Top 15 - Best PS4 Sniper Games


Snipers are becoming more and more protagonists of console games, either in specific sagas such as Sniper Elite or Sniper Ghost Warrior, or in multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, in any way and the game that Be it, here we leave you the best sniper games for PS4:

1. Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 - one of the best sniper Game for PS 4

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It is established in Italy in 1943 while following the chronology of the previous Sniper Elite III we will handle the undercover expert sniper agent Kairl Fairburne, who is in charge of assassinating General Tobias Schmidt for attacking with a new weapon: an anti-ship missile guided by radio.

The fictional intelligence is improved in the game, so that when the players kill an enemy and use the rifle at sniper distance, an X-Ray search is activated, where the game camera will follow the bullet from the rifle to the Aim to show the body's paster being pierced by the bullet, such as organs and bones.

It was released in February 2017 designed by Rebellion Developments.

2. Sniper Elite III

Sniper Elite III - Action in World War II with a view from the telescopic sight

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It is the prequel game to Sniper Elite V2, making it the third game to be released in the Sniper Elite series. It contains missions where stealth is the base of each one, beyond the action and battle. It is set in World War II with a view from the telescopic sight of a precision rifle, where the protagonist learns of a weapon that is being made by German forces.

Launched in June 2014, developed by Rebellion Developments and published by 505 Games.

3. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 - Focused on a tactical game in the first person

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Focused on a tactical game in the first person, this being the third installment in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series, which the developer company believes is this its first major project in the series.

It is developed in the lands of Georgia where the protagonist must avoid a civil war in a populated area in eastern Europe, however, he manages personal stories that make the game return with a little humanity amid the bomb that is going to explode.

Developed by CI Games and released in April 2017 on all platforms.

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4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - A first-person shooter game which takes place

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A first-person shooter game which takes place in a technological future with advanced weaponry, where the suits possess superhuman abilities to each player such as super jumps, multiple abilities, special grenades, and climbing walls.

It manages three game modes, campaign, Exo survival and multiplayer, where the last one is divided into cooperative multiplayer, whatever the company provides, or competitive multiplayer, which is the most vicious where millions of people spend hours each year, and although Many games have wanted to imitate the latter, although no matter how similar the games look to Call of Duty, none has been able to overcome or match it.

The game was developed by Sledgehammer Games and High Moon Studios, published in November 2014. It belongs to the Call of Duty franchise, being the best-selling compared to all the others.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - one of the best Sniper Game

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This version is the 12th of the Call of Duty saga that takes place in the year 2065, 40 years after the events of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which shows a dystopian world where the human race has completely changed by technology and science. Supersoldiers have been created due to the advancement of military technology and humans often seem more like machines than humans, robotics plays a main role in this installment, they analyze how far they can have use of the technology before it turns against them.

The game was developed by Treyarch, Beenox, and Mercenary Technology and released by Activision in November 2015. For PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360, it was duplicated with only two game modes, multiplayer and zombies. While for PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC it was released in full.

And this was the last game in the Call of Duty saga to come out for the consoles of previous generations.

6. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts - Embody a sniper on very dangerous undercover missions, throughout Siberia

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Embody a sniper on very dangerous undercover missions, throughout Siberia, having to manage five different maps with various objectives that must be completed before leveling up or changing maps, where it is no longer an open world reality but more focused on tactics and replayability.

The specialty of the game is long-distance shooting handled with the sniper technique, where it is advisable to analyze the routes, know the right moment to make each shot and find the perfect place to execute it. Currently, it has a patch that improves thousands of aspects of the game and corrects all kinds of errors as explained by the owner company.

It was developed and distributed by CI Games in November 2019.

7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

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This game is the remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it is available as a package that includes the editions "Legacy", "Digital Deluxe" or "Legacy Pro" of Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, where physical versions are required to insert the Infinity Warfare disc to access the remastered version.

However, a standalone version was released in June 2017 for PlayStation 4, while for Xbox One and Microsoft they were released a month later. This version has the same plot as the original game where the player assumes missions to battle against a group in the Middle East, as well as with an ultra-nationalist group in Russia.

8. Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - A science-fiction universe where you play in the third person in an infiltration adventure

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A science-fiction universe where you play in the third person in an infiltration adventure focused on a cooperative mode of up to 4 players, with a slightly more futuristic approach than ever before seen on PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC.

It is set on the imaginary island of Auroa where Cole D. Walker rebels against his superiors belonging to the Ghost Recon group to organize his military group. Everything is against him and the only way to survive is to develop an ability to adapt and discover the plans found on the island. Published by Ubisoft in October 2019.

