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Alexey Zvonarev, also known as Alyosha, is one of the characters of the Metro game: Exodus and the satellite of the main character at the “Taiga” level.

Many years ago, Alyosha became a member of the Order in the Moscow metro, deciding to join the Spartans for the purpose of entertainment - for the most part, in general, out of boredom. However, in the order he got accustomed, and as a result he passed through many years of service as one of the few rangers in Polis. Alyosha is a scout with great experience; In addition, this young man is a true expert in survival in post-nuclear Moscow.

The first time you meet him in the very first location of the game - in Moscow. Together with several other members of the Order in the person of the Prince, Idiot and Damir, he saved the protagonist from mutants during another raid on the ruins of the city. Shortly thereafter, Alyosha became one of those who left the city aboard a locomotive called the Aurora. He repeatedly expresses admiration for the miracle of engineering and the journey itself. During the passage of the chapter "Summer", it is he who more actively asks for the main character as a volunteer as a partner, wanting to explore with him the situation in the valley.

Anna in response to this jokingly notes that he probably would rather like to explore the area for the presence of local Aboriginal girls than potential adversaries.

Metro Exodus Alyosha - Cheats, Tips, Secrets

This character gets an active role during the “Taiga.” If you (in the person of Artem, of course) do not kill the unarmed people, try to play as covertly as possible and pass each of the mini-locations without a fight, then ultimately the native named Olga will persuade local not to attack members of the order and, moreover, open their hearts to Alyosha. Otherwise, if you choose the dark side and kill the aborigines, Olga’s reaction will be the opposite, and at the very end of the level one of her minions will seriously injure Alyosha, which will lead him to a wheelchair and, as a result, he will not be able to save the protagonist’s life at the very end of the game, which will automatically mean a bad ending.

Here you will learn about where Alyosha is, how to find him, how and where to release, and what you need to do and what you can never do, if you want, learn how to save Alyosha, so that he can survive and that the game ended positively. Consider all the points that may affect the outcome, as well as all the points that will eventually lead us to reunion with a colleague!

General tips before you start

Remember the main rule throughout the "Taiga": if you have the opportunity not to kill someone, do not kill. If you can not touch at all - do not touch. If you can get around in stealth - bypass it, better not even talk to anyone. If you can save someone other than a gangster at the very beginning - save, all this will be credited to karma, which, in turn, will definitely affect the fate of this character.


As soon as Artem comes to his senses, you will see one of the natives - the girl's name is Olga. She will become a key character who will largely determine the fate of Alyosha. Here she will tell you that your aboriginal people have grabbed your friend, and she doesn’t have enough courage to save him, because it will force her to go against her, and even for the sake of a stranger.

Beginning - as soon as Artem woke up he saw the aborigine - Olga

Thus, unlike what you encountered at previous levels of the game, everything is relatively linear and simple: your only quest in "Taiga" is to save Private Alyosha, and go away from here with a friend, before you find a dam.

At the very beginning of the level to the left of the signpost leading to the children's camp, a gangster is tied to the post, attacked by a forest wolf. From the point of view of Alyosha’s fate, it doesn’t matter what you do to him, and his fate will not affect your karma. This is almost the only character in the entire location, which, if desired, you can safely finish off. However, you can, on the contrary, help him and let him go - for this, you still get nothing.

A gangster is tied to a pole and a wolf will attack

The next point where Alyosha will be mentioned is when you approach the damaged bridge leading to the main entrance to this camp. He is guarded by "pioneers" who will tell you to go from there in an amicable way, but in addition, they mentioned another stranger who was caught on the way to the dilapidated bridge in front of the hero will be stopped by the pirates-pioneers - they will advise you not to go further and tell about the earlier alien. Speech with a high degree of probability is about Alyosha.

Entrance to summer campPass to the pioneer camp in the Metro Exodus

On the west side of the camp, a couple of guards are also discussing this most caught alien. Coincidence? Hardly.

Spiral staircase

Finally, at the end of the level, when you climb the spiral staircase and deal with the pirate sitting there, you will hear how Anna is trying to get in touch with you and Alyosha, which allows you to be completely convinced of the truthfulness of Olga's words: your friend is in trouble.

Subway outcome how to save Alyosha

Siberian forest

There are only two points worth mentioning here. First: when you find yourself in his hut, do not kill the Alchemist! Just cut it down, and in this way you will not spoil your karma.

