Metro Exodus: How to Kill a Bear | Tricks and Methods


The Master of the Forest is a huge mutated bear, terrorizing the area in the Taiga location. You will be lucky enough to meet him several times before you finally kill him completely, and in this article you can learn in advance about each of these meetings and the possibilities which you will have, as well as the optimal tactics that will lead to the victory over the monster.

Siberian Forest

The first encounter with this big man will happen in the taiga forest. At some point, as soon as you descend on a cable, you can see how a bear is played with several wolves - otherwise you will not name this process, the chances of animals are not too equal. There is no point in fighting him now, so it would be optimal to simply bypass him. Therefore, running along the road, and from there to the tree house.

Metro Exodus: How to Kill a Bear | Tricks and methods

The next similar meeting will occur in the same location, but a little later. When you are captured by over-age pirates, one of them will be drawn in front of his comrades, waving your backpack. It is at this moment that the bear will once again make itself known, it will put all unprofitable robbers and allow you to safely get out of the trap.

Captured by teenage pirates, bear attack

Abandoned Temple

The second meeting will happen right here, soon, as you get to the church. As soon as you search all around looking for useful things (cemetery, camps, houses), you can finally get inside. Do not forget to pick up all the Molotov cocktails that you find on the way - they will definitely be there, and they will definitely be useful to you if you decide to fight a bear this time. Well, either in any case come in handy when the game takes this decision for you a little later, not far from here.

Abandoned Temple in the game Metro Exodus

The meeting itself will be initiated at the moment when Artem will cut the rope at the entrance to the temple. After that, you will not be able to collect anything around, so, once again - do not forget to take care of the preparations in advance! And so, the Master of the Forest again decided to show himself. The decision how to deal with him is yours. You can either try to get away from there without engaging in a battle, or you can try to defeat the monster.

At the entrance to the temple we are met by the owner of the forest - the bear

If you decide to leave without a fight, then as soon as the entrance cutscene preceding the accountant is complete, and you get control again, throw yourself in the direction of the rope, cut it, and climb the rope ladder upstairs - there the monster will not reach you anymore disappointedly leave you. If you do everything quickly enough, then he will not even have time to hit you, and that would be the best thing to do if you want to complete the game as "purely."

If you decide to beat him this time - well, this option is also acceptable. Provided that you have accumulated enough Molotov cocktails, and there is also a good amount of rounds, just run to the monster all over the surrounding area, attacking it at any convenient opportunity. He is quite fat and it will take some time - it will not be easy, given that he beats completely according to his image, that is, it is very painful. Nevertheless, you can fight with him on equal terms, so dare and show the mutant what the real Sparta Raider is!

Battle with a bear in the game Metro Exodus

Using Molotov Cocktail in battle width Bear


The final battle with this woolly giant awaits you at the very end of the level, which is quite traditional for old school games. The very moment of the last meeting with him will be marked right before your eyes by sharply deteriorating weather and a gloomy atmosphere; In addition to everything, when you and Alyosha walk across the bridge, holding the way to another abandoned Orthodox church, the structure will suddenly collapse and you will fail miserably into a ravine. Unfortunately, your comrade will not help you with anything at all: he will try to set fire to a shaggy man, but even this act will only provoke him, which will result in even greater problems for you. And, of course, quite in accordance with the law of the genre, in the end you will fight the monster alone. Fortunately, for the last time.

Meeting with a flaming monster in the game Metro Exodus

By and large, the tactics of the battle here are not very different from the previous clash with the Master of the Forest - perhaps, there is much more room for maneuver, and this is a definite plus. There is only one golden rule: in no case do not approach the bear in the melee zone! Remember that with one stroke of his mighty paw he may not leave a wet place from you.

How to Kill a bear

By this time, you should have accumulated quite a lot of various weapons and ammunition, especially if you were passing the entire location “peacefully” and did not kill anyone throughout the taiga.

Hide behind the corners, choose the best places for shelter, and also move by rushes, while the monster will try to get rid of the protagonist. Shoot his giant figure of all that is, do not feel sorry for ammunition - it would be difficult to miss the mark here.

Giant bear attacks

A huge help here will also be provided by the Molotov cocktails mentioned earlier. If you didn’t spend it during the previous clash with the Boss, or didn’t fight it at all, using our recommendation (to get away in time) - now is the time!

Using Molotov cocktails in the cue ball with the Bear

When you dodge the bear’s jerks, scatter in advance, and remember that he is not too agile - by and large, it is not difficult to dodge him, the main thing is to adapt to his style of attack.

At some point, when you deal enough damage to it, the cutscene will begin with a subsequent QTE sequence (in other words, you will need to press certain buttons in time - you have already encountered this many times.) First, the bear will nail you to the ground. Then you will see how he desperately tries to kill you with a paw, but you are very lucky and he will fail. Suddenly, the earth will tremble - a collapse will happen, and the bear, along with cracked soil, will fall down a cliff. True, you will follow, but here your friend Alyosha will arrive in time and save you, and you will be able to knock out the eye with your knife with pleasure, sending it on a short but very colorful and cinematic flight off a cliff.

Victory over the main monster in the game

And thus, the monster finally finally defeated! You managed and deserve congratulations on this difficult victory!

Bear fallen