Top 10 PS4 Golf Games


Is there anything better than a day out on the green?

Of course, for those of us that can’t really afford a club membership or even clubs to start, that is definitely more of a dream than anything else.

Yet video games often step in when reality isn’t sufficient, and it is the same way with sports like golf.

For those of us that love the game and either can’t play it or can’t play it enough, the PlayStation 4 offers some amazingly engaging titles of both the traditional and new-age variety.

Whether you’re looking for something fun on the console or you want to see a new iteration on your favorite sport, we’ve found ten golf games on the PS4 that we think are better than all of the rest. Here are our top 10 PS4 golf games:

1. Everybody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf PS4 - one of the best Golf Games on PS 4

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Known as Hotshots Golf once upon a time, Everybody’s Golf continues that series’ award-winning style with a game that captures the magic and fun of golf but makes it accessible to everyone. While it’s not the most realistic golf game out there, Everybody’s Golf makes up for it by being the “Mario Kart” of golf games in that there is something for everyone here. And it’s always fun. Whether you are playing solo or against a friend, Everybody’s Golf can be as serious or as whimsical as you need it to be. We recommend playing it online and with others because it is such a different experience but, if you opt for a solo outing, you’ll quickly discover why this series has sold some 17 million copies since its first game which came out in 1997 for the original PlayStation. Charming, carefree, fun as heck, and one of the most solid and longrunning golf game franchises out there, Everybody’s Golf is ideal for serious golfers, gamers that enjoy a fun title, and families looking for something to do on a Friday night.

2. Everybody’s Golf VR

 Everybody’s Golf VR - one of the best Golf Games on PS 4

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When we were coming up with number one and number two, we knew that Everybody’s Golf was going to come in at the top. But we didn’t want to put the VR version there because we know how limited that format still is and we didn’t want to leave it out either. That’s why you’re finding it right here, at number 2. Probably the single-best VR golf game out there, Everybody’s Golf VR brings all of the fun of the regular series into the world of virtual reality with intuitive controls and compelling game mechanics. We admit, it can be somewhat strange doing all of this in VR but you get used to it after a while. The only real downside to this game is that VR isn’t totally common yet but, as its popularity grows, we expect more people will turn to games like this for a fun, interactive break from the world. While it does simulate things quite while, it is not punishing so don’t be turned off by the VR aspect because you worry that it is going to be a sim-heavy game. It’s really more about playing the game in a different way than anything else and all of the user-friendly features in the regular title make their way over to this VR port.

3. The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 - one of the best Golf Games on PS 4

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We love this game, and you will, too, especially if you like realistic simulation type games. The Golf Club 2019 is the official game of the PGA Tour and it shows. From beautiful, lush graphics to options galore, there’s really nothing left out in this game. You’ve got a character creator, the ability to participate in tournaments of varying levels, and a beautiful game engine that brings it all to life. What more could you want? If you’re searching for the perfect “traditional” golf game, you can’t do any better than this really.

4. Dangerous Golf

Dangerous Golf - one of the best Golf Games on PS 4

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Not everyone wants to play a realistic golf game. For those of us that not only don’t want realism but also don’t really want to play traditional golf at all, Dangerous Golf offers the craziest assortment of mini-golf courses we’ve ever seen put to silicon. It’s not for everyone, but its whimsy is sure to win people over. If Everybody’s Golf is the Mario Kart of this genre, this is the Mario Party, for sure.

5. The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 - one of the best Golf Games on PS 4

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The Golf Club series really started to get its water wings with the sequel and reached its heights with 2019. If you wear that game out and want to try something similar and in the same game series then The Golf Club 2 is a great alternative. You’ve got a career mode and all of the features you’d want in a sim just with graphics that are a little dated compared to its latest iteration. Like many sports games, this title suffer from the “different stats, same game” syndrome. The Golf Club 2 is easily one of the best golf games on the PS4 and we recommend it from that perspective but we warn that you might not find much to preference it over the newer title.

6. Party Golf

Party Golf - multiplayer-focused golf game

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Golf is more fun with friends, and Party Golf gets that right out of the gate. This multiplayer-focused golf game isn’t traditional and it definitely puts an emphasis on speed and keeping things moving. That said, it’s a guaranteed good time and we recommend it for your next big gaming social gathering. Aside from a party game, it’s also fun solo but the magic is that much greater when you’re with friends.

7. 100ft Robot Golf

100ft Robot Golf - Golf with Robots

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Golf but with mecha robots - what more can you say? As you can imagine, golfing in Gundam-esque mechas does change the character of the golf course somewhat. Aside from the strangeness of the concept, this is still a golf game and is great for someone that wants a break from the sim side of things or is looking for a great golf game for kids. While its zany nature might be a turnoff for gamers looking for something serious, it really is a fun and charming title at its core and perfect for the family or people who don’t traditionally play sports games.

8. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour 2019

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour 2019 - one of the best Golf Games on PS 4

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The game for people who love golf as a media property, Rory McIlroy’s series of games not only brings the simulation aspect to the forefront but also all of the known quantities from the Golf Channel and the PGA Tour. Truth be told, a lot of this will be lost on most gamers that aren’t avid golfers. For those of us that are, the effusion of golf information, simulation, culture, and beyond is just too much to pass up here. In all honesty, this and The Golf Club 2019 are two of the best when it comes to simulation but this one is probably more obscure for non-golf players. People who are really into hardcore stats and things like that will enjoy the Rory McIlroy series while those people who are just trying to find their way in the sport will be better suited for The Golf Club 2019. That’s because there is a little bit more handholding and explaining of things in that game than there is here.

9. Infinite Minigolf

Infinite Minigolf - fantastical minigolf game that bends the rules of the sport

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Another fantastical minigolf game that bends the rules of the sport as well as reality, Infinite Minigolf will surely provide you with nearly as many hours of multiplayer fun. A little off-kilter, this game is great for adults that want something quirky and different. The controls are easy enough and the game will suck you into its world quicker than you might expect.

10. PQube 3D Mini Golf

PQube 3D Mini Golf - one of the best Golf Games

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You’ve probably noticed that we love our minigolf games and you would be right. That’s because they are some of the zaniest out there and their creativity is a real boon for a sport that some people consider somewhat played out. What we enjoy most about this game is how creative the golf courses themselves are. You’ve got some pretty crazy ideas at work here and they all make the game somewhat more fun. It also makes it a heck of a challenge because you’re constantly having to adapt your playstyle to keep up with the shifts in courses.

Honorable Mentions:

ACA NeoGeo Neo Turf Masters

ACA NeoGeo Neo Turf Masters

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This is a classic title that has renewed life thanks to the virtual console and emulation across multiple systems. Originally debuting in 1996 on the NeoGeo, Neo Turf Masters is like a combination of a fighting game and a golf tournament. Players have their own special moves or techniques that you can unleash to help you on the green. It’s all done in an amazingly anime/manga style. We can’t honestly say it is a top 10 PS4 golf game given its age, but we can guarantee you that it is a must-play title if you’re a fan.

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