Metro Exodus: Crashes - How to Fix


The game, which was waited by millions of users of Metro: Exodus, went on sale in February, having undergone since then several significant changes in terms of optimization due to patches and updates.

If the optimization of the game on computers, even those who barely reach the minimum required technical characteristics, is becoming more or less standard, users have finally decided on whether they can play comfortably on their machines or not, but with the departures from the Metro The end result is somewhat more complicated.

As in any other software, crashes at any stage of the game (at launch, at the time of the introductory video, during the gameplay itself) are largely related to the actions of the user himself and the compliance of the operating system used and the presence of the components necessary for the product to work.

And it is about departures in Metro: Exodus and will be discussed in the framework of this article.

How to Solve Problems with Departures

In fact, the time (stage) of leaving the game is not particularly important for solving the problem in question, since there are three main reasons for the occurrence of a similar situation:

  1. This is a mistake of the game itself, for example, “not-qualitatively assembled” repack;
  2. This is an error due to the lack of necessary components in the operating system;
  3. This is an error due to insufficient computer power.

Patches, which in many ways have corrected existing gaps with the optimization of the game on weak computers, have already come out, and most of the problems have been successfully solved (within reasonable limits). But if the “hardware” of the computer does not reach the required minimum, then it is simply inappropriate to try to launch such a (rather demanding game) as Metro: Exodus.

Therefore, if you are faced with departures, then first of all pay attention to the following points:

  1. The computer on which the game is launched must comply with the established requirements:

    If the "stuffing" of your computer does not reach the minimum figures, then the situation may be stalemate.

    As an option, pay attention to this article. Metro Exodus: how to improve performance in the game, where detailed information is presented on improving computer performance, to launch the Metro game under review: Exodus.

  2. Check your operating system (if possible, install Windows 10) for all important updates and make sure that you have all the latest device drivers installed. Particular attention should be paid to the video adapter.

    It will also be useful to check the integrity of Windows system components, for this:Metro Exodus: crashes how to fix?

    • Press the key combination "WIN + S", enter "cmd.exe" and select "Run as administrator;
    • In the opened command line console enter and execute the "sfc / scannow" command;
    • Wait for the scan result and follow the instructions of the utility.

    That is, you need to make sure that the operating system is working properly and that components such as MicrosoftVisual C ++ and DirectX are installed on computers and their versions are relevant. The presence of this software is especially important if the game crashes after the introductory video.

  3. Check if you have enough RAM to start Metro: Exodus. If the game you crashes on the initial screen saver, then this is almost a direct indication of the lack of adequate RAM.

    Try, at the time of launching the game, disable all third-party applications, especially browsers and antiviruses, and free up RAM for the game to the maximum.

    The best option here is to increase the RAM to the minimum required 8GB and increase the paging file.

  4. If the game was received not in a completely “legal way”, then try changing the author of the chosen “repack”, since it is likely that errors were made during the “assembly”.

    In addition, it would not be superfluous to try to reinstall the game, it is possible that the installation process was accompanied by any errors, and important components of the games were missed.


In general, as with all problems with crashes in games, causation, and, consequently, the solution of errors, is standardized.

If the reason is not in the computer, then in the game itself, but here you will need a deeper and more detailed study of the parameters used, or waiting for the release of updates / corrections from the developers.