Best PS4 Games for 2 Players - Buyer's Guide


The gaming world often gets quite lonely. Playing against the computer gets boring and predictable. When playing on your PS4, multiplayer games are the way to have fun. Not only you get to interact and communicate with beings other than the electronics. You also have heaps of fun and end up enjoying them more –as opposed to sitting alone in front of the gaming screen.

There are so many upsides to playing multiplayer games on your PS4. They manage to boost your social connection with people and augment player association. Not to forget, it creates a willingness to be sporty and competitive. Having said that, it is quite tricky to find the best PS4 games for 2 r more in the market. Worry no further as we have consolidated the best-ranked multiplayer ps4 games for you to enjoy.

1. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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The best ranked multiplayer ps4 game is the cooperative cooking chaos by Overcooked 2. This game can run through online functionality. This allows you to get in touch even when they are far away. Overcooked 2 has numerous new recipes for you to serve and many new kitchen layouts. Overcooked 2 came with the addition of new critters and hurdled to try out. The most striking is the throwaway option, where you can throw the items to your counter player and switch between tasks.


  • Online functionality.
  • Switching tasks between two players.
  • Variety of challenges and layouts.


  • Introductory level is too easy.

2. Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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When you belong to a particular fandom, the multiplayer experience is genuinely worthwhile. Battlefront II gives quite the experience with its online competitive multiplayer modes. There are many player modes and a variety of aps to choose from. You can be whatever character you desire. You can level up gradually to win updates on your character and its powers. So, rage battles in a galaxy far far away, by simply finding your match in the chosen game mode and battle away.


  • Split-screen co-op is available.
  • New players and villains added.
  • The progression system is rewarding.


  • Some zones are devoid of player traffic.

3. Grand Turismo Sport

Grand Turismo Sport - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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If you are into E-sports and want a competitive multiplayer gaming experience, the Grand Turismo is worth the bet. Apart from its arcade game mode offline. You can also indulge in online racing battles with your friends. There are online racing events every 20 minutes. Hence, you don’t have to wait around for your turn. There are also many championships to look forward to. The PVP sport mode makes the engines sound sweeter with every turn of the car.


  • Online and offline gaming modes available.
  • Timely online challenges.
  • Sturdy online environment.


  • No offline progress
  • Lack of real-time tracks.

4. FIFA 18

FIFA 18  - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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FIFA 18 is an excellent game with commendable responsiveness. Its real-time motion technology, along with shadow and occlusion features, is outstanding. The graphics manage to blur the actual and virtual worlds. You can enjoy this game with your friends over the local multiplayer system. There are two offline modes. Squad battles let you manage teams, and Kick-off mode is the regular arcade-style football. Easily manage quick substitutions without disrupting the flow of your game. Enjoy the community-built squads and win at football.


  • Local multiplayer system
  • Variations in multiplayer.
  • Responsive gameplay.


  • Actions get predictable after playing for a while.
  • No online multiplayer mode.

5. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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When wanting to battle the DC heroes, that too in multiplayer, Injustice 2 had to make the cut. With extraordinary content and graphics. It lets you dive into a gripping storyline, apart from combatting to the day’s end. The multiverse daily challenges are great to play with your peers. It also allows gamers to acquire equipment and get power gains. Moreover, you can train and customize your avatars. This game is stocked with new environmental attacks and plays far better with its accentuated global speed.


  • No lags while playing online.
  • Bounce back super moves.
  • Smoother transitions.


  • Grim storyline.
  • Lacking tutorials.

6. Planet of The Apes: Last Frontier

Planet of The Apes: Last Frontier - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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Putting decision making to the test, and choosing sides, the planet of the apes is a challenging game to opt for. You can choose either side or try to make peace. It is equipped with multiple endings, so each decision you make can have an unexpected outcome. Around 1 to 4 players can play locally and decide together on how to survive through difficult times. You will experience the gameplay on both sides, be it apes or humans, morphed with unpredictable and nail-biting outcomes.


  • Gripping graphics and originality.
  • Strong narrative.
  • Quite challenging.


  • It cannot be played online.
  • Abrupt ending and harsh transitions.

7. Worms

Worms - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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Worms are full of strategies and cartoonish violence, wrapped in jokey gameplay. You can play the game locally with friends and compete in races. Whoever manages to clear off the challenge first, wins. The multiplayer system can be played online as well as locally. So, it's okay if your buds aren't there with you. It's packed with exciting weapons and deadly assaults. These can be made from scratch on the battlefield while you wait for your turn!


  • Multi-player system online and locally too.
  • Strategic gameplay.
  • Very challenging and gripping.


  • Bad AI, when playing in single mode.
  • Frustrating online play.

8. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - one of the best Games for 2 Players

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Built for multiplayer from the base up, borderland has attractive gameplay handcrafted for more than one player. Apart from its great storyline, you can now see your friends' progress and make choices between them. You can also view your friend's aims and missions they are currently on. Playing locally, as well as online, is incredibly easy. You can invite your friends or even the public to join you on a mission. Even 4 players can play at a single time.


  • Drop-in and drop out as pleased
  • Minimap update.
  • Accentuated inventory management.


  • Graphics can be better.
  • Split-screen can make viewing of faraway things difficult.

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the top rank ps4 games that are multiplayer worthy, you need to keep a keen eye on certain factors. These factors will aid your choice of investment. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Multiplayer, how many?

    Now it is all up to player preference. As some games can cater to two, and others can cater to 4 or more players. It all depends on the user requirements. More than two multiplayer systems are quite fun. And everyone can get a chance to compete. The experience may get a bit crowded, but who cares?

    When playing in multiplayer locally, see what you deem fit for the perfect gaming experience.

  2. Two types of multiplayer

    A great multiplayer game on PS4 is the one that supports both local and online interfaces. There are two types of multiplayer. The online server lets you get connected to your friends not physically present for you or even the general public. Local multiplayer gameplay is a fun way to spend some quality time with friends and family. So, choose the one that has both interfaces for you to enjoy.

  3. Say no to Lagging.

    When playing online or even local multiplayer, it can get heavy for the gaming servers. Especially in online mode, a lagging game will only destroy your game playing experience. Moreover, it also hinders your progress. Games that can withstand such speedy gameplay are the best ones. As these are the games, you truly get to enjoy it.

  4. Online/Offline.

    Games that do not let your progress if offline can be a huge bummer to your spirits. If you opt for a game with such advancements, make sure that it can save your progress. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time.

  5. Online waiting?

    The online multiplayer system allows you to play with the general public when your friends aren't around. But everyone will agree that it gets frustrating as well. As you have to wait for particular challenges or rounds to start. While the porter tries to search for matches. Opt for an online game that has minimum online waiting time to maximize your playing experience.

  6. Do graphics matter?

    Yes, and it’s a very stupid question, as graphics are the essence of any game on PS4. But how does it matter more in multiplayer games? Ps4 games that allow split screen are indeed a win-win situation. One screen, two friends, how joyful! But! Just imagine the graphics and focus not being right in this mode. Not only will it become tedious to spot faraway attacking objects. It will also lose your interest in the game.

  7. Controller battles

    Playing more than 2 players at a time is the. But sharing the same controller between two players isn’t. Many games offer multiplayer systems that require you to share your joystick with other players. It does build your communication skills but painstaking to those who don’t prefer shared control.


You are all set to enjoy the best ps4 games crafted for multiplayer systems. We have consolidated the rankings by researching them thoroughly. How we did it? A little sneak peek of it is present in the buyer's guide. Whatever game you opt for now, will be on your standards as at the end, it is up to the player preferences. We hope you enjoyed our buyer’s guide. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. And Good luck!

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