Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes | How to activate | How to use


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a rich game world that you definitely need to learn from beginning to end, not only for practical purposes. It harbors a lot of surprises and "easter eggs". An interesting plot, in which the player will carry out quests, travel, hunting, familiarity with the characters, shootings, robberies, drinking with his faithful comrades and all this in the vast large map maps. Of course, any gamer sometimes wants to cheat. Especially this idea is relevant if something does not work out the first time. Instead of hitting the prefix on the wall and pulling the wires from the meat, you can simply enter the desired key combination and the "casket opens." This is a good help in difficult situations, when the player is at a deadlock and does not know how to get out of it, so that the stalled plot will move forward and go further.

Red dead redemption 2 cheat codes

In any game there are specially created "holes" that are used by cheaters, not without pleasure. We will not go into a long discussion about how honest it is, but let's be honest with ourselves: cheats are useful and sometimes necessary. While some skeptics curse scornfully at the mention of the word "cheater", others are well aware that the codes are a great way to lose steam and have fun in the game. Only endless ammunition complete with super horse is worth. If it is diluted with a state of severe intoxication, the Wild West will not stand and shudder to the ground, and its population will be reduced by at least a couple of hundred people. Therefore, it is time to spend for you a small tour of cheat codes. We record, save, hold in memory or hang a reminder on the desktop and use it on occasion during the long journey to conquer the Wild West.

Where can I find cheat codes in the game RDR 2

Where are you hiding

Perhaps, let's start with the fact that Rockstar Games in all game series scatters cheats and surprises for players around the game worlds. This is such a nice addition that makes the toy even more fun. You can search for them, like buried treasures on a pirate island. Publishers are not deprived of attention and Red dead redemption 2. Here, too, there are legal cheats. As the game progresses, they will be gradually found by attentive players, who afterwards will share their findings with inattentive ones.

How to use cheats correctly

You can not spoil your holiday and try to find them yourself, but it will be long and troublesome. Is it worth spending so much time? All official codes can be divided into two large groups:

  • Available at any time of the game. To use them do not need to perform any specific actions.
  • Opening only under certain conditions or performing any action during the game process.

Cheats do not work during gameplay

By "action", developers mean buying and storing a specific issue of a newspaper. Yes, yes Rockstar Games organically entered the search codes in the gameplay. They encrypt their codes right in the headlines of local newspapers. To activate almost half of the cheats, you must have with you a specific issue of the newspaper, on the pages of which there is a key phrase. During the process of entering the code, it must necessarily lie among the player's inventory, otherwise nothing will work, and the cheat will remain under lock.

Purchase and storage of newspaper issues

How to enter Codes in Game

Suppose that a player is a complete novice, he has a list of necessary codes in his hands, but he does not know at all how to properly apply this data. In order to activate the cheats in the game, you need to pause and switch to the settings mode. This will help the magic button "Options". Now you need to click on Y (for the Xbox One console) or "triangle" (for the PS4 console). Before the gamer will open a special menu of cheat codes, which the developers have carefully added. Here it is possible and necessary to introduce those same legalized cheats: here "Easter eggs" appear in all their blocked beauty, but this is not for long. Now you need to once again click on the same "triangle" and enter the codes. The cheat input algorithm for PC players does not yet exist in nature, as they are still waiting for the PC version of the game, but they are already tired of gnawing their fingers (it will be faster to buy a console).

How to enter codes in the game RDR 2

The blocking is removed for a couple of touches, but the game will certainly give a serious and formidable warning that after activating the player will not be able to unlock the players and save their progress in the single-player campaign. To remove this restriction, the code just needs to be disabled. This can be done in a special cheat menu. Of course, you have to pay for everything and using cheats is a double-edged sword. Simply put, the player will not be able to move somewhere with the codes, but it’s very easy to get a hand on or just distract from the passing of the game. Activation is carried out only once, that is, after removing the lock again it is no longer necessary even after disconnecting. If after entering the cheat to save the game, the effects of the activated codes will remain after the restart. Let"s make a note: you can enter codes without capital letters, it does not matter when you type.

