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The company Rockstar diligently adds references and easter eggs to every game that gamers find as the story progresses. Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception to this rule. In the game world there are enough "secrets" that make the plot richer, and the passing of the game is more interesting, because the gamer does not know what he can accidentally find in the next minute. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a unique game in which realism coexists with mysticism and unidentified. We have collected the most interesting finds in one guide.

UFOs, meteorites and other space surprises

Even in the Wild West, you can see a UFO. Of course, green men to meet Arthur will certainly not come out and they will not steal cows from farmers for experiments, but you can see a flying saucer and an incomprehensible object with a green glow in the sky. To see a UFO, the player needs to go to the location of New Hanover to the northeast of the Heartland Overflow valley.

Location the UFO is in RDR2

Here, Morgan will find an old, empty house, in which there are many skeletons. The feeling will be like this, as if at one moment they were struck by some kind of mysterious disease, or they were poisoned by poisonous vapors. In the house on the table will lie a note-tip. It tells that at two in the morning from this place you can see the ship of galactic travelers. If you wait for the night, the UFO will actually appear in a halo of green light.

Bright green light at night from UFO RDR2

A second flying saucer with clearer outlines can be seen from the top of Mount Shann.

Location the second flying saucer in the game RDR2

A UFO with bright red and blue lights will fly over it at exactly midnight.

UFOs with bright red lights can be clearly seen at midnight.

In addition to the flying saucers in the game, you can find a couple of space "greetings" - the places where meteorites fell. The first point will be found in the location of Roanoke Ridge. Here in the old house the player will find the remains of the whole family that was killed by a fallen meteorite. A piece of an intruder from space will lie here.

Places where meteorites fell in the game RDR2

You can grab it with you and even sell it for little money. Do not hurry to leave this place. If you wait until night falls, then at 2 o'clock you can see a beautiful meteor shower. The place of the fall of the second meteorite is located in the same location at a short distance from the house. If a player is already in this area, then you can kill two birds with one stone. The second meteorite fell in the valley and a large crater formed at this place.

Location the second meteorite

Yeti exists

Bigfoot, Angiey, Sasquatch, Yeti - all these are the names of the same mythical creature, the hunt for evidence of the existence of which is still ongoing. Morgan will have a unique opportunity to find his remains. To do this, you need to climb back almost to the very peak of Mount Shann.

Location where you can find the remains of the Yeti

If there is no desire to spend extra time looking for all Easter eggs, then you can climb the mountain at night to gaze at the remains of the yeti and admire the UFO. A gigantic skeleton in a fetal position will lie on one of the rocks, covered in snow. A little later, you can find a live Bigfoot.

Giant skeleton in the fetal position in the game RDR2

Mount Shann in the game is one of the most mysterious places. On its slopes, you can even find a mysterious image of the DNA molecule.

Frankenstein experiences

In the game world, there is one truly eerie house in which something is hidden that causes the desire to quickly escape from this place. Arthur will face the theme of animating monsters during the walkthrough of one of the side missions, when he will assist the brilliant scientist. On the secondary quests we have a separate guide. Unlike an unnamed scientist, Dr. Marko Draghic conducted experiments on robots. The dying child of Dragic, you can later find on the slope of one of the mountains.

To search for the eerie house of the local Frankenstein, you need to move in a westerly direction from Van Horn.

Location where is the creepy house

Here the player will find an old house in which all the windows are boarded up. Although at first glance it seems that you can not get here, on the second floor there is one open window. If you climb on the old wagon, standing near the wall, and pull up to the window sill, you can climb inside. In the house, Morgan will find the real laboratory of a mad professor: flasks and flasks on the shelves, a lot of records and drawings, embryos in banks. The most interesting find is the monster made from the body parts of different animals. The Frankenstein monster has a boar's head, adorned with ram horns, a pair of huge paws and two more pairs of smaller legs, and wings on the back.

Monster, made of body parts of different animals

Monster will be tied to a special rack. Apparently, something happened to the professor, since he interrupted his experiment on reviving at the most interesting place. In addition to this monster, on the table you can see the carcass of a small crocodile, which madman hooked deer horns.

Carcass of a small crocodile to which a mad scientist attached horns

Witch Hammer

North of the mountains of the Grizzlies there is another mysterious place. On the map it is located directly above the letter "N" in the inscription "AMBARINO".

