Top 7-Best VR Headset for PC | Buyer’s Guide


In the world of gaming, there is always progress marching on. A new headset or controller is always the talk of game rooms, stirring the avid gamers in their sleep.

With the significant uplift in technology, there has been a boom of VR headsets, that gives the real feel of the game. And quite frankly, you can almost hear moms breathing a sigh of relief, seeing their children finally taking on some exercise. Below you will find detailed reviews on the top-rated VR headsets for your PC.

1. Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

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A definite improvement on its former counterpart, Oculus Rift S, has been quite a stunner. It comes packed with a 15ft cable on the headset that can be further extended, 2 Double A batteries for each controller, and a USB 3.0 for connection to PC. There is also a display port available in the package, that helps connect the VR headset to your laptop.

Talking about functionality, the headset has a startup demo guide backed with an adorable WALL-E character to let you get used to the controls. When we test it with Oculus Medium or Echo Arena, both times, the system manages to run smoothly with a fantastic tracking system.

The tracking algorithm is of high quality, as you can do all sorts of poses, and placements without any lag. This unit also has a wide eye relief and added magnifying scopes for you to view the surroundings better.

The most striking feature is its ability to supplement prescription optical inserts for people with spectacles.


  • Long headset cable that can further be extended.
  • Lightweight controller.
  • Excellent and enhanced tracking system.
  • Smooth and fluid manipulation.
  • Effortless setup.


  • Cable gets in the way when playing. (Needs to be tucked away.)
  • Mediocre audio.
  • No PID calibration.

2. Samsung HMD Odyssey + Windows

Samsung HMD Odyssey + Windows

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Another excellent piece of technology is Samsung Odyssey. There is a slight change in design in this VR headset, with its altered controls and headset layout. This VR has a pretty simple plug and play system. As the package includes the VR headset with in-built headphones and glass lenses, a USB 3.0 plus HDMI connect cable, and two battery operated hand controllers.

The headset can be connected through Bluetooth 4.0 support or even through its long 10ft cable at the posterior end of the headset. This VR runs smoothly on any updated Windows and manages to run without any lags or delays. The headset is stocked with a high-end glass lens that aid in a clear view.

The key feature of this VR set is its resolution. It is quite high as opposed to other VR headsets. Not only that, but it is also further backed by directional sound provided in the headphones of the headset.


  • Easy Setup.
  • High resolution, excellent picture quality.
  • Smooth tracking
  • Directional in-depth sound.
  • Long cable doesn't get in the way.


  • Bluetooth dongle required due to weak Bluetooth strength.
  • It cannot support uninterrupted play.
  • It loses tracking when a person crouches down.

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3. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

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The third-ranking in our list of best VR Headsets for PC is another Oculus Rift masterpiece. It has slight alterations in its unit and system uploading. The Unit comes with a VR headset with in-built headphones, a USB/HDMI cable, and two battery-operated controllers. There are also two metallic sensors that we'd be diving in next.

These sensors need to be placed a meter apart on any raised surface (table-top). They can even be raised to match your level to catch signals easily. Controls are near perfect with their incredible ergonomic design. These battery-operated controllers are very lightweight and extremely comfortable to hold, enhancing the natural grip of your hand.

Simply download the software and follow WALL-E to enrapture the details of the VR world. The high picture and audio quality take you to a different reality by the push of a button, backed by exceptional tracking and fluid controls. Oculus also has many high-end free games to introduce you to the VR world.


  • Comfortable and lightweight controllers.
  • Easy and detailed setup guide.
  • Great picture and audio quality.
  • No lags or delays.
  • Highly built, durable material.


  • The headset needs continuous adjustment to fit.
  • Software download process is lengthy.
  • Too many connecting wires.

4. Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

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Another Oculus Release that has managed to be a hot pick among buyers at Amazon. The Oculus Quest checks many boxes when you talk about a wholesome VR experience. You need little to no setup, just the Oculus software and you are ready to go.

It comes close to achieving the in-depth VR experience. The pack includes a Bluetooth Wireless headset and controllers, back by a USB-C, 20-ft cable. This unit comes with Qual Comm Snapdragon and 72HZ OLED display. The wireless technology not only lets you move without any hindrance. The system also allows you to draw a convenience zone.

The hand controllers are similar to the Oculus Rift. And we all know and appreciate their ergonomic, all-natural design. Moreover, the Oculus Quest offers no 3D pass through motion control. There are no issues with tracking or expansibility. Even when you run out of battery life, you can easily connect the adaptor and cable to the headset and pop some batteries to your controllers to continue playing.


  • Wireless system lets you move freely.
  • No tracking issues
  • Easy and seamless setup.
  • Robust, fluid, and expansive VR rig.
  • Lightweight, natural feel controllers.


  • Heavy VR headset.
  • Nose bridge area allows light to escape.
  • Less battery life. (2 to 3 hours)

5. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

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Knowing VR headsets allow you the 360-degree spin and movement. This VR headset is known for its media standpoint, not just gameplay. The Oculus Go Stand-Alone offers you 3 degrees of freedom, backed by a Qual Comm Processor and the latest Oculus lens.

You can enjoy games, movies, and even web browsing in isolation, by merely popping this VR headset on. The High optic resolution is similar to the Oculus rift, having its excellent high resolution. Moreover, stereo speakers at both sides boom the audio towards your ears. If you want, you can simply put on headphones for the complete isolated experience.