The player can not move anywhere along the storyline using codes

Basic cheats without conditions:

  • Raise Dead Eye to the third level - the key phrase «I shall be better».
  • Getting drunk is the key phrase «A fool on command». Perhaps this is the most original gaming cheat that allows you to make a grandiose brawl.
  • Raise Dead Eye to Level 5 - Keyword «I seek and I find».
  • Create a trailer - the key phrase «Keep your dreams simple».
  • Fill three scales at once: Apt eye, endurance and health - the key phrase «You flourish before you die».
  • Get silent weapons (tomahawks, machetes, throwing and poisoning knives) - the key phrase «Death is silence».
  • Open all recipes, instructions, formulas and become the most famous healer of the Wild West - the key phrase «Eatofknowledge»
  • Calling a horse whistling from any distance is the key phrase. «Better than my dog». It is useful for stray cowboys who do not remember where they parked before going into unfamiliar terrain.
  • Create a super-mount and carry it into the sunset - the key phrase «You want more than you have». Cheat is dangerous for impressionable players, as using a super-horse will clearly and vividly show you how much your own loses in comparison. Using a cheat is fraught with deep disappointment.
  • Create a light crew - the key phrase «Keep your dreams light». In the case when a wagon is urgently needed, and there is only a saddle and horse back.
  • Create a stagecoach - key phrase «The best of the old ways».
  • Create a racing horse - the key phrase «Run! Run! Run!»
  • Make Honor Rating Neutral - Keyword «Balance. All is balance». If you have damaged your reputation so that it can be pressed, the cheat will allow you to feel like an honest person again for a short time.
  • Unlock all costumes and open the season of endless shopping - the key phrase «Vanity. All is vanity».
  • Raising the ranking list and tasting all the delights of gangster life - the key phrase «You want punishment».
  • Lowering the wanted rating and feeling like a law-abiding citizen again - the key phrase «You want freedom».
  • Replenish your wallet with 500 conventional units - the key phrase «Greed is now a virtue».
  • Open all camp improvements - key phrase «Share».

List of available codes without additional conditions

Cheats that need fresh press

  • Infinite ammo / "Abundance is the dullest desire". To do this, you need to buy a local newspaper, “New Hannover. Release 27 ". During the first chapter, it is sold by Valentine. This is one of the coolest cheats. With it, you can destroy hundreds of characters, if you find yourself a good "bed" - a position where the player can not be removed.
  • Get a heavy weapon and start to create a complete mess with it (pump-action shotgun, "Mauser", bolt, semi-automatic pistol) / "Greed is American Virtue". We need a newspaper that a player will receive after completing the “Advertising, a new kind of American art” mission during the passage of the third chapter.
  • Pull up the bar of endurance, health and the Dead Eye to the maximum in the game / "You Seek More Than The World Offers". The newspaper will go on sale after the player completes the mission of the “Son of the King” during the passage of the sixth chapter.
  • Open the map (remove the "fog of war") / "You Long for Sight but See Nothing". The newspaper will go to all the stalls of the local "Rospechat" after Arthur completes the mission "Blood feud, ancient and modern" during the third chapter. Here you need to make a note: during the input the word "but" from the phrase must be thrown out. With him, cheat code does not count.
  • Instantly create a war horse / "You are a beast built for war". The release is published after the events in the epilogue of the game.
  • Create a circus trailer / "Would you be happier as a clown?" Access to the newspaper opens on the same conditions as for the release of the newspaper in the previous paragraph.
  • Increase honor rating / "Virtue Unearned is not virtue." Opens immediately after the successful end of the quest "City entertainment" in the fourth chapter.
  • Endless endurance, which makes you feel like an immortal highlander / "The lucky be strong evermore." It needs the forty-ninth edition of the Saint Denis Times "Carry light and truth from 1832."

List of cheats that require fresh press