Metro Exodus Upgrades Weapons and Armor


Metro Exodus: brought the open world to the “corridor” life that we are used to in the past games of the series. Of course, in the game, largely inspired by Stalker, there simply cannot be a huge amount of caches, caches and other places where you can find something interesting or useful. In this article we will discuss just the latest, namely the improvements for equipment that you can find in the open locations of this game. In order not to miss such places (as well as those that are just worth visiting, both due to the circumstances of the plot, and simply because there is something curious there), it is strongly recommended to use binoculars as soon as you get it in the game. When viewing the area, you will hear a characteristic clicking sound as soon as you take into focus one of the potentially interesting places. If you use the zoom on such objects, in a moment they will be marked on your map, so you certainly will not forget about them in the future, even if you decide to do them later. Of course, it makes sense to carefully inspect the surrounding landscape whenever you find yourself on a hill, because in this way you will be able to cover the largest possible area with a minimum of effort.

However, if you do not wish to search for secrets yourself, below is a complete list of what and where can be found at each of the major levels of the game.

In total, the main character has three types of weapons, each of which has its own improvements. Modifications are also available for equipment, including:

  • Armlet;Wrist sleeves in metro exodus
  • Gas mask;Improvements for gas mask in Metro Exodus
  • Body armor;Improvements for body armor in Metro Exodus
  • Electronics.Electronics Improvements in Metro Exodus

Remember that despite the fact that in each of these slots you can find several different upgrades, you can equip only one mod in one slot without replacement.

Well, go ahead, search!

Winter Volga

Despite some monotony and discouragement of local landscapes, one should not be mistaken about the fullness of this area with the most diverse content: believe me, there is something to profit from. Moreover, useful upgrades here can be assembled almost immediately upon arrival, and having collected them all, you will get such a significant advantage for the initial part of the game that going through it will become fantastically comfortable. Try it yourself if you do not believe!

True, consider one thing: since the terrain here is very flooded and swampy, you often have to use a boat to move around the location. If you still decide to start collecting swag before passing the storyline of this zone, please note that various dangerous mutants live in the water, including a huge catfish, which can easily devour you. To avoid this, try being on board a wooden vessel, do not sail far from the coast. It is possible that you have to get away from underwater monsters on your own two feet!

And so, here is a list of what you can find in the first location. All these things are marked with purple numbers on the map in the list, so you can hardly get confused:

Map Metro Exodus: all improvements

  1. Improved Ammunition — they are in bags that can be easily found not far from prisoners, which, by the way, you can save;
  2. Upgrade AK — located in a small camp. If “Kalashnikov” you like, then the improvement is simply indispensable in the early stages of the game;
  3. Compass and telescopic sight — both can be found inside the distressed plane. Compass - a very necessary upgrade, which will greatly simplify the gameplay in the future, so do not forget to take it as soon as possible!
  4. Gas mask upgrade — located inside a hut filled with spiders; This mod increases the lifespan of your gas mask filters, which will be an invaluable help in the final chapters;
  5. Night-vision device— here you can find a night vision device. The keys you get after you complete the quest to kill the king-fish;
  6. Harness — At the gas station bandits live, and inside you can find a special plait for throwing weapons, which will increase the amount thereof, as well as explosives that you can carry for yourself;
  7. Another AK improvement — getting to it is not so easy. Jump on the boxes, and then through the beams, get to the stairs leading to the caches. In combination with the previous upgrade, the weapon will become truly deadly!
  8. Third AK improvement — здесь вы найдете оставшиеся несколько деталей, которые превратят ваше оружие в совершенное технологическое чудовище;
  9. Metal detector — located in a small house near the damaged crane. The house is locked, so sort out the lock and come in. The metal detector itself makes it possible to detect the resources around - a very useful thing;
  10. Improved battery — in fact, increases battery life. It is located in a large, locked building whose door opener facility is nearby.

