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The Caspian Baron is one of the antagonist characters of the Metro: Exodus game. He is the leader of the criminal gang of oil workers, who are slave owners and criminal monopolists of the Caspian location. According to his philosophical convictions, Baron is, in his own words, a Nietzschean and Darwinist. Explains the motives of his actions with ideological motives.

Baron in the game: Metro Exodus

This man is a local dictator and tyrant without pity and compassion, and enjoys undivided power not only over the oilmen, but also over the cult of the Fire-worshipers. He is well aware of the fact that his subordinates are in essence keeping the entire desert region under control.

Despite the somewhat stereotypical image of the vicious, power-hungry kings, the Baron is by no means a petty tyrant. His approach to management led to the fact that his dictatorship was perceived by the majority of his subordinates as a matter of course. The reason for this personality cult is not only and not so much the fact that the Baron is the Voice of the Sacred Flame, but also the extraordinary political abilities of this person, because only thanks to his delicate schemes and intuition Baron manages to keep the desert from diving into the chaos of war between numerous gangs of wasteland . Among the gangsters there is a perception that if it were not for Baron, the entire Caspian would soon be plunged into chaos and would be gradually abandoned by people as a result. It dwells in the tower of oilmen, in fact, an improvised palace-residence for the local ruler, where all the amenities are in accordance with his preferences and interests.

Metro exodus Baron: Location. Harem Baron, options endings

Baron also has a counterpart. Whether he is his twin brother, or simply by an unusual coincidence of circumstances very similar to him is unclear. Nevertheless, he wears exactly the same clothes as the true Baron, and completely copies his habits. However, it does not play a significant role in the story of the game. You can find it in the eastern part of the location; he sits surrounded by mannequins in a small camp. If you talk to him, the twin will argue that he is the true Baron, and in the tower, on the contrary, the twin lives. However, if you try to knock him out with a butt strike, he immediately recognizes that he is in fact a double himself, and tells you that he is secretly working for Saul.

What happens if you kill the Baron

Despite the fact that the Baron has an extremely important role both in the plot of this chapter and in the Caspian wasteland as a whole, his killing will have virtually no effect on the ending of the game, or even the ending of the chapter itself. No matter how you decide to end up close to him and no matter how you talk to him, your behavior will not in any way affect the fate of Damir and Gul. Also, if you kill this character, the karma of the main character will remain unchanged, which can be interpreted as an ambiguous act. In principle, this is logical, since this antagonist is also not such a simple and unambiguous character. The only tangible consequences of this choice are the radio messages that you will receive on Aurora from this region in the future.

Conversation with Damir and Gul

If you decide to deal with an impostor, which you could read about above, then as soon as you reach his camp during the fulfillment of the storyline mission for the extraction of fuel, first talk to him. He will tell a lot of curious about his own life (it’s not clear whether this is true or fiction, and whether this story relates to a double or the real Baron), as well as his ambitious (and not so) plans for the future. He also tells Artem about the sacred flame and also some interesting incidents. After this, the decision about his future fate will be yours. He can be killed, cut down, or simply left alone - he will not try to resist, and his death in no visible way will not affect the further plot.

Collisions with the Baron in the game, location Baron

The first non-direct interaction with this character can be a meeting with Saul after researching the bunker on a tip from Gul, provided that you did NOT kill the one who attacked Artem with an ax on the roof of a two-story building at the beginning of the game.

After you leave the underground complex with your prey and get rid of the spiders, before getting into the car and returning to Aurora, get to the nearest crane and go to bed. When you wake up, you will see oilmen surrounding you. If you talk with their leader named Saul, he will tell you about Baron, and also offer to combine efforts to get rid of him. And now it is worth returning to the train.

Return to the train after talking about Baron

The second mention of the Baron that you may encounter is a collection item that can be found in the Ruins. When you get there and go to their territory, go to the truck. There is a high chair, and on it lies the very letter signed by the local authority. A curious reading, isn't it?

Finally, the final arch of the chapter is almost entirely devoted to this bald ruler of the Caspian Sea. Let us dwell on its passage in a little more detail, so as not to miss anything!

