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Red Dead Redemption 2 player will face more than 100 missions that will lead him through the story and help to explore the game world. In addition to the main tasks, the developers came up with a lot of minor ones, which are not necessary to perform. They have no special influence on the plot, but they will help to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Wild West even more and experience unforgettable adventures. These missions are indicated by a question mark, and the location on the map where Arthur meets a character that activates the task is tinted with white. If you ignore them, then sooner or later the quests will disappear.

Should I chase the side missions? Definitely worth it. After all, the player does not know what the innocent chatter with the priest will turn out for Morgan or what a simple trip to the store for supplies will lead to. Side quests make the game more exciting and unpredictable. Most of the secondary tasks are multi-stage, requiring execution over a certain period of time. We decided to collect the most interesting secondary missions in one guide.

Genius scientist

The side quest "The Scientist and His Offspring" will be available in the fourth chapter. Morgan will meet Marco Draghich in the city park Saint Denis. The mission is necessary to achieve the achievement of "Artificial Intelligence". Dragic will tell Morgan that he will have a meeting with investors, during which he needs to demonstrate the capabilities of the boat on radio control. The fulfillment of this honorable mission will fall on Arthur. Boat control is quite simple. Enemy targets will need to hit torpedoes.

RDR2 side quests - to lend a hand to the brilliant scientist

During the raid on the pond should be wary of mines, which, when approaching the boat will "pull" to her, as if magnetized. In total, Morgan will have to pass the pond twice. The first time can be considered "sighting", and in the second attempt the enemy ships will begin to attack in response. After successfully completing the first part of the assignment, Dragic will thank the assistant and say goodbye to him.

RDR 2 submarine control

The second time, Morgan will meet the scientist already in his own laboratory not far from the Roanoke Range, north of Annesberg. This part of the quest will be available only at night, so during the day it is useless to search for the label on the map. Now the scientist decided to use the power of nature and to fuel another invention from lightning. A special detector will be given to Morgan on his hands to search for the most powerful electrostatic fields. There should be three such points, according to the number of conductors that need to be installed in these places. When approaching the desired area, the detector will flash faster.

RDR2 Invention Management - Lightning

Morgan will have to sweat well until the equipment is ready to launch. Then Dragic will not be able to “revive” his invention from the first time. It turned out that the switch is not included switch. Of course, Morgan will also have to switch him to a thunderstorm. Although lightning will effectively strike nearby, you should not be afraid of them. Character does not kill discharge. During the second attempt, Dragich will be able to revive his "Frankenstein monster", which will turn out to be an ordinary robot. Although the creation can take a couple of timid steps, it will collapse after a couple of seconds on the floor. In this implementation of the main part of the quest can be considered complete. The happy scientist will sincerely thank Morgan, and it is still too early for him to receive the desired achievement. Now you can leave the hospitable laboratory and do other things, but you should not go far from the location.

the Robot in - RDR 2

After two days, the hero must again visit the doctor’s workshop, where he will find the murdered scientist. There will be no robot nearby. After the discovery of the corpse, the game will count the passage of the mission and give an achievement. Do not rush to leave, the laboratory still needs to be carefully searched. Here you can find a lot of useful items and two letters from Dragic, which will shed light on what happened.

Location the robot and the quest scientist

If the player is interested, you can go to the area of the Spider Gorge, which is located north of Ambarino. On the map this place should be searched above the letters "A" and "M" in the inscription "AMBARINO". On one of the mountain slopes will sit the same robot, which was created by a scientist. After the murder of his creator, he apparently went "whither-eyed." Morgan can hear how he incoherently repeats the word "papa", after which he will turn off this time forever.

The story of runaway prisoners

The quest titled "The Ties That Bind Us" will open for Morgan in the fourth chapter. In the vicinity of Rhodes, Morgan will meet two escaped prisoners who will hotly argue with each other. The main character will intervene in the squabble and reconcile opponents, start a conversation. Mr. Black and Mr. White will ask Morgan to help them. He will have to remove five posters with the announcement of their search, which are pasted in different parts of the city. This is the first part of the task. After collecting all the posters, Morgan will have two options for further action:

  • Tie prisoners and surrender them to the sheriff. This quest is over.
  • Burn posters and help two friends get out of trouble.

If Arthur chooses the second option, then you need to wait a day of playing time to complete the next stage of the task. The unfortunate fugitives set up a small camp in the Dewberry Creek location, where instead of a normal dinner, they ate poisonous mushrooms. Morgan will again have to help the poor fellows, after which he will advise them to flee abroad and leave the country.

