The Taiga - Metro Exodus Walkthrough


Any accident is bad. The collapse of the train is just a disaster ... But there is no time to panic. With the support of a local resident Olga, you must save Alyosha at any cost before it is too late!

Pioneers! Back to the childhood

You have been robbed! Well, we set off to the adventures of naked (well, almost.) First of all, we will replace the stolen weapon. Right at the entrance to the village - a statue, on it - a crossbow. Grab it, then wrap to the right and look into the house. There is a postcard on the broken closet in the room. After that, go back to the gate, and go through them. Hardly make a step - heard a strange sound? Turn around again - on the support will be pinned by an arrow note.

Pioneers! Back to the childhood? Statue of the pioneers in Metro Exodus

Go to the sign, go left. See the man on the pole? You can not save him, he will not give you anything, you will not receive karma either. Is that a pair of arrows for a crossbow.

Rescue a man on a pole

Also to your right will be the building, there is a letter on the table, take it. After that, having made a decision regarding the attached one, go to the signpost - to the camp.

Pass through the tree trunk through a ravine

Local "pioneers" will stop you in front of the bridge, strongly recommending that you do not go any further, and also mentioned a recently captured stranger - our comrade Alesha. Nobody will attack you here. Your goal is a library; inside the window is the body, to the left of it is a postcard on the cabinet. Taking it, go down to the basement - there is a night vision device. After that, you can go to the "pioneers".

Crossing the bridge

It is not recommended to arrange a massacre in the camp, ideally try to wait for the night and pass secretly. See the tower in the depths? You go there, because there is a cable on which you will go down to the next goal. The optimal path lies on the west side of the camp. There are two "pioneers." As soon as their dialogue ends, they will move away from each other. That's when they can finish off quietly, and then get into the camp.

Advice on how to go quietly through the camp of pioneers

Go into the house near the reservoir and take a piece of paper with children's scribbles there. Do not forget the secrecy! Now go to the tower. It is better to choose a workaround on the roof, namely the rope ladder in the east wing. It is guarded by a single pioneer - cut it down or wait until it leaves, and then climb up. When you get, pick up the sacred oath from the box.

A house near the reservoir and a piece of paper with children`s scribbles

Siberian forests

Once outside the camp, you can immediately see the confrontation of a huge bear and several wolves. You'd better not fight them, so move carefully. Go forward along the path - somewhere on the left there will be a tree house. You there.

Siberian Forests in Metro Exodus

Climbing inside, look under your feet - there is a diary on the box. By the way, in this lair you can have an overnight stay! It is better to do so, and in the morning walk to the nearest cable. He leads to a place where a certain alchemist lives, and not very friendly. Understand with him (do not kill if you do not want bad karma) and take another diary from his box. Also on the wall - a revolver, but not simple, but superior!

The path to the place where the alchemist lives

Wow! The protagonist was captured between the hammer and the anvil. Listen to the conversation of "pirates" with "pioneers." It seems that one of them managed to find your backpack! What a luck. However, this peaceful conversation will soon be interrupted by a giant bear, who suddenly decided to make a massacre here, after which he calmly leaves, and Artyom will be able to get out of the trap.

Giant bear in the Metro outcome - Artem falls into the trap

After this, climb up the rope ladder to the next tree house; inside - resources, collect them, then use the cable to move to the rocks, namely - to the very boastful thief who appropriated your backpack. Take it, then go to the side of the camp. By the way, now you can again modify your gear!

The path to the boastful thief that appropriated our backpack

Children's camp

Not far from the camp, hide in the trees - a squad of patrolmen will pass by, there is no point in fighting them, especially if you want positive karma.

Children"s camp in the metro exodus

Next you need to enter the camp. You can go straight there and make a massacre (if you do not care about karma), you can try to portray Tarzan and climb trees and cables, but if you want to be very simple, then go to the corner before the camp and go to the farmer’s house. Inside, by the way, a letter. Go around the building on the left and walk along the cliff to the cave entrance.