And so, you got a fuel extraction mission. Immediately after the cut-scene is over, you will have to repel the attack of local savages. Be careful, among them will be improved units with special armor and armed with machine guns - they need to be killed first. Do not let them close - it can turn into problems for you. Having settled with them, collect from them all the useful supplies, get into the car and drive to Damir and Gul. It seems that the meeting with the Baron is very close - there are no other obvious opponents left in the Caspian ...

Fuel Extraction Mission, Savage Attack

After reaching the tank, listen to your Asian comrades, then go to the cave. Here you can not kill anyone, go all in stealth mode. Go through the next zone in the same way, try not to kill anyone if you do not want to spoil the karma. When you reach the exit sign and find yourself outside, listen to Damir and let him speak. It is here that at some point you will receive an invitation from the Baron to visit his abode!

Do not forget to remove the weapon if you do not want to immediately arrange a slaughter (this will obviously lead to bad karma). When you go upstairs to the Baron’s lair, if you secretly send a savage who is mocking a slave, you will get a plus to karma.

Caspian Baron Harem

Judging by the decoration of this abode of debauchery, it is quite possible that this Asian dictator is a connoisseur of belly dancing! The number of girls around is truly amazing. However, we should not forget that the terrible truth is hidden behind the external charming beauty - they are all slaves of this tyrant. If you do not like this fact (which is quite understandable), you have the opportunity to raise your karma once more, if you decide on the way through the harem to save one of the girls, which at this moment is beaten by one of the oilmen. Since by default, a good is considered canonical, i.e. correct, we can assume that this is exactly what should be done if you want to play the game accordingly.

In the same case, if you decide to communicate with the Baron peacefully (which, due to the lack of good karma for such a choice, can be considered a negative act), then just ignore the outrages that are done here by the minions of the tyrant. When you cross the territory of the harem and find yourself in the lair of Baron, he will begin to read a penetrating monologue, which will show depth and some cliché (he is a villain!), But soon this scene will be interrupted, because from now on you will see Gul, who decided to help the main character . Be extremely careful during the final battle of the Caspian (and that is what it is). There will be both ordinary savages, and reinforced, which have already been written above. It is easiest to deal with him with the help of explosives, after which you can slowly finish off the remaining opponents. The battle will end with a meeting with Damir and another colorful cut-scene in which you will see the outcome of your actions.

Caspian Baron Harem

Chapter End Options

Regardless of what decisions you made in the course of the passage, it is important to bear in mind that Baron, in any case, will end up in a bad way. In fact, nothing depends on you at all on this issue, since Gul will declare a coup and a change of power in any scenario, and also declares the beginning of an uprising against the bandits in order to save and restore the freedom of their people.

However, what will become of Damir and how he will say goodbye to Gul depends on your actions. If you went along the “dark” path, that is, killed many local people and did not particularly save anyone, Damir will say that he cannot afford to leave his people to the mercy of fate, and therefore will not return with you to the train, and therefore the journey will not continue either, leaving the Order.

Chapter End Options

If, on the contrary, you received as good (or just as good as lucky) karma, that is, you did not kill slaves, and perhaps even saved them from trouble, then Damir, on the contrary, decides to entrust Gul with the fate of this region, and Aurora aboard with Artem and Anna, deciding to continue their journey and remain loyal to their friends and the Order of Sparta.

On this the plot line of the Baron is over, but there is one moment worthy of mention.

Caspian bugs and how to cope with them

By and large, in this location there are enough bugs, both minor and therefore only slightly annoying, as well as significant, which can make the game impassable. However, only one of them is the most common and consistently distinguished by many of those who pass the game. We are talking about a bug with Damir, when he, after meeting you in a cave, simply stands still and does not go anywhere. At the same time, you completely lose the opportunity to interact with it, and it is not possible to move it in any way. Accordingly, the game becomes impassable. What to do?

Caspian bugs and how to cope with them

The simplest solution in this case is to download an earlier save-file and go through the game again until that moment. Alas, nothing else can be done here. Judging by the information found in the game community, in the latest patches this moment was corrected by the developers, but it is still better to be safe, having survived once more in advance. Successes, and yes you pass nasty bugs on the way to Novosibirsk!