Location Witches i

There, the player will find a very strange dwelling, apparently a former witch or a local witch. A hut to call this place the tongue will not turn, since the building looks more like a summer shed. Under it will be a lot of strange things: a skull of a horned animal, smaller skeletons, bottles with mysterious contents, a chest, a table covered with a handkerchief and a cauldron with a brew.

Witch Camp in RDR2

If you drink a couple of sips of a strange potion, the music will start playing first, and after Morgan will turn off. The character will wake up in another place. Going in search of a witch's house is better at night. At night, candles will burn here, and their alluring light can be seen from afar.

Dead Icarus and Kaa from the jungle

In those days, people only mastered the sky, so a lot of experiments ended in failure. Some innovators have tried their aircraft alone, without extending to inventions. Apparently, this is exactly what the unknown Icarus did, who crashed during the tests of his aircraft. The remains of this pilot can be found near the Little Creek River in the West Elizabeth Valley.

Location where Icarus is - the creator of the aircraftThe remains of the pilot Icarus, who crashed during the test RDR2

Obviously, the experimenter chose a high point to soar into the sky, but as a result he fell and crashed. Another interesting discovery awaits Morgana near the bend of the Kamassa River in the marshes.

Location where there is a huge snake in RDR 2

Although the animal world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is very diverse, snakes are almost not dangerous. On the branch of one of the old trees will hang the body of a huge snake of bright orange color.

Kaa - a huge snake bright orange, like from Mowgli

Fortunately, the reptile is already dead, so there is no threat to Arthur. It is believed that this Easter egg is a reference to the python Kaa, who was one of the main characters in the famous work of Rudyard Kipling.

The legacy of tiny people

Even John Tolkien Red Dead Redemption 2 found a place. Here you can find a very interesting house, which seems to open the gate to the Shire. The construction is very similar to the hobbit hole. The house has the same small, neat entrance and a mossy roof. An adult there will obviously be cramped. To find this easter egg, you need to go to the location of Ambarino. The place is located just north of Fort Wallace.

Location where you can find the hobbit hole

At the highest point of the “roof” of the structure, a strange sign will be inscribed near the pipe sticking out of the grass. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get inside the house and consider its situation, but you can walk around.

Rare house like a hobbit hole in the game RDR2

Another interesting structure erected for dwarf people or gnomes is located in the New Hanover location near the village of Lagras.

Location where the facility is for dwarf people

On the edge of the forest, Morgan will find a tiny little toy church. Unlike the hobbit burrow, one can climb into it, but only bent over in three deaths. The interior of the church is not of particular interest. Here is the same setting as in an ordinary prayer house, but all the items are tiny. Obviously, this is a reference to the work of Jonathan Swift.

Unexpected meeting of the Devil in the game RDR2


This is not all Easter eggs, which can be found in the open spaces of the game. There is a mysterious cave, where people left dozens of handprints mixed with strange signs. Perhaps this is the heritage of the Indians who once lived in this territory. By the way, this place Morgan in any case will have to visit during the search for one of the treasures.

In the expanses of the Wild West hidden a huge number of skeletons of extinct animals. The search for dinosaur remains is part of one of the side quests about which we have a separate guide. But outside the quests you can find a giant mammoth skeleton, sprinkled with snow, but tusks sticking out of a snowdrift will impress with their size. Red Dead Redemption 2 even has a tiny bit of prehistory Bonnie Macfarlane. For those who played Red Dead Redemption, this character is well known. In the second part, it turns out that Bonnie was married, and the remains of her husband can be found in a fragile boat near the shore of one of the lakes. With him there will be a letter addressed to his wife, which he was never able to send.

In one of the caves you can meet something demonic, which according to his own statement "is only going to become Satan." The creature will not harm Arthur, and only ask him to retire. At a certain time of day in the hut in the swamp find a real vampire. He will be the owner of an interesting dagger, which Morgan will take from the corpse after killing the bloodsucker. Not far from Rhodes there is a stall similar to a latrine, tied with chains, like a spider web. From within reach terrible female cries, but you should not open this improvised prison. If you try to approach, Morgan will receive a barrage of threats and insults from the prisoner. And near the town of Strawberry you can find a statue of a gorilla. Who made it and for what purposes, remains a mystery.

The remains of a mammoth in the game RDR2

You can meet and a huge gorilla

The most interesting in the game RDR2