The Witcher 3: quest «Brothers In Arms»


Location: Novigrad/ Velen / Skellige / Nilfgaard

Type: Main quest

Suggested Level:22

Reward: ОО

After completing the quests "Ugly Baby" and "Va fail, Elaine" and finally determining who is under the cursed guise of Uma, Geralt becomes aware of where to look for Ciri.

The danger of her situation is that, after leaving the "Island of mist", the wild hunt warriors will find her and come wherever she tries to hide again.

A collegial Council between the witchers, the sorceress Yennefer, and part of the elven wizard Avallac'h, came to the only possible solution – to take Ciri and bring her to Kaer Morhen. It was in the Witcher's fortress that the battle of the Wild Hunt should be fought, which may not have been a decisive battle in the end, but it certainly became a fateful one.

Realizing that only their own will be difficult to defend the Kaer Morhen, Geralt decided to seek the assistance of your friends and enemies. Will they help? This is what the spook will have to find out.

P/S Perform this series of quests is worth before the passage of the task "Islands of mists", as otherwise they will be a failure. In addition, the availability and choice of characters will be affected by previous decisions you made.

Brother In Arms: Novigrad

It is worth starting the collection from Novigrad, where you can enlist the direct support of three friends and the financial support of a former redan spy.

Triss Merigold

"Jolly Triss Marigold with brown hair, laughing at everything and looking like a girl. He loved her. And she's his, too."

— « Something More»

Beautiful red-haired sorceress Triss

Beautiful red-haired sorceress Triss, the first in the list of allies, who in any case will help in the battle.

Triss will support you, especially if you complete a series of tasks and in the final quest "Now or Never" give Geralt's heart to her.

Sigismund Dijkstra

" See me smiling? I'm dead serious"

- Dijkstra

Dijkstra can provide financial support for the upcoming event

Dijkstra, with whom Geralt has been feuding for years, despite their business contacts, can provide financial support for the upcoming event – 100 kronor and several runes.

This option is possible if you have completed the quest "Count Reuven's Treasure" and helped him find the Treasury.

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Vernon Roche

" Temeria - that's what matters

- Vernon Roche

Vernon Roche, a man true to his principles and an old friend of Geralt

Vernon Roche, a man true to his principles and an old friend of Geralt, part-time head of the Temer special unit "Blue Stripes" and confidant of the king of Temeria — Foltest.

Roche will come to the rescue (along with Ves of course), if you helped him during the passage of the task "An Eye for an Eye" and did not let him kill his wayward, but loyal companion.

Zoltan Chivay

"Life without old comrades and a gorilla is worth as much as a woman without an ass."

- Zoltan Chivay

Zoltan, your loyal friend and colleague

Zoltan, your loyal friend and colleague, whom we met repeatedly in the first and second parts of the game Witcher, and also met for the first time in the book "Baptism of fire", will provide any possible help, because Ciri is as important to Him as to others.

Be sure to complete the quest "A Dangerous Game" before you go to the Islands of mists, otherwise it will be among the failed ones.

Brothers in Arms: Velen

In Velen, we are only interested in one possible ally – the inimitable Keira Metz.

In Velen, we are only interested in one possible ally – the inimitable Keira Metz. You can count on the help of the sorceress only if you complete the series of quests that were available at the beginning of the game, and also if Geralt chose the right words, namely:

Keira's participation in the battle with the Wild Hunt warriors will be fateful, since it is she who will eventually be able to save the spook's friend and colleague Lambert, which will eventually tie their fate.

Brothers in Arms: Skellige

The Skellige Islands are the center of strength and will, where Geralt's loyal friends and brothers-in-arms are waiting for him.

The Witcher 3: quest: Brothers In Arms

In order to enlist their support in the defense of Kaer Morhen, you will need to complete a series of quests:

  • "The King is Dead – Long Live the King" - where you will learn about the complex characters and problems of the children of Crach an Craite;
  • "Possession" - where the Witcher needs to help Keris in removing the curse from the Jarl;
  • "The Lord of Undvik" - where Geralt goes after Hjalmar and kills the giant;
  • "King's Gambit" - where the fate of all the Islands will be in the hands of the spook;
  • "Coronation" - where you will assess the consequences of previous decisions.

After completing this series of tasks and turning to Crach an Craite for help, Geralt will tell you what Ciri found. Crash offers to bring the witch to the Islands and promises full protection, but can not leave his country without soldiers.

Despite this, Crait for help Geralt will offer to take the legendary sword of Winter, which, in his opinion, will help the Witcher in the battle with the Wild Hunt.

Geralt is talking to Cerys but she will not help

You can also talk to Cerys, but even if she has become a Queen or not, you should not count on her help for obvious reasons, which she will tell you during the conversation.

But Hjalmar's help can and should be counted on. He immediately agrees to provide support, and depending on how many of his people you were able to save in the quest "Lord of Undvik", will arrive alone or in the company of brothers in arms.

Mousesack is an old friend of Geralt, for whom Ciri is also important

Mousesack is an old friend of Geralt, for whom Ciri is also important, because he knew and took care of Her literally from the cradle.

The druid would leave all his worries and go to Kaer Morhen.

The druid would go to Kaer Morhen

Brothers in Arms: Nilfgaard

Long emotional conversations with Atsuko will not bring anything useful

Visit Vizim is only in order to get Atsuko on the completion of the quest, as the conversation with father Сirilla to anything good will not.

A long enough and emotional conversation would be fruitless, since bringing Ciri to the Emperor would only doom the innocent to death at the hands of the Wild Hunt, and entrusting the command of the defense to General Voorhis in exchange for a banner would be an inferior size.

But nothing else could be expected from the "Urcheon of Erlenwald".

So, the entire team is assembled-it's time to go to the "Islands of Mists" and save Cirilla.