Top 7 - Best Gaming Android Tablet - 2020 | Buyer’s Guide


Since the beginning of mobile phones, games have been a part of our life. With the introduction of Tetris in 1984, mobile games have become our favorite pass times. Now we cannot always have our PC screens or the whole Xbox or PlayStation with us, whenever we want to pass the time, can we?

Mobile or tablet games save our heads whenever we want to seem busy to avoid a boring conversation. But the whole situation gets rather less fun when the small screen of our smartphones isn’t able to capture the full length or scope of the game. For all android buffs, who stand with their unshakable beliefs on the system, this article is for your gaming needs. We have consolidated the best gaming android tablets for you to have the best gaming experience possible. So, read on!

The hunt for the Best Gaming Android Tablet

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 - It is the best gaming android tablet in the market

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Android, that too of Samsung, always managed to swoop the market. It is the best gaming android tablet in the market, mainly due to its price point and smooth functionality. The 10.1-inch metal body, as opposed to the previous plastic model, is truly a winner. Games in full HD can be enjoyed, along with its smooth and crisp images on the fully laminated screen. The Octa-Core processor allows you to enjoy games without glitches. A micro SD card gives the option to expand storage. This has a 400 Gigabyte capacity, capable of having your apps shifted into it. The body of this tablet is quite light, so you will not feel fatigued while wiping off enemies. The high-end feel of the metal body and minimum bevel allows easy handling and hassle-free gaming. You do not have to worry about battery life. It has 13 hours of it, which can also be charged through a USB C port cable.


  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price.
  • Additional storage through SD Card.
  • Sharp image and clear resolution.


  • No fingerprint scanner.
  • Both speakers are on the same side.

2. Samsung Electronics SM – T830NZKLXAR

Samsung Electronics SM – T830NZKLXAR

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So, what if you do not have your trusted PC for gaming with you. The second in line to the best gaming android tablet is yet another Samsung’s gaming innovation capable of fitting in your bag. You can enjoy high definition ultra HDAMOLED gameplay anywhere you like. This model includes a pen for delicate and precision need games. Its Dolby speaker creates a cinematic gaming experience, giving the perfect surround sound effect to your games. Attach a keyboard to this tab, and you will have the whole PC gaming experience anywhere anytime. No need to squint your eyes, the 10.5” screen, corner to corner display with a 16:10 ratio will take care of everything. For long hours of playtime and work, the tablet’s battery does not disappoint. It has fast charging and a 16-hour video playback time. Two variants of shortage are available: 64 GB and 256 GB of internal memory. This can also be expanded with a micro SD card of 400 GB, enough to store games of your liking.


  • Glitch free gaming with Octa-Core Processor.
  • Wide, sharp, clear display.
  • Expandable storage


  • No fingerprint scanner
  • The pen has to be stored separately.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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If you are looking for the best gaming tablet, Samsung S5e is another option worth looking into. The smooth metal body adds a high-end feel to it. In addition, the tablet is so light; you won’t even feel a thing when playing for long hours on this tab. It is loaded with the Snapdragon 670 that allows it to run faster. Moreover, the game launcher makes the system run even smoother. Almost all games are playable. You can also connect your Bluetooth consoles. The great AMOLED display on the 10.5-inch screen is perfect for games that require absolute precision. It has two variants; a 64Gb and 128Gb, along with an expandable option with a MicroSD card up to 512 GB. You can play games to the finest resolution, without any delays or lags. For sound effects, 4 speakers are given on both sides with a Dolby Atoms Surround sound. This tablet offers a long time smooth gameplay, with 15 hours of video and the ability to fast charge. The Samsung S5e can be turned into a PC with the right accessories and Samsung DeX


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Fast charging
  • Sharp clear and crisp image


  • Pricey
  • Not every game will run smoothly

4. Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet, Android 9.0 Pie - Best cheap Gaming Android Tablet

Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet, Android 9.0 Pie

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Drago Touch is the best gaming android tablet, budget-wise. It has an Octa-Core Processor with Android 9.0 Pie installed. Its 2Gb Ram and 32 Gb internal storage, as well as the optional MicroSD card, are fit for storing all your games. If you are looking for a cheap tab to satisfy your gaming needs, then this is an excellent option to look into. The 10.1-inch screen with a 1080P HD display is perfect for gaming. Great graphics and fast functionality are needed when gaming and its screen and CPU satisfy both the needs. The Octa-Core does not let any lag or glitch destroy the gaming experience. You can also connect your Bluetooth gaming consoles to the system if you don't prefer to hold the tab for more extended periods. This tab is weighted. Moreover, it comes with a 5000 mAh battery that will last a long time for extended playing sessions, up to 5 hours.


  • Budget friendly and affordable option
  • Great Graphics.
  • Fast processor.


  • Not much RAM available, as opposed to the ones mentioned above.
  • Speakers are simply awful
  • No fast charging

5. Huawei Media Pad M5 Tablet with 8.4”

Huawei Media Pad M5 Tablet with 8.4

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Knowing the options for tablets these days are slim, especially when you want for media purposes. Huawei Media Pad M5 is one of the best gaming android tablets with its 8.4” widescreen with a 2.5D glass crystal clear display. It has an impressive Kirin 960 SOC with 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage. This can be expanded by utilizing a micro SD card. One of the striking features of this tablet is the 360-Degree surround sound by Harman/Kardon. The sound has great depth and is crisp and clear. You will not miss out on any tiny sounds when playing intense focus games. This tablet screen has a high resolution, carrying great graphics and a crisp image. You will not miss out on any finer details. Gaming wise, its chipset is perfect for supporting any gaming platform. You will face no las or slowdowns while playing. Moreover, intense gaming will not result in a temperature increase. The battery of 4100 mAH offers 10 to 11 hours of work time.