Proper passage of the children s camp for good karma in the subway outcome

Carefully, there are stretch marks here! The rest of the place is calm, so go quietly to the fire. There pick up the Molotov cocktail and upgrade for your crossbow. Follow the tunnel, neutralize the stretch near the floor and get to the "room" with a fire. Take the incendiary bottle and modifications for your crossbow. Now it's time to take a nap - you need to wait for the night for the perfect stealth passing.

Passing the campfire and finding the Molotov cocktail and upgrade for the crossbow

As you get out, go right through the bushes to the one-story house. Inside there is a letter on the kitchen table - take it. Then go back. See a bunch of people? Discuss what to do with you and your friend, by the way. The attention of everyone in the camp is riveted to this advice, so no one will look out for you especially, you can pass here completely without a fight. Go around them on the right and climb a ladder up a tree, into the house ..

The path to the one-story house, a discussion of what to do with Artem and his friend

Across the bridge, go to the neighboring house. Inside - time, but he will not notice you if it is night. You can risk and crawl by, you can cut it down - the choice is yours.

The house across the bridge with the sentry in the subway outcome

Next, go to the cable. With his help - down, after which, as soon as the sentinel is away, climb into the house.

Downhill with a cable

In principle, they can safely get around, if not hesitate. Use the cable to climb it to the rocks. If by this moment you have not killed anyone here, you will get positive karma!

Rope down to the rocks

Gangster camp

Get to the nearest fork. The path to the right lies to the cave, where there is a couple of utility. Right at the entrance to the left on the locker you will find the Molotov cocktail, and next to the drawer is a letter. Better go quietly so that you are not heard - the enemy is very close.

Gangster camp - Metro Exodus

At some point, a corpse will collapse on you - do not be afraid, nothing will happen, it does not bite.

Passage of metro exodus - Taiga

Go forward, and at some point you will see another body on the floor. Near it you can pick up a note. Rise to the bandit camp above.

Note, the way to the bandits camp at the top

Wow! Indoors, adversaries torment the poor pioneer. There is an option for the sake of karma to help the poor thing, but this is not necessary. In the house opposite - a postcard, but you will take it a little later. A little to the east - another house, as you get close, there comes out a gangster. Understand him and go on (there is nothing in the house.)

A house where a pioneer is tortured - need help for good karma

Go along the ridge to the right to the shore. Here it is necessary to go down and go along the right road to the boats - there you will find a diary and a gangster on the table who could have been freed before. Now for the postcard.

Search for the diary of the bandit, the path for the postcard

Go back to the very same fork and go to the temple. As you climb, turn left to the abode of hunters. Once at the gate in front of the church, go right and down - there will be another way inside the gangster camp. Go along the stones to the left until you reach that very house. There is only one person in the room with a postcard, so take care of it, take the loot and get out of there before you are spotted.

The path to the temple through the abode of hunters

Temple of god

Once again at the gate, pay attention to the body on the right - next to it lies a note and a couple of Molotov cocktails.

Temple of God in the subway Exodus

At the cemetery in front of the church a lot of useful things, it makes sense to collect all this before you stick inside (this is important, then there will be no chance.) Finished? Say hello to a shaggy friend!

The search for a set of useful to improve Artem

Oddly enough, you can not fight with him if you do not want. As soon as the initial cutscene is completed, make a dash to the rope and cut, and then rush to the rope ladder and climb on it. With luck, you won't even get damage!

Bear in the subway outcome

You can, however, kill the monster, but it is not so easy to do this.

Subway passage options

Anyway, once on the upper level of the temple, use a fuel can to turn on the power generator and turn on the lights. Near the wall there is a workbench, by the way - do not forget to use it, then go outside.

Using fuel cans to turn on a power generator

Here you will meet the same girl named Olga. It turns out that your partner Alyosha is waiting at the dam! To get to it, you will need a boat. Pirate boat! However, to get it is not so difficult, and now you will learn how to do it.

