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With the release of each new addition in the game "The Sims" there are many different visual additions. First of all, they concern the character creation editor. In it there are new types of clothes, make-up, etc. After all, the most favorite process of any player is the creation of a unique image of his character.

Changes in Editor

The imagination of developers, undoubtedly, pleases with the opportunities and unexpected accents. For example, with the release of the Supplement "The Sims 4: Vampires Game" it became possible to change the appearance of the transforming character, to work out his visual appearance: fangs, eyes after turning into a vampire, skin color, etc.

With the release of the add-on "The Sims 4: Get Famous", the framework for creating a character's face has become more extended, as players have the opportunity to add scars on the character's face, new hairstyles and much more.

Of course, this cannot but please the fans, but at the same time and drives them into the standard framework, as the game becomes deprived of the possibility of radically changing the game character. Yes, it is necessary to agree that you can work in the mode of detailed changes, but again it is available to perform only what is currently allowed by the creators of the game.

That is why more and more began to appear additional mods character editor, created by independent enthusiasts indifferent to this amazing game.

The Sims 4: Customization Persons Sim


Fans of the game, as in the previous parts, tried not to limit their capabilities to the standard images of characters, which is why many of them began to create their own personal additions to the game.

Going to various thematic blogs and YouTube channels of popular players, leading a report on the game and its creation, full of beautiful outfits and unusual appearance of their characters, in connection with which there is a logical question: "How to make your character more outstanding and not inferior in beauty"?

We offer You in this article to consider in more detail the question of changing the eyes of the character. As everyone knows, "eyes-a mirror of the soul", respectively, with them and you can start to modify your character, giving him a non-standard appearance, expressiveness, and most importantly – to give him some individuality and authenticity. And a huge role in this is played by the appearance of eyelashes!

The created eyes impress with their variety of 3D textures, colors, eyelashes and their appearance are ready to meet the requirements of even the highest critics. Simply choose your favorite mod and transform your character.


To create a unique image, you will need to download a certain set of tools called "mods". Since it is not included in the package of the usual game, it is worth noting that the developers do not welcome such a high-handed attitude to their development and warn users against rash steps and rash changes in the structure of the game.

For obvious reasons, references to certain resources will not be considered in this article. The necessary "mod" will need to find you yourself by downloading it from an Internet resource, the content of which you fully trust and are confident in the quality of the downloaded file.

Let's focus only on the name of one of the most famous mods- "Kijiko". It consists of several types of eyelashes, for men and women.

The file that will be received after downloading and unpacking the archive is an object in the format ".package", with which you will need to work in the future.

IMPORTANT! Downloading and installing various third-party modifications only you are responsible for the further performance of the game and the computer as a whole.

To install the mod will need to perform a few fairly simple steps, namely:

  • Open the "Mods" folder, which can be found at the following path "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\the Sims 4\Mods", where instead of "NAME" the name of your account is specified;

    Where to install mods for the Sims 4

  • Create an empty folder with the name "unpackedmod";
  • In the "Mods" folder, locate the "Resource.cfg" and open it with Notepad;
  • Insert the line "DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate" in the opened text and save the changes.

Insert the line (Directory Files unpacked mod autoupdate) in Resource.cfg file

After the implementation of these manipulations, you can run the game and check the quality of the mod.

It is worth noting that the game is able to recognize two levels of folders in this directory, which allows you to structure the files of mods, using several free developments. For example, you can create Mods\Creator and put the desired mod file there, but only taking into account the mentioned two levels.

It is worth noting that not all mods can be supported by the game. Since with the release of each new addition may be lost the ability to use the" old " fashion in the game. Therefore, in case of a failed installation, you must try again, but with a different addition.


After installing the mod in the character editor, new types of eyes become available. As a rule, they are at the bottom of the selected part of the body.

To use them, simply select the desired and they will appear on the face of the created character.

The Sims 4: Eyelashes Editor

Just like the standard they lend themselves to the possibility of editing in case you want to change: color, size, etc.

If the installed eyes have not been able to make the desired effect, you can modify them using another downloaded mod.

Using such opportunities in the game you can not only make the character individual, but also to repeat the image of an existing person, for example: a movie actor, a family member, etc.

And the most important advantage of such editors is that if it becomes boring to use a particular mod, it can be removed and downloaded in its place a new no less spectacular.

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