Mount Yamantau

And so, you arrived at the (allegedly) refuge of the pre-war government of the Russian Federation, located under the mountain Yamantau. Since this part of the game is a familiar linear-corridor location, there is practically no scope for research, because here the world is not at all “open”. However, you can still make some profit here. After you escape from the captivity of cannibals, carefully examine each room in which you find yourself. Here you can profit from another AK, which lies on the table not far from the generator - which makes it possible to turn off the light in the surrounding premises. In addition, here you can find another night vision sight, which will help you if you missed a night vision device in the previous location. Finally, you will be entrusted with Gatling's gun case, however, you don’t have to look for it, because you will be given it for a fight with a mini-boss, and you can enjoy this legendary weapon right on the spot, without delay.


The Caspian territory is an open seabed, turned into a desert. You will want to visit Alyosha to get the flame for Tichy, and then complete the first mission to gain access to the car, which you can use to bypass the rest of the map. There are a lot of side things, so use binoculars regularly, because flat terrain means that you need to scan a lot of viewpoints to mark everything on the map.

Metro Exodus map where are the improvements

As in the case of the previous location, all the listed upgrades are marked with purple numbers on the map in accordance with their numbers in the list:

  1. Valve Assault Handle — on the roof of a two-story building almost at the very beginning of the level; it is there that a gangster attacks you, which you can either spare or release;
  2. Small Cylinder Shotgun — are still there, on the roof next to the ill-fated gangster, whose fate will be in your hands;
  3. Muffler and shotgun Ashot, to which he fits — You can find these little things in the canyon on the way to fulfill your very first task, namely in the old camp, which is located in the middle of this rocky terrain;
  4. Motion tracker and Gatling — weapons similar to what you got at the level of Yamantau, plus an extremely useful upgrade for the arm, which will make your life much easier in the future;
  5. Machine Gun “Bulldog” — in a sense, it is an improved AK; not a bad weapon for this stage of the game, so it’s definitely worth a look. It is taken from the corpses of opponents who attack the lighthouse; the corpses will have to create their own, of course;
  6. Night sight — again, if for some reason you have not yet found one of them, you can take it to the shelter. There you will find ammunition and a collection item, so that there is a sense to go in anyway. But be careful, it is dangerous here!
  7. Reinforced gas mask — located in a secret canyon guarded by oilmen. Kill them all, because otherwise the passage will not open, and then make your way through the canyon to the cave entrance. There will be a corpse, which protects this very useful improvement, which, quite possibly, will save Artem's life many times;
  8. Modification of the night vision device — is on a militarist refuge base. Make your way through the hordes of monsters to the uppermost floor, and this remarkable improvement will be the reward, which will make the visual effect of the NVD much more comfortable for your eyes!
  9. Improved flashlight — Be careful, this area is mined. Nevertheless, it is definitely necessary to go here, because the improvement will be for the flashlight, which, however, has a downside, namely increased energy consumption;
  10. Reinforced Helmet and Shotgun Ashot — You can find it in the zone of the collapsed ship slavers. The helmet will be almost in sight, on the way; the gun is located on the bridge of the ship, so getting to it can be somewhat problematic;
  11. Optical sight — if you have not picked it up in the first open location of the game, then this is your chance. You will find it on the crane, which in any case will be your goal during the passage of one of the tasks. You can take it from a sniper, which you will have to eliminate in the course of the mission, or rather, remove it from his body;
  12. Increased inventory capacity — located in a small cave deep in the rocks. There is nothing special to talk about it - you will be able to carry more than any useful pieces on yourself, which will undoubtedly simplify the passing of the game, especially the final level, where you will need a huge number of filters.

Siberian Taiga

By and large, that part of the game in which the open world is present in the full sense is ending in the Caspian. Starting from the taiga, then everything will be fairly linear and corridor - as many players are probably used to in the previous parts of the series. Nevertheless, there are also a couple of interesting pieces here - in particular, a crossbow, which you will be given along the way, and an improvement for it, as well as a revolver, which can be found on the wall in one of the huts. Unfortunately, there is nothing to explore here, so just be careful and look around, and then you absolutely do not miss anything.


The previous item (Siberian Taiga) is even more related to this location. By and large, you will not have the opportunity to explore this dead city, and therefore you should not be distracted - you will not find anything useful here anyway.