Best PS4 Hockey Games


Take a stick, a puck and put on your skates. It's time to play ice hockey, grass or skates. But you don't need any of these things to play table hockey. Actually, you don't need anything for any of them, it only requires a Playstation 4 to play some Hockey Game wherever and whenever you want.

Hockey games are a fun way to hang out in the purest arcade style. Drive your deck to move the disc in such a way that it bounces off the walls and you manage to put as many goals as you can on your opponent, you can face your friends or with the computer.

Today we present a list of the best Hockey Games for Playstation 4 and you can live the most real and cool experience of this sport on ice.

NHL 15

NHL 15 - one of the Best Hockey Games for PS4

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EA Sports Ice Hockey makes the leap to the next generation, and it does so with the release of a new physics engine for collisions (12 Player NHL Collision Physics) and other major improvements in player animation and hobby.

This EA series has always been characterized by solid gameplay, which is maintained in NHL 15. In addition, it is highly customizable. Camera angles can be modified, difficulty options can be retouched, and even the balance between simulation and arcade is adaptable to our tastes.

NHL 16

NHL 16 - one of the Best Hockey Games for PS4

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Delivery for 2016 of the well-known NHL 16 ice hockey franchise built on community input and offering new features through the most demanded game modes.

This time, there is a random selection option, which will allow you to play with other users when your colleagues are not connected. Besides from this, the structure of the mode remains more or less the same: you will have to create your own player and give instructions on the ice.

EA has added a new class system and for each match, you can decide what role you want your player to play in the team. You can be a sniper with deadly shots, a game maker with incredibly reliable passing skills.

NHL 17

NHL 17 - one of the Best Hockey Games for PS4

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This Hockey Game, is nothing less than the twenty-sixth installment of the long-running Electronic Arts franchise, developed in the Canadian studio, and which features The Russian St. Louis Blues player Vladimir Tarasenko. Like many other sports games in the company, it uses the Ignite graphics engine, improving aspects such as artificial intelligence, physics and collisions. It includes a system called EASHL by which it is possible to create and edit players, teams, game pavilions, etc.

Among its game modes stands out the Franchise mode, which allows the player to take the reins of an NHL team in all aspects: economic, coach and of course, play the matches of each season.

There is also the World Cup of Hockey mode, as it includes international selections from countries such as Canada, Russia, the United States, Finland or the Czech Republic, among others.

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Old Time Hockey

The Old Time Hockey video game offers the player to travel to the times of yesteryear, where players wore not helmets, but large afro-haired moustaches and hairs in games full of low blows, fights and verbal violence.

The appearance of the characters (mainly players, but also referees and the public) and stadiums is clearly retro, as if you had traveled 40 years into the past: that is, it is set in 70s hockey.

It has a story and cooperative mode, in which the program invites you to win each match to fatigue your opponents and thus gain a clear advantage to score goals. Or better! What if you injure them? Everything goes in these particular 70s game.

NHL 18

NHL 18 - one of the Best Hockey Games for PS4

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NHL 18 is the next installment in EA Sports' ice hockey simulation. The title introduces us to improved graphics, new online modes, an updated and much more complete franchise system and the introduction of those computers that have just arrived at the NHL.

Hockey and/or sports video game fans will undoubtedly enjoy the new features that NHL 18 brings us in addition to its many game modes.

In each match you will live different experiences, savoring the victory with little effort or having to end up going up a historic match that can be full of altercations in which you will be protagonist and responsible for the result in the fight.

The success of the gameplay lies not only in all the options of this Hockey Game, which is just the tip of the iceberg. We cannot forget about the movements of the players, being very well achieved and quite close to reality. If you also like cooperative video games where you spend hours and hours next to a friend, NHL 18 is a great choice for your catalog by increasing the variety when it comes to beating a friend in those healthy one-on-one pikes.

NHL 19

NHL 19 - one of the Best Hockey Games for PS4

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In this installment, EA Sports wanted this NHL 19 to be the hockey game for all possible players.

You choose the complication in control, the difficulty, the duration and then we throw ourselves on the ice to enjoy the Electronic Arts simulation. The hockey game is simple and accessible at first, with enough depth as more and more elements are added to the mix.

In fact, the best way to learn how to play it is to do the tutorials, next jump to 3 vs 3 mode with simplified rules and then dare with matches 5 vs. 5 complete.

Thus we will learn quickly to play this sports simulator, and we will end up enjoying the particularities of hockey as if we were natives of Ottawa, Moscovitas or Czechs.

These Hockey Games, are very complete titles and suitable for all audiences. Arcade or simulator. More demanding or more frantic and fun. Any option is possible as they adapt to the needs of all players who want to experience the proposals.

If you are tired of football and basketball and want sport among your video games a hockey game is the option that has it all.

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