The Best PS4 multiplayer Games to play in 2020


Are you searching for the best PS4 multiplayer games? You have landed on the right place. Because in this post, we are going to pen down the most popular PS4 Multiplayer games that are going to stay you engaged for weeks without losing interest.

Whether you are a fan of Sony or not, but you will have to believe it that, PS4 is Sony’s biggest achievement. This game console has earned the brand a huge reputation and helps the brand to stay ahead of the competitors.

Regardless of what you have right now in terms of a gaming console PS4 or upcoming PS4 Pro, you need to have an exceptional collection of games that you could play using your gaming console.

The good news is that, if you have not been using the PS4 gaming console before, and has no learning about the game collection of the same console, the collection of the first-party titles of this console are unrivaled. You get to play games such as Spider-man, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of Wars exclusively on the PlayStation 4. It’s yet to release titles such as Ghost of Tsushima and The last of US: 2 are also making rounds in the gaming community and gaming forums. You will also enjoy a whole host of wonderful third-party titles on the platform from AAA and indie developers.

The problem is, there are so many options out there to choose from. And it has become impossible for a newcomer to decide which one to go with for the time.

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

In this guide of best PS4 Multiplayer games, we are going to curate a list of top games; you would love to play right now.

1. GTA Online

GTA Online - one of the best multiplayer Game

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There are some areas in the GTA online what we do not like, and most of the gamers would also back us on this point. There are some aspects that should not be emulated in the game simply. As a whole, the game is damn fun and that's the reason this game has topped the gaming world for almost five years. It is a game filled with amusement, joy, and fun and gamers experience the same when roll hands on this fantastic game.

Although, at this point in time, when the gaming community has so many games, maybe better than GTA online, but there may be quite the grind ahead of you to compete with your friends, collisions and other fellows. This is the game that lets you compete and mess around in with friends, you will have quite a good time playing around this online game. There are so many exciting things and events you can get up to in this online game, such as inevitable bit of murder, and much more.

There more than one character in the game that you fall for. Trevor, the rampage killer whom you discover to be in all for us when roll hands in any Rockstar game- Franklin, the classic rag to rich with a street smart and able to pull off a bandana. And everyone's favorite Michael the troubled criminal with some family issue, to show-off the anger within himself induced by the troubled and dysfunctional family.

2. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 - game is going to blow you away with its brilliant features.

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This Rashawn’s produced game is going to blow you away with its brilliant features. Though the game is often celebrated for its single-player campaign, it got all the guts to be called a brilliant online multiplayer game.

In this game, players start off as agile soldiers, but after some time, they would be able to take a Titan down.

We recall the release of Titanfall 2 because there was an intense window right situation between Battlefield 1, the whichever version of Call of duty released that year (my memory is not working fine).

Though, the game could not impress a large range of gamers, at least not to the level its quality deserves. By all features and specs, it is still a solid game to play to this day.

It comes with an abundance of refinements over the first game, and it becomes hard to main the pace of the game, at least for a noob. But, that's the electrifying play of the game that makes it appealing. It is easy to pick up but difficult to master, and with the release of so many titans, it even becomes more competitive.

If the game has not been unfairly wedged between the two biggest games of the year in the release schedule, it could have performed better than this. The Titan Fall should not and cannot be considered an also-ran game. It is an incredible experience from the ground up, and it should be played by anyone who loves to play a first-person shooter game with an ambition, heart, and guts.

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3. Fortnite

Fortnite - one of most popular multiplayer game

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Fortnite has earned a huge name from the time of its release. It was released in 2017 and the game is loved by a mouth-watery number of people. It is a massive hit and it is not hard as to why.

The online free to play battle Royale PS4 game offers gamers an electrifying and enjoyable online gaming experience. The game has more than one aspect to mention, it's throwing in some building mechanism is the most popular aspect from its competitors.

The game has become pop culture, and there are solid reasons why it has become an instant hit. It is fun to play a game, fast-paced and comes with easy to grab features that everyone can love to play.

Its concept is easy to grasp, it has such easy to grip features that you would love to play for weeks.

Whether you play this game solo or with friends, you will see no match in this game is ever the same.

The learning curve of a new game is pretty steep; the same goes for this game. And when you are a novice to any game, the other players are ruthless to beginners. But once it clicks and you feel somewhat competent, you will start to learn why so many people love this game.