RDR2 - The story of runaway prisoners

RDR2 story of two fugitive prisoners

In search of famous shooters

This quest called "Legendary arrows" Morgan will receive in the second chapter. In one of the saloons, Valentine Morgan will meet a visiting writer. He went to the Wild West not out of idle interest. The writer had planned to find for his book exclusive materials about Jim "Boy" Colloway, but could not find any valuable information about the shooter, and even more so failed to meet with him. Levin will complain to Morgan about life, and then he will offer a small job. He has four old cards in stock with images of legendary shooters. Each of them may know something about Colloway, but the writer himself cannot find these characters. This will be proposed to Morgan.

RDR2 - in search of famous shooters

Location the legendary shooters

Arthur must look through and turn over all four photos, then the location of each of the wanted ones will be displayed on the map. Be prepared to talk with only one of them, the three remaining will meet the stranger with an inhospitable hail of bullets, so he will have to kill everyone. The shooters can be searched in any order, but you can meet Jim himself only after completing the “Beautiful night of debauchery” quest. The mission, although incidental, promises many benefits for Arthur himself, since he will be able to find a few guns from the category of collection weapons.

The legendary Midnight shooter in the game RDR 2

Location Billy Midnight is

Let's start with Billy Midnight. This shooter hangs on the trains, so to find it you need to go to the railway station in the city of Rhodes. First you need to talk to one of the employees of the station, he will tell you that Midnight is traveling in a passing train, so Morgan needs to catch him. Billy will be sitting in the dining car. When you try to talk to him, Morgan will fail, because the interlocutor will move out of the coils and rush into the run. Then Arthur is waiting for an exciting adventure - a shootout on the roof of a riding train. Midnight needs to be shot down, and the body photographed. Do not forget to rummage around his pockets and pick up a Midnight pistol - this is a rare collection weapon.

Now we will find Flaco Hernandez. This legendary shooter with his gang is hiding in the mountains around Lake Kern. It is cold there, so before the trip you need to carefully insulate. Shootout can not be avoided. It is better to shoot the first to start on the approach to the camp. After Morgan kills the bandits, old Hernandez will come out of the hut. A duel begins, in which the most important thing is to fire the bullet first. Flaco"s body needs to be photographed, but you should not leave the camp immediately after the fight, since there is a little secret in the hut. On the table you can find a collectible cigarette card, and in the chest under the bed there are many useful things. Do not forget to take Flaco Hernandez"s revolver - this is another collection weapon that is considered one of the best in the game.

Mark on the map where Flaco Hernandez is located

The next legendary shooter is Emmett Granger. He lives near the Horseshoe Highlands on his own farm. At first, Emmet will meet Morgan pretty friendly, but he flatly refuses to provide any information about Jim. Granger will offer a deal: Morgan helps him, and that as a fee gives him valuable information. Arthur will have to transport fertilizer. After completing the work, Emmett will not keep his promise. Then Morgan with the help of dynamite will undermine the manure heap, which he himself folded. Granger will lose his temper and begin the duel. After killing a dishonest shooter, you need to take a picture of him.

Legendary shooter - Emmett Granger

Location Emmett Granger

Emmett's revolver is a unique weapon, so do not forget it on the body of the defeated opponent. Morgan's will be met by the most friendly shooter from the legendary quartet - Black Belle. She lives in a hut in the marshes around Saint-Denis. Do not relax. The duel with Belle really will not, but still have to get a weapon, so you need to stock up on ammunition. During a leisurely conversation with the hostess of the wooden house will appear a detachment of bounty hunters. The woman will not blunder, and will prepare a gift for uninvited guests. Arthur will take part in the explosion, which, unfortunately, will not kill all those who came. A shootout will ensue, in which the hunter with a Gatling machine gun will be the most dangerous enemy. It must be eliminated first. After it's all over, Belle gladly poses for Morgan for the picture, but you shouldn't hurry to leave the scene of the shootout. Another cigarette card will be waiting for you on the table in the hut of Bel Arthur.

After Morgan finds all four shooters, it's time to go looking for Calloway. Information about its location can be obtained from the bartender in one of the saloons of Valentine. Jim will be on the ship in the port of Saint-Denis along with the writer Theodore Levin, who organized this quest. After talking with the shooter, Morgan will be assigned to find Slim Grant, who killed Jim's cousin.

Now Morgan has to go to Annesberg to the local sheriff, who will tell you that Slim is pursuing criminals and will not return until he has completed the task. After the conversation, you need to look at the map, where a label will appear that indicates the location of Grant. Slim at the time of the arrival of Morgana already got into trouble. He will be bound by gangsters. Arthur needs to put the whole gang, load Grant on the horse and deliver it to Jim. He in turn will shoot Sliema in order to avenge the death of his cousin. Comments Arthur did not like the legendary shooter, and he will challenge him to a duel. It remains only to defeat Jim and receive thanks from Levin, who will later send money by mail.

