Metro Exodus: Additions - Two Colonels, Sam`s Story


Metro Outcome - a new game, the plot of which is dedicated to the next adventure of Artem. The hero could not forget one of the most crucial moments in his life - the destruction of Black's lair in the botanical garden. When Artyom sent rockets to the mutant "house", he heard someone's radio communications. Over time, confidence in the fact that the source of the signal was far outside of Moscow, only grew. Finally, Artyom, with the support of the remnants of the Order of “Sparta” and Melnik himself, travels far to the east, deep into the country destroyed by a nuclear explosion. Daredevils hope to find other survivors and perhaps a new home for themselves.

Metro Exodus: Additions - Two Colonels, Sam-s Story

The game was released in February 2019, but the company only a month later pleased the fans with the release of a large patch "Ranger Update". Having gained a good pace, they decided not to stop there and announced the release of two additions in the near future. Immediately obvious genuine care about fans of the franchise. Both DLCs allow you to look at the post-apocalyptic world through the eyes of different characters and introduce gamers to completely new stories, locations and even levels. About these additions, we will discuss further. Those who have not yet passed the "Exodus" to the end, we warn that spoilers will go on, so only you decide: whether to spoil your pleasure.

Additions to the game Metro Exodus

DLC "Two Colonels"

The company plans to release this additional content in the summer of 2019, that is, very soon. In the center of the plot is a new hero - Colonel Khlebnikov. Even before the people were forced to go underground, this man served in the OSKOM rapid reaction unit. Since most of the operations completed successfully, Khlebnikov was presented to the extraordinary rank of colonel. In the subway under the long-dead Novosibirsk Khlebnikov was imprisoned along with his son and a handful of the same survivors "lucky ones." However, the subway, which is significantly inferior to the Moscow one in terms of the length and number of stations, began to die gradually. In narrow tunnels, like an infection in a sick body, rot began to spread. Mutant raids became more frequent and people barely had time to fend off them. And the worst thing is that the reserves of Zelenka, which prolonged life and helped to fight radiation sickness, began to run low. The leaders of the Novosibirsk metro are in despair and are ready to go to extreme measures, which the inhabitants of the subway would hardly have approved.

DLC "Two Colonels"

DLC starts from the moment when Khlebnikov, after completing the next mission, plans to return to his son to celebrate the New Year underground together, but instead of a modest holiday, he will have a long journey. Taking Kirill Khlebnikov decides to urgently leave the dying subway. They are sent to the Control Center to get there a map on which safe zones are marked. Since then, both are listed as "missing", since neither Khlebnikov nor Cyril have returned. It is precisely in their tracks that a year later Melnik will pass after arriving in Novosibirsk on the Aurora.

In this DLC, developers will delight gamers with a new type of weapon - a deadly flamethrower, one name of which is already causing them to rub their palms nervously from anticipation.

DLC "Sam's Story"

According to the plans, this DLC will be released only in early 2020, but the developers assured that the wait will be worth it. In the center of the storyline, Sam is a former US Marine soldier, now a Sparta ranger and Miller's personal bodyguard. A brave warrior who has repeatedly proved in practice his courage and skill, always dreamed of returning home. The catastrophe found him in Moscow, but he was buried along with hundreds of other people, he did not leave hope that his family in the United States was able to survive. Having no opportunity to contact his family, cut off from his home, Sam began his struggle for survival, found new friends and comrades. He, along with Artem goes to the "Aurora" on a dangerous journey. Dark tunnels, regular clashes with mutants, the ability to die at any moment - all this overshadowed the thoughts about the house, which began to visit him less and less. When Sam realizes that the residents of the Moscow metro were not the only survivors in Russia, his hope is flaming up with a new force, because he has no idea how it all ended on another mainland. The American is making a desperate attempt to find an affordable way to get home. Well aware that there is no way back, Sam leaves the Aurora and his comrades behind to get to the port city, from which there is a direct route to the states.

DLC "Sam s Story"

DLC opens a new level of the game. Now gamers will be able to enjoy the "beautiful" views of Vladivostok, which buried a destructive tsunami under the rubble. Were there survivors here, because in this city there was no saving metro, as in Moscow or Novosibirsk. Sam is waiting for a long road full of dangers: he will pass through the destroyed areas and get to the remnants of the port facilities, which can either resurrect or bury his hope. Will Sam be able to get out of dead Vladivostok, or will the road be much more difficult than he thought? What end awaits the American, the developers have so far kept secret, but the intrigue only stirs interest in the supplement.