The quick thing to remember not for the Fortnite, but for every game, there is someone better than you.

It gets a constant content update, and users feel fresh every time they roll hands on it to play. It has been almost three years since its release; still, it gets the gamers eyeball and makes a good option to go with for best online PS4 multiplayer games.

So, let's your hands on this free to play a game alongside the last man stand mentality, this cartoonish shooter game is phenomenal and going to make you amazed with its performance and engaging level.

4. Rocket League

Rocket League - soccer and car combination into a high-speed sport

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This game offers a very specific gaming experience that a large number of gamers love to see in an online multiplayer PS4 game. The features are specific and you cannot really see in any other game.

If you have been dying to see some soccer and car combination into a high-speed sport, this is the game for you. The game allows you to join with seven other friends and make two teams and take each other in the highly electrifying automotive soccer-based competition.

The game also supports cross-platform, so even if one of your friends does not own a PS4 game device, you can roll hands on this game and enjoy for days and weeks.

When this cross-platform game was released, there were very few who could have predicted this game is going to be that strong even to this day.

It is a simple twist on football and racing, many think it is nothing just a neat distraction and for many it the combination has turned into a phenomenon. This is one of the most popular games not only on twitch but around the world. The idea of this game so deviously carried out that we wonder why not anyone tried it before Psyonix.

5. Overwatch

Overwatch has been one of the most played in the past decade

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Overwatch without a single shadow of doubt has been one of the most played, followed and favorite multiplayer online game that has come out in the past few years, or I would say, in the past decade. The game has become one of the top hits and has set the bar higher for other multiplayer games. The game has become that big hit that, the second installment of the series is expected to be better than this. And that has put an immense burden on the shoulder of its users.

These days you see FPS games offer team-based modes. The games such as Call of duty, Halo and counter strikes are great examples of team modes first-person shooter games. All players set off on equal footing in order to provide a test. But Blizzard took this concept to a whole new level with its Overwatch. It is a team-based hero shooter game where every player controls a character with unique capabilities.

The game follows the team-based game-play introduced by the Team Fortress 2. The concept is the same but here you see an advanced concept with heroes’ character that plays radically different from one another.

6. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3-one of the Best PS4 multiplayer Games

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Maybe you do not like playing looter-shooter games; many of us do not like it. If you like playing this genre of games, you cannot skip Borderlands 3 from being the uncontested kind of the genre.

Its previous installment was also a big hit on PS3; it explodes back with the third installment onto the scene this year. The latest version brings back more guns, new vault classes, and several cool ways for players to make this First Person Shooter adventure their own.

When it comes to cooperative games played online, this game stands out. This is a Gearbox top creation up to the data, packed with many goofy, appealing features that users love to see and play.

The game can be played a solo as well as a multiplier. The team induced the multiplayer features into the characters a long time back. They know the game becomes much more interesting when played with friends.

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7. Warframe

Warframe - Digital Extreme s fashionable robot ninja

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Who could have predicted that Digital Extreme's fashionable robot ninja lad look-alike game would be that big hit? The game stands heads and shoulder above the rest and become one of the best PS4 multiplayer games to the data.

The latest features into this game are just because of Digital extreme preserving that leads it from a rough diamond to something expansive and wonderful.

8. Minecraft

Minecraft - amaze the world with your creativity

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The Minecraft has become of the captivating games for children and adults alike. Though the graphics of the game do not fall right on the level of PS4 and becomes hard to lose track for hours while playing. The game is easy to play and master. Built houses together, or set them on fire. Built sky-rocketing buildings and amaze the world with your creativity.

Minecraft is a game full of adventures, creativity, and art. That's the game you can compose your own word, create own block and other stuff without going through a long process.

The game has seen new heights of success. It has seen 54 million copies worldwide and over 100 million people registered on the platform. The game has taken the third spot among the most popular game in the world.


Multiplayer games are really fun. For the PS4 users, there is a huge number of games to roll hands on. We cannot mention the name of all games there are available on the platform. Still, we tried to name the most famous and top-rated games available on the PS4 platform right now.

You can roll hands on these games, enjoy their limitless features, and spend quality time immersing you in the realm of online games.

With these games, not only your team up with a group of friends and contiguous but track down stunning beasts. You will also behold some of the most intense and highly rewarding battles.

If you find some other games should have been added replacing any above mentioned, feel free to mention the name, we are open to see suggestion and would happily add the name of the game.

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