt with small arrows for a small game of bears or with fiery rabbits. This will not give a result, and in the case of an angry bear, everything can end in tears for Morgan himself.