Siberian forest, the correct passage of the Alchemist

The second point is similar to the previous one, but there and the character you will meet much less aggressive. When you reach the fisherman's hut, even if you rummage around the inside and pick something up, the fisherman will not touch you at the pier, and if you do not touch him either, he will tell you a little about Alyosha and hurry you to save him.

Fisherman"s Hut - Subway Exodus

Beautiful moonlight glow in the subway

Stunning graphics and landscapes in the subway game

Pioneer camp

Pass this place, like most other populated locations of this level, better at night, in stealth.

Camp pioneers in the game Metro Exodus

A council from local residents gathered in the center of the camp, who decided to discuss the fate of the alien aliens (that is, you and Alyosha.) They will not tell anything sensible, so listening to them is not necessary, but the very fact of a heated discussion will allow you to secretly search through the entire camp, to fulfill your business here and quietly leave, without having finished anyone.

We list only the most dangerous moments. When you find yourself in a house with a watchman who does something at the table - pay attention to the fact that he does not see you. Do not touch it, just sneak by, in extreme cases - cut it out.

The watchman does something at the table

Soon after this, you will find yourself in another house, in the immediate vicinity of two more sentries - it is also highly advisable not to touch them at all. Save the game and try to crawl past them unnoticed - if during the passage of the game in the night, it is not at all difficult to do.

As a result, if during the passage of this camp you did not kill a single soul, then you will be given a plus to karma, which directly affects Alyosha’s fate, and in the most favorable way. A friend will thank you, rest assured!

Bandit camp

On the way through the cliffs, keep in mind what you will hear before this from the dialogues of local residents - in front of you there is a temple, to which, apparently, the partner you are looking for has somehow reached you, so you can at least make a conclusion about his well-being presently. It seems, it is not necessary to save him at all?

Camp thugs, fasteners cable to the rock

The path through the cliffs overgrown

However, you can still decide his fate indirectly. There will be one of these moments: on the way through the camp you will get inside the house where the bandits torture a person - a local "pioneer". You can kill them and release the unfortunate in this way, and then they will give you one more fat plus to karma, which is important if you care about Alexey’s fate.

Salvation of a pioneer who is being tortured by bandits

View of the house outside


As soon as you deal with the bear in one way or another, you will almost immediately meet with Olga, who will tell you that Alyosha is already waiting for you on the dam - safe and sound, and as a result, it turns out that you are just late for the train . That's a twist, isn't it?

Temple in Metro Exodus

Pirate camp

Be sure to wait for the night before starting to go through this place.

There will be almost no hassles with the sentries, so just gently go through everything as secretly as possible, at the very least cutting down opponents who will notice you. And remember that it is strongly not recommended to kill anyone!

Pirate camp in the metro end gameBoat ride through the pirate campPirate camp inside view)

Final level (dam)

As soon as you get out of the underground part of the level, Alyosha will meet you - indeed, in good health, as if nothing had happened. He will inform you that the train of the Order is already on its way, but it will not be so easy to get to it.

Final level (dam). War with Bear

You will go down to the village, where an old acquaintance, a giant bear, the Master of the Forest, will attack you with a friend. Unfortunately, the presence of Alexei will only complicate the fight at the beginning, when he infuriates him by setting fire to a shaggy skin. However, at the very end of the battle, it was Alyosha who would save you at the last second, letting you kill the monster with a knife and pull you out of the cliff.

Alyosha saves us at the last second

And so, a friend is saved ... Well, almost. When both of you are ready to go down the cable to the dam, which the train should travel on, it is at this moment that Olga will come to your meeting with her pioneers. This is where the decisive moment will be, the outcome of which will be predetermined by your actions throughout the entire level. If you did not kill people, especially the members of the children's camp and the camp of pirates, then Alyosha will get a loving girlfriend in these lands and go with you to the Aurora healthy and very pleased.

The final stage in the walkthrough - depending on the karma decision of Olga

If you passed the “dirty” location, killed and maimed people a lot and generally behaved badly, the offended Olga will not restrain his comrades, and they will shoot your friend by chaining him to a wheelchair until the end of the game and, as a result, depriving him of the opportunity save you in the final, which in turn will automatically mean a step towards a bad ending.