Of course british

This is one of the most "useful" missions for Arthur, because as a result he will be able to get the lion"s paw. This component will allow you to make an amulet, which increases the points earned for stamina by 10%. In more detail about amulets you can read amulets, talismans in our other guide.

Of course, the British - a side quest - RDR2

To get a mission, the player needs to go to Lonnie's shack. This place, located to the south of the Emarald ranch, should already be known to the player, since the hut was being scraped off by Morgan in order to get the “Breaking in with penetration” achievement. On the way to the shack, Arthur will see the inverted cart and the person sitting on it in an unusual outfit. A man will complain that his circus career is over. It turns out that during the transportation of animals, the cart overturned and all the animals fled around the district. This multi-stage quest is good because all parts of the task can be completed immediately, without waiting for the activation of the storyline chain of events.

Side quest: British Mission in RDR2

Zebra can only be lashed with a lasso

First, Morgan will have to find a zebra. It is possible to lash an animal with a lasso. After the zebra is successfully delivered to the circus actor, the turn of the tiger will come. It can be lured into a cart, but you have to tinker with a lion. This is the most aggressive animal of the troika who escaped. It can be found on the ranch Emerald. Even on the approaches, Arthur will notice two farm workers who will hold the barn door. The predatory animal is locked inside, but not for long. Lev will run away, wounding one of the workers. Morgan will go in search of him and find on the ranch already in another barn. You can not lose vigilance. Leo will begin to attack almost immediately, so bring a living predator will not be possible. The beast must be shot down and returned to the owner of the menagerie. A short conversation will follow, during which Morgan will receive an emerald in gratitude. Do not forget that the paw of the animal will also get the player, so you need to quickly make an amulet from it.

Tiger in RDR 2 - quest Briton

Unpredictable path artist

Charles Chateaune Morgan will be met in one of the saloons by Saint Denis. The poor artist will drink at the bar in the bar. Arthur must come to him and start a conversation. Morgan and Shateny will be friends for a drink, after which the latter will give his new friend a picture. At this characters will disperse, but the first stage of the quest is already passed. Next time Morgan will meet the artist in a day. If you want to see Charles faster, then the player should put his character to sleep.

Quest - Unpredictable path artist RDR 2

The meeting will take place in one of the narrow lanes of Saint Denis. Charles will be targeted by an unfamiliar character. Morgan will come to the rescue and just threaten the gangster. To kill him in this case there is no need. The artist warmly thanked the new friend for help. Now again you need to wait a day, return to the place of the previous meeting and walk a couple of tens of meters to the east. Here is an art gallery. There will again be a skirmish in the building, after which Morgan should find Charles and take him to a friend’s house. At this next stage of the mission is complete.

Meeting Morgan and the artist

The last time Morgan will meet the artist after two days. The player needs to go to the south of Saint Denis to one of the gunsmiths. On the way, he will find "disguised" Charles, dressed in a woman's dress. A friend is going to leave this inhospitable city, so you need to take him to the port. Before the ship, Morgan will again face the enemies of Chateau, who will have to be defeated. One of the opponents in the reserve will have a knife, so be careful. After the fight from the scene it is better to retire as quickly as possible, since the chase begins. Charles, taking advantage of the turmoil, will successfully depart from Saint Denis. Two days after saying goodbye, Morgan can check his mail. The artist will write him a letter in which he will reveal interesting information: it turns out that the drawing he has presented is worth a lot of money. Morgan can sell it and cash in on the work of a friend.

Few political battles

Some players find this mission boring, but Morgan will be a great flow into the world of big politics. This side quest can only be obtained after completing the main mission in the fourth chapter. After a couple of days you need to go to the nearest post office. There, Morgan will wait for a letter from a certain Lemieux, who actually turns out to be the mayor of Saint-Denis. After the message is read, in the dark time of the game day a mark of the mayor’s house will appear on the map. To go to visit him only under the cover of night, because the meeting is secret.

For the first assignment, Morgan will have to go to an art gallery, where you need to intimidate Professor Shiftekar. It is possible to beat it, but it is not recommended, as it will negatively affect the character’s honor. It is better to just slightly strangle, so that the professor understands the seriousness of Morgan's intentions.

Arthur will receive the second task in a similar way. First you need to receive an invitation letter for a secret meeting, and then at night go to the house of Lemieux. There, they will tell him about the intractable owner of the newspaper, who also needs to be intimidated, but not killed.

To complete the third part of the quest you need to go to the house of the mayor at nightfall, now without an invitation letter. Here, the player will be targeted by one of Lemiere's henchmen, Jean-Marc, who helped Arthur with his two previous assignments. Character can be killed or released. In the first case, the player will lose the honor, but will receive a 10% discount in all Saint Denis outlets.