The VR unit allows you to move your head and hands around but does not let you physically move back and forth while enjoying the 360-degree view. There is also the added advantage of a smooth lag-free entertainment session, without having to worry about it heating up.


  • High HD resolution and crisp, clear image.
  • Easier storage with collapsible strap.
  • Wide improved focals.
  • Speakers at both sides throw sound in the ear.
  • A great media source.


  • Only three degrees of visual freedom
  • You can look around but not move freely around. (Will not have an impact)
  • Not a fully circular image.

6. HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality System

HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality System

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The Consumer class headset and an enhanced version to HTC VIVE, the Cosmos version syncs seamlessly with your PC and takes you worlds apart. When setting up the HTC, it allows you to set a play area (up to 160 sq. ft.) to enjoy free movement. Its clear lighthouse tracking with and crystal-clear graphic support 2880 x 1700-pixel resolution. Adding to it, the LCD panels save you from the old school pixelated experience. To install the headset, you simply need to flip the design onto your face. It sits snugly and avoids any light beams to pass in through the nose bridge. This second-generation VR headset works perfectly for the Windows mixed reality system. The headset is a halo design, with a padded forehead and great ergonomics. You are provided with in-built headphones, but if you want your own, a deluxe audio jack is there to help you. A great plus for this headset is that it comes with a wide range of IPDs. It helps you hit the sweet spot of VR experience, by helping you to see and focus like you would in real life.


  • Fits over glasses very easily.
  • Flip-up design aids when you need to take a quick peek on your PC.
  • High resolution provides a great filed of view.
  • Headphone jack is given to aid users.
  • Carries adjustable IPD.


  • No eye relief as the field of view is fixed.
  • Far away objects face the glaring of pixels.
  • The headset is quite bulky with unequal weight distribution.

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7. HTC VIVE Pro Starter Edition- Virtual Reality System

HTC VIVE Pro Starter Edition- Virtual Reality System

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HTC has been a rocker in phones, but when it comes to VR systems. They manage to hit the ball right out of the park. The set has a glorious headset piece, two controllers, and two Steam VR tracking components.

The set offers breathtaking 1600P resolution with an OLED display. The in-built headphones and the whole strap in gear is totally transformed. The gear setup allows even people with spectacles to fit it in place. Furthermore, gone are the complaints of light coming in through the nose seal. This HTC system offers flower pattern nose seal to aid in complete isolation from the outside world.

The audio and video are incredibly high quality, there is no denying it. This set can be used in arcades or shopping mall crowds, as it does a phenomenal job to mask the present world from virtual reality. Another noted feature is the IPD calibration. Interpupillary Distance is vital to experience an in-depth VR experience.


  • High resolution (1600p)
  • Fluid tracking, smooth gameplay.
  • IPD measurable for better adjustment.
  • Long uninterrupted playtime.
  • Padded headset for comfort


  • Heavy headset focuses weight on the nose.
  • Quite expensive
  • Audio is highly augmented as opposed to other VR systems.

A Buyer’s Guide to Get The Best VR Headset For PC

If you are new to the VR world and desire a state-of-the-art VR Headset for PC, then the above-mentioned options are your best bet.

In the following section, we further exclaim how we managed to pick specific VRs out of hundreds of units. To grab the best VR headset for your PC, look for the following features.

  1. Headset

    Knowing the central controller is the headset. It should namely be comfortable to wear and fit perfectly. There must be no leaks or lose spaces, as they tend to destroy the overall experience of virtual reality. If straps are adjustable and the VR set stays in place, then it is worth a try.

    Another vital pointer is in-built headphones. Knowing VRs are made to escape from the present reality. The in-built headphones are a critical feature to attain that. If not, make sure your VR set has a headphone jack to plug your headphones in.

    The headset should focus all its weight on your cheeks or bridge of your nose. As uninterrupted gameplays will only end up bruising your face. Try to grab a VR set that manages to equally distribute the weight of its headset.

    Individuals with spectacles can face minor issues of fixing and stability when wanting to try out VR units. For them, many VR headsets come with space to insert their prescription optic lens in. Otherwise, the headset has to accommodate their face in a way so that they aren't deprived of vision.

  2. Audio-Video

    Next in vital factors are audio and video. These are the pillars on which the VR experience lies.

    All in all, the audio shouldn’t burst your ears and should be in-depth. So that you can enjoy the details of your gameplay (especially in first shooter games). As mentioned above, the in-built headphones are a great feature, otherwise the good old audio jack.

    Systems backing high-end resolution and OLED display, are many. But it all relies on how many degrees of vision are there. Many headsets come as far as 3rd-degree visuality, but the real deal is the 360-spin workability.

    Getting your hands on a system that can show you the wonders of the virtual world with seamless tracking and close to none split frames is the ultimate fantasy of every gamer. You should be able to run, crouch, aim and reach without the system backfiring in your face (quite literally).

  3. Wireless?

    The whole point of choosing the best VR headset for PC is to escape this world. Then, why not wires? Wireless headsets are always a charm, as you do not have to worry about any cables getting in your way. Trust me, with even one wire, there is still a chance to trip. Also, if we set this factor aside and work our way through a wired piece. There are two things you need to take care of:

    • It should not come in your way
    • The cable should be long enough to cover your height and movement while in the game.


Keep this article close to your heart if you wish to find the perfect piece of VR headset for PC. The options provided and the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide will definitely help you escape the shackles of this world into the world of virtual reality. Good luck fellow gamers!

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