  • Loud and games depth 360-degree surround sound.
  • Slim body
  • Quick fingerprint scanner


  • Lesser in size as opposed to the ones mentioned above.
  • It cannot use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the same time, as both use the same antenna.

6. Fusion5 T60 64GB Tablet PC – 11.6”

Fusion5 T60 64GB Tablet PC – 11.6

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This PC alternative is perfect for your PC gaming experience but on a tab. It supported by Android Lollipop with 1.8 GH processor and a 2 GB onboard memory for you to use. This can be further expanded to 32GB through the micro SD card. To let your games run smoothly without nay las or drawbacks, its Quad-Core processor is fully equipped. The wide 11.5” screen and full HD 1080P display are perfect for tackling the graphics of many games. This tablet comes with dual speakers for a surround effect. That is not all, the many ports on the side for the Micro USB, as well as HDMI port, allows the user to plug in their consoles easily. The Bluetooth consoles can also be utilized. Overall, this tablet is a budget-friendly piece that fills the void of a PC less world.


  • Lower price tag
  • Fast processor
  • Multiple ports to aid consoles and other devices.


  • Some lags on high graphic complex games.
  • Its charger is quite fragile.

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7. Lenovo Tab 4, 8” Android Tablet

Lenovo Tab 4.8 inch Android Tablet

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The last in the league to the best android gaming tablet is Lenovo. Stocked with a 64-bit Quad-core Snapdragon processor of up to1.4 GHz, 2Gb of AM, and an additional Micro SD card slot to expand your storage. The tab comes with a 720P IPS display with an 8-inch screen. The HD quality is great for game-playing graphics. You can also connect your tab to a Bluetooth console or plug it in, in the USB port. For long hours of gameplay, this tab offers 20-hour battery life. It can be charged with a USB port charger. You also get a satin finish non-slippery back. This aids in affirming a stable grip on the tab. It has two front-facing speakers that give you loud, clear surround sound. Weighing less than 2 lbs. And the added grip, this tab plays out to be a good pocket-friendly tab for on-the-go gaming.


  • Pocket-friendly gaming tab gets the job done.
  • Non-slippery back.
  • Dual speakers, great audio.


  • Less pixel density.
  • Not as fast as other tabs.

Buyer’s Guide

If you want the best android gaming tablet, look for the following factors. As these will play out to be essential points when wanting an uninterrupted smooth gaming session on the run. Knowing tablets aren’t as famous as they were back in the day. The mentioned tablets stand out the most due to their fast processors and endless features.

  1. Operating system/Processor

    The newer, the better. To have the best android gaming tablet, make sure the operating system or processor, is up to date. Even if it's of the previous year, make sure the system can be updated. Newer systems offer speed and smooth workability. This aids in running the games without drawbacks, lags, or glitches. The Octa-Core processor of Samsung tablet stood out the most to us. There were no lags and games loaded, played, and saved without any issues.

    New faster systems are great for gaming for longer periods. Systems tend to heat up if you try to play heavy games on outdated systems.

  2. Screens

    When you cannot pack your Xbox or PC in your bag back. Having the best android gaming tablet with you can satisfy your gaming needs. Their screens are far bigger than your smartphones. Additionally, you do not have to worry about your fingers blocking half the screen for controls. The wider screen allows you to hold the screen far from your face. Without having to squint in for features. To have the best android gaming tablet, its display should be around 10 inches for better handling and viewing.

    A high resolution, pixel density, and image clearance are vital. Especially if you are playing games that require shooting or aiming. These allow you to see clearly, ad aim with added precision. Tabs with AMOLED display. A sharp, crisp, clear image is vital, and the pixel density and resolution should be able to run the games on the highest graphic settings.

  3. Storage

    If you are someone who loves to play games on their PC, you would know how much space is needed to run the game smoothly. It is always a bummer when we don’t have enough space on our smartphones, as we have all the other stuff stocked there. The best gaming android tablet is a way to have ample of storage and play your favorite games whenever, wherever. Make sure to purchase the tablet with the highest RAM and GB. It should also have an expandable Micro SD card. This allows you to expand your space. It also gives you the ability to shift the load of apps onto the Micro SD card.

  4. Battery Life

    A must-have for the best gaming android tablet is long battery life. One that charges quick and powers your gaming sessions for a long time. As the USB type C is getting more common these days with the new tech, it is preferred to get a tab with it. Battery shouldn't drain quickly, even when you have the brightness amped up. It is also preferred if it comes with a fast charger. Because no one can wait forever for the tab to charge and suck the life and fun out of the whole experience.


All in all, if you want to purchase the best of all gaming Android tablet, look for the factors mentioned above. To enjoy a great gaming experience, work out your needs first. Are they just related to gaming or, do you want something more out of the tab. Furthermore, work out what games you want to play. If they are a restricted amount or some specific ones. Try looking for a tablet that would complement its working to provide lag-free gameplay. Good luck!

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