9. Hitman

Hitman - A third person stealth game

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The prologue is based on the prequel to the series, although the main game is made after the events in Hitman: Absolution. A third person stealth game where the majority of the objectives is to make a silent death and most of the cases are executed with a sniper.

It has an introductory package that works as a kind of tutorial towards the game. Where they will enter the mission of a double murder in a palace where each floor has different security and surveillance that we will have to manage.

Released in March 2016 by Square Enix.

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10. Fortnite

Fortnite - Deep Freeze Bundle

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Despite not having high-quality snipers, Fortnite handles snipers throughout the game's journey, where zombie survivors who are controlled by players cooperated online so that their fortresses are safe from zombie attacks, the which are trying to conquer the earth.

There is the Fortnite Battle Royale mode, up to 100 players participate where everyone fights each other until one is left alive, which would be the winner. It can be called a phenomenon worldwide due to the millions of downloads since its premiere, even increased even more with the arrival of Battle Royale, thanks to its dynamic, intense and simple gameplay, where its games are faster and the battles are usually more continuous.

It was announced in 2011, however, it was not until June 2017 that it came to light, while Battle Royale was published in September of the same year.

11. Call of Duty: War Zone

Call of Duty: War Zone - The Battle Royale that it features is very well designed with its game mechanics

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It is a completely free Battle Royale game, where you can fight in the artificial city of Verdansk, against 150 players online. This version can be accessed independently, or through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, making it the third game in the series to add Battle Royale mode.

The Battle Royale that it features is very well designed with its game mechanics while differentiating itself from other great Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG.

It has a new specialty giving players a second chance at life when they are attacked by the enemy and die, they are taken to a jail where the other players are similarly attacked by the enemy, in which they will have to fight 1 to 1 and whoever wins will be able to return to the battlefield.

Launched in March 2020, and developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software.

12. PlayerUnknown´s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown s Battlegrounds -An online battle video game where 100 players are thrown from an airplane onto an island

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An online battle video game where 100 players are thrown from an airplane onto an island and they choose the path or direction they want to search for weapons and equip themselves as much as they can and then go on to assassinate the other players while they take care of themselves. not be killed. The area of ​​the game becomes smaller as the minute passes, forcing the players to face each other.

It offers the multiplayer option and the games last no more than 30 minutes, where players earn money depending on the time they stayed alive, the number of murders they carried out or the damage they caused to others. The money is used to buy accessories for the characters and their weapons, you can also get other accessories purchased with real money that the player will have access to pay.

13. Battlefield V

Battlefield V - It has player stories based on the First and Second World Wars

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It has player stories based on the First and Second World Wars that are played in the first person, apart from the increase in its game modes and offers for the online part.

The developer bet very well on the new animation proposals, where he can go through windows, crawl, return grenades, roll and shoot in different positions, which makes it a more dynamic and realistic game, the idea of ​​this version is that the battle looks more real and one a race between players.

Launched in November 2018 by DICE and EA.

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14. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

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Developed with the new content of weapons, vehicles, and missions that improve the action in the game. Despite not being a complete sniper game, it has important missions where the use of sniper is completely necessary and makes online multiplayer missions more fun.

One of the open-world games with carefully managed aspects that makes them one of the best created, coming to impress visually with the graphics they have added for the new generation of consoles, together with a first-person perspective either standing or in the car making the point of view, not one, However also offers the third-person game mode that is what is customary in previous Grand Theft Auto.

Originally released in 2013 for PlayStation 3, while for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it was in November 2014, and for PC in April 2015.

15. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - It is a multiplayer open-world game

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It is responsible for accommodating all the flaws of the original, polishing, improving and fixing any detail that was out of line. Since they could not do it in Destiny despite all the updates that were taking out. However, the Destiny saga is characterized by being addictive at a dangerous level, where they achieved with this sequel that it is almost impossible to let go of control.

Continues the events of a year later, where a large number of massive aliens attack The Last City with giant forces. The guardians must acquire new powers, as they were stripped of them and forced to flee the towers, to face the Cabal leader and supreme commander, Dominus Ghaul, in battle while devising a plan to recover the Ultima City.

New weapons and abilities will be discovered and new heroes will be forged for the same goal, to defeat enemies. In this new version, they have expanded the maps and the numbers of scenarios where the story will unfold, without losing sight of the original scenarios.

It is a multiplayer open-world game, where the sniper plays a big role in annihilating enemies from a long distance.

This game is the only one in the series available for PC at the moment. It was released in September 2017 by Activision and developed by Bungie.

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