Olga in the Metro Exodus

Pirate camp. Yarr!

Head to the graves. From there, go left - in the gazebo on the horizon you will find a note and an improved magazine for your weapon. By the way, here you can relax. Better wait for the night!

Pirate camp. Yarr!

In the camp of the pirates, of course, it is better not to go straight. Carefully bypass it on the left side until you reach the pier. See the boat? While wait to float away.

The right way to complete the quest Pirates Camp

Look around, there are enough sentries around. Either bypass them or chop them for reliability.

Passage of sentries in the mission of the pirate camp

Once in the boat, swim to the east of the camp. Wait until the guards leave, and then get out.

Boat ride east to camp

Your goal is the second level of the building closest to you. If it's night, then just gently sneak in there. Quietly knock everyone out here - it will be easier to get out of the camp.

The goal is the second level of construction. At night, you can quietly get there

Do not forget to take a note on the first floor table. That's all - you can float away!

Launch on the first floor of the building


Now your goal is a sawmill. Swim to the statue and get out. Go to the barn. Huge shrimps will meet you on the way - shoot them in “heads” and dodge spits.

Sawmill in Metro ExodusPassage of the mission Sawmill in the Metro

It is better to stay away from water, otherwise they will attack you. There are also dangerous bushes from the first location here - you know what to do with them. Just do not approach them!

In the barn turn on the generator and go to the main building, but quickly, and then you will be attacked. In the distant part of the sawmill on the wall is a remote control, turn on the light in the room with it.

Turn on the generator in the main building

Now the elevator at the other end of the building is working - use to get to the desired floor. Drop the door and meet a local traveler. Fortunately, he is not exuberant.

Elevator lift at the other end of the building

On the wall is a postcard, grab it, then cut the rope and climb the rope ladder to the very top.

Postcard on the wall, climbing the rope ladder


See the tunnel? A familiar shaggy who goes there? So, you there too. Use the cable and get down.

Dam - Metro Exodus

Once under the ground, be careful. Neither a night vision device nor a flashlight work here, and there are many spiders familiar to you from previous levels. Don't even try to fight them, just run ahead.

The correct passage - the dam

Do not stay anywhere, you will not find useful things here. Run to the dead end, from there - to the right, at the door. Rise upward, from there - into the corridor, and again run to the next stairs to the right.

Using lighters in the metro exodus

Here the door does not open, so climb through the cables into the next room. There are a lot of spiders, so run to the stairs in the center of the room, and from there to the gate - there they will leave you alone. Here is the canister you need - take it and go back down. From there - to the closet, which lights the mushroom.

Fuel canister in the closet

Use the canister on the generator. Let there be light! Go back to the gate and use the lever. Outside the gate on the floor - the body, next to him - a letter, grab. To the left of the stairs, by the way, there is another workbench - use it properly.

Refueling generator fuel

There will be no more enemies here, get out quietly. Alyosha is waiting for you on the surface.

Saving Alyosha in the metro outcome

While he chats, run down to the village. Go to the house number 34 (right), there you will find a letter (on the kitchen table), and on the wall in the next room - the last card in this location. Take everything and go back to Alyosha.

A letter on the kitchen table in the house number 34 and postcard

How bad things are! The bridge collapsed, the bear returned, and even our friend pissed him off with a twinkle - you will have to rake it all.

Return of the Bear

Most importantly - stay away from him, pouring bullets and throwing Molotov cocktails.

A huge bear in the subway outcome, advice on how to get

As a result, you look at the cutscene, finish off the monster, and your friend will save you by pulling off a cliff.

Beautiful cut-scene where our friend saves

If you, as recommended by this passage, did not kill anyone, then on this game part of the level is over. If not, there will be another uncomplicated exchange of fire with the pioneers.

The final part of the level in Metro Exodus

Reaching the train, you can exhale - Taiga is passed. But ahead of you are waiting for the dark news ...

The rise in the train - Taiga passed