Metro Exodus: how to improve performance in the game


All (or at least most) fans of computer games, one way or another, but are awaiting with great impatience gaming innovations, regardless of whether their computer pulls a “novelty” or not. And some continue to hope for a positive result, even under conditions where there are no prerequisites for this.

This happens with absolutely all the “loud novelties”, because what the hell to conceal, everyone wants to play at them.

In February 2019, the long-awaited continuation of the series of games in the Metro universe, called Metro Exodus, was released, which received unequivocal criticism, but was warmly received by fans.

From the first days of the release, search engines simply “threw” questions about the possibility of increasing productivity, since optimization, quite expectedly, let us down.

With the latest patches from the developers, things went much better, but there are still questions that will be discussed in this article.

Should I run games on a weak PC

To begin with, it is worth noting that the whole topic under consideration relates not only to one specific game - “Metro: Exodus”, but in general to requests for productivity and attempts to run the game on a computer whose configuration is not intended for this.

The first question, perhaps the key one: “Is it worth it to try to run the game (with modern requirements) on the old computer? Does this even have the slightest sense? ”

Probably everyone will have their own answer. But my personal opinion, if no one goes against “You” (we are all adults here, despite the love of games), that an attempt to “redraw” a game in the desire to run it on a weak PC is at least a disrespect for the game itself. and developers.

Motivating it by the fact that there is no point in cutting off all the beauty of modern graphics, while indulging in the desire to somehow “run around with potato graphics”. Is not it better to see the passage in the "Youtube"? Yes, I agree, it"s all not that, but the “running” pixels across the screen are dubious pleasure.

It"s one thing when a PC-shechka with a sufficient configuration refuses to consistently issue fps due to poor optimization of the game itself, there is no need to reproach the desire to achieve the absence of friezes, the desire is absolutely logical and reasonable.

But, this is purely my opinion, not forced upon anyone, it is voiced solely in order to understand why the further narration is carried out in such a format and with such recommendations.

How and with what help improve performance

As previously announced, the issue addressed in this article should be divided into two variations:

  1. This is an insufficient optimization of the game itself;
  2. This is a weak computer + desire to somehow launch the “Metro: Exodus”.

And taking into account this division, we will continue the search for solutions to the existing issues.

Bad game optimization

You should start with the system requirements, compliance with which is desirable for a comfortable game in "Metro: Exodus":

Metro Exodus: how to improve performance in the game

As can be seen from these requirements, by the way officially confirmed, in order to sufficiently enjoy the game you will need, to put it mildly, a computer not from a cheap price category, which must be taken into account.

So, based on the available information received for 2 full months from the date of the game’s release and from the currently released patches, we can offer the following recommendations for improving the performance of the Metro: Exodus game:

p/s advice standards and can not guarantee a significant increase in performance, since the unknown "stuffing" of each computer and OS

  1. If you do not have a solid-state drive (SSD), then purchase it by installing Windows 10 and the game itself on it.

    The game requires a significant number of paging files for itself, the speed indicators of which cannot always be satisfied with a bundle of RAM + HDD, especially if the volume of the first one is not enough for all background tasks.

  2. Based on the first point - it is required to turn off all background processes to the maximum and, in principle, try to avoid opening applications when starting the game.
  3. Use the “CCleaner” program to bring the operating system into an “acceptable view”.

    Make sure that free disk space is at an acceptable level.

  4. Scan the operating system for integrity using the command line console opened with administrator rights and the sfc / scannow utility.
  5. Check the relevance of the drivers, paying attention not only to those devices that are actually related to the gameplay (motherboard, processor, video card, etc.), but also to other devices. Keep in mind that the presence of errors in the drivers can create an additional load, and sometimes creates a "domino effect."
  6. You can try to use the following graphics settings, as well as experiment with other values, bringing the image and fps in an acceptable form.

How much it will help you depends directly on your computer.

There is nothing new and supercomplex in the implementation of these recommendations. Moreover, such checks should be carried out on an ongoing basis in order to maintain the purity and integrity of the operating system.

Weak computer

This is perhaps the most interesting part, since many owners of already outdated computers perceive criticism of their attempts to launch Metro: Exodus rather negatively.

It should be noted that the system requirements for games are taken "not out of thin air", but are calculated on the basis of practical tests. And the minimum necessary configuration for a computer (shown above) should provide minimal comfort from passing the game, without loss! (I emphasize) impressions of the quality of the product.

I agree with many that the feature of the Metro gaming universe is not in the graphic component, but in a certain post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Of course, you can enjoy the atmosphere, run and shoot even with “rectangular graphics”, but can you appreciate the game only on the basis of the minimum functional set? Definitely not!

But still, if you decide on a similar adventure, pay attention to the following points:

  1. In the folder C:\ Users\YOURPC\ SavedGames\ Metroexodus\ find the file "user.cfg" and open it with Notepad or with the text editor NoteePad ++;
  2. Pay attention to the following lines:
    • «r_enum_ssaa» - smoothing parameters - experiment with values, you can remove up to 0;
    • «r_blur_level» and «r_game_mblur_scale»- blur - set to 0;
    • «r_exposure_hdr» - 0 value to disable HDR;
    • «r_dx11_tess» - value 0 to disable tessellation;
    • «r_foliage_hemi_ao 0» and «r_foliage_shadows 0» - disable shadows.
  3. Save the changes and set the file properties to read-only attribute.

That is, summarizing the above, you need to maximally “degrade” the graphic component, also applying the optimization for the operating system itself.


And finally, many gamers expect a global patch to optimize the game for weak computers, and I must say that the wait is justified, given the "HYIP" and the popularity of "Metro: Exodus" in Russia and the CIS.