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The Metro Exodus game: in spite of the fact that it does not differ in the excessive depth of study of the open world, nevertheless, in fact it is more multi-layered than it might seem at first glance. These secrets - both simple and not so much - you can use both for a more comfortable survival in the Russian post-nuclear wasteland, and for a more in-depth study of the game world, so that you don’t miss anything interesting during the passage.

Secrets in the dialogues

Be sure to visit your comrades more often, and carefully watch them. Of course, you may be tempted to simply "beg" the plot, ignoring the little things, but it is the devil hiding in them, as they say. What's more, it's not at all difficult, considering that you will often have the opportunity to meet them between your raids. In addition, you can talk with them in those moments when Aurora is on the road. Walk around the composition, talk to the characters, sit down next to you, listen to what they are talking about. This is how you can get a huge amount of non-obvious information, starting with their dialogues and monologues about their concerns, and ending directly with useful information that you can apply directly in the process of passing the game.

Metro Exodus - songs in the car, the history of fellow travelers

In addition, do not forget that this game, with all its side features, is a shooter, and this genre is not famous for its particularly good disclosure of characters. This approach will allow you to understand what drives each of them!

Secrets right on your map

In the first half of the game you will have access to a very large open world, completely accessible for research. Unfortunately, the game almost never rewards you for heightened curiosity about the world: there are very few side quests here, and in general, there is nothing to do in the wastelands, unless you are a connoisseur of the atmosphere and aesthetics of this world. However, almost everything that may be of interest to you will be marked on the map! So you can find useful materials, upgrades, the weapon itself, or collectible items that better reveal the plot of the game and the setting. If you are lucky, you will stumble upon a mini-quest, which ultimately, again, will open the world better, or even give you a plus to karma, which, like in the last part (Last Light), also affects the ending games.

Secrets on the map Metro Exodus

Stealth is your all

Perhaps you do not care about the plot and you just strive to go through the game as soon as possible. Nevertheless, if you are still concerned about the outcome of your actions and the ending of the game, which of them should be directly, try to pass the game as covertly as possible where you can, and do not kill anyone if the game does not require it, because this can spoil Artem's karma! Not to mention the fact that in this way the game is generally easier to play, especially at high levels of difficulty, where resources are very scarce.

Stealth game play

Extinguish the light - because you learn to see in the dark

If you followed the advice above and decided to choose the tactics of covert passage, then make it a rule to always keep in the background if possible. This item also includes the redemption of any sources of light that you will encounter on the way, especially in levels with confined spaces, where you will literally crawl around your opponents in order not to kill them. A light sensor on your wristband is a great way to understand how safely you hid! In addition, quite early in the game you can find a night vision device, which will make the darkness your best friend and ally.

Passing in the dark with the use of night vision mode

Feel free to shoot if needed

Unlike previous games in the series, in Exodus the lack of ammo will be rare, especially at low levels of difficulty. And despite what is written in the previous paragraph, do not forget that your opponents will not only be people - for the most part, they will be monsters and mutants, who are just very worth stuffing with lead at the first opportunity!

Proper use of weapons in the game subway outcome)

Do not forget to loot, but only with the mind

Since in this game you almost always have the opportunity to change upgrades on your weapon, it would be highly advisable to search the bodies of defeated enemies, and each and everyone - at least you can get ammunition and materials for crafting, and sometimes even find an upgrade for weapons or get the weapon itself! However, do not forget that not all upgrades can be applied many times - some of them must be used wisely, using only on top weapons, or on something that you personally like very much. Until you find an upgrade somewhere again.

Search for ammo and upgrades

Breathe clean air ... if you find it

Many locations in Exodus, as in the previous parts of the series, are contaminated with either radiation or some other filth that makes the air unfit for free consumption. However, not all locations in the game are exactly like that. As you may know, the filters for gas masks here are the final resource, and, unfortunately, nothing will make you understand that the air in this particular place is clean. However, you can safely check it yourself, removing it for a few moments. If the character has not begun to choke - most likely, everything is in order! Thus you can save a lot of filters, which will be very useful to you closer to the end of the game. In addition, keep in mind that the signal on the clock lets you know that the filter will become unusable after about a minute. However, this minute is yours, and it is not at all necessary to throw it in the trash bin along with the "dead" filter - use them to the end, because this is also a saving!

Saving filters for gas mask, breathing fresh air

Do not forget about maintenance

Both your weapon and other equipment now have a margin of safety, and you can and should be carefully monitored for their condition if you do not want to get into trouble. Always be on the alert and put your inventory in order every time you visit a base or shelter - believe me, it is better to be vigilant and keep order than to be with a broken rifle in the middle of a mutant's den!

Maintenance of weapons and armor in the metro outcome

Bonus: the secrets of the open world

Despite the scarcity of filling these locations, there are still things that might interest you both in terms of additions to the plot, and direct benefits. Most of them are marked with corresponding purple numbers on the maps:

Bonus Secrets of the open world - mark on the map

  1. The key to the royal fish room — here you will find prisoners who can be rescued, and as a reward you will receive a key to enter the room on the floor below, where you will find a night vision device;
  2. Bear — One of the side quests of the Volga will be to request the child to find his plush toy. You can find it on the top of a round tower marked on the map;
  3. Guitar — Another side quest is the search for a guitar, which can be found in the tower, inside which local bandits live.

Secrets of the Metro Exodus - Map

  1. Slave Rescue Mission — a wrecked ship where you can save slaves who are held captive by slave traffickers. If you deal with them and free unfortunate slaves, this will help in one of the quests in the future;
  2. Another slave camp — here you need to find two toggle switches (one at each level) that will open the cages, and with this you will release the slaves, increasing your karma and influencing the further plot;

Family photo - you will find it in a secret bunker during the passage of the main task of finding cards, behind the slightly opened blue door near the table. There you will find mother Gul holding this photo in her hand. Give him to the girl, she will be grateful and will give you a flask in return, which you can then give to Kate.