Redania's Most Wanted The Witcher 3: the passage and consequences of choice


After Geralt completes the quest “Get Junior”, he chops off a whole horde of thugs and resolves the issue with Cyprian Wiley, at the exit from the manor in Oxenfurt we will be expected by the servants of King Rodovid. They will give us a message that the king wants to see us immediately, as he helped us with the question of eliminating yprian Wiley, now we need to repay him with the same coin and help in some difficult matter.

How to start the quest Redania's Most Wanted

As soon as we meet with Radovid, we learn that now we are required to search for the living and legendary magician Philip Elfart, who was deprived of her eyes in the past, thanks to the same unfortunate King Radovid. As soon as we accept his offer, we immediately get a side quest "Redania's Most Wanted".

Our quest begins near the cave and refuge of Philippa, where witch hunters will be waiting for us. These hunters will be very frightened by the events taking place inside the shelter, and the witcher, who decided to give them his help in such a difficult question, does not immediately recognize. All that was possible to do by these "untalented" was to find some strange object inside the shelter, which they would kindly give to Geralt. Now we are ready to go down to the shelter to resolve the issue with the assignment of King Radovid.

Passage of the task Redania's Most Wanted in the game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

As soon as we descend down the dungeon, it is necessary to activate the witch’s intuition, with the help of which we can right away find the blueprints for the witch's equipment, namely the drawing of the Cat's silver sword.

We can break the wall with the sign Aard.

How to start the quest the enemy of the people in the game The Witcher 3

After that, we need to go further, where we bump into the magic barrier, which does not allow us to go further. Here we also need the element that is not clear to the hunters, which they found in the shelter of Philippu. It must be inserted into a special connector, which is located to the right of the magic barrier.

How to see the asylum of Philippi

We pass further, and in front of us is drawn a balcony with two directions, each of which is completed by the portals that our gray-haired monster hunter loves so much. But only one of these portals is working, so you can save no time and immediately turn left at the fork.

The portal will take us to a new room, where we will need to activate witch's flair. With this skill, Geralt will find an owl feather on the floor of the room. There is nothing special, we go further. We appear on another balcony, from which the stairs lead down, where we will have to fight with a pair of Nekker. This is a very worthy opponent, as they attack the whole group, their blows are fast and are reflected very sensitively on the HP strip.

The enemy of the people - the battle with the NAKER in the shelter of Philippi

Next, we go down the stairs and stumble upon a non-activated crystal, with the help of which the portals are launched. He will be on a special attachment, and all of us, too, will need witness. Activation of this crystal is carried out using the witch's sign Aard, after which the gates to the portal will open, and we are transferred to the next room.

Options for action and their consequences

At that moment, as we will be teleported between the portals, we will meet a lost magician hunter, who is scared to death by various traps and monsters inhabiting the shelter. This fool decided that he could earn the respect and trust of King Radovid and single-handedly find and catch the main sorceress Philip. According to him, it is for this purpose that he broke out one of the crystals, which activates the portals we need. But in order to get the desired crystal, we will need to make one of the most important decisions of this storyline:

  • Use deception (works only if Aksy is pumped to the second level or higher) on the hunter. With this approach, the witcher will gain experience points, and there will be no need to fight this poor thing;
  • Apply the urge to the hunter and take our crystal from him. In this case, you have to beat the poor man.

An Enemy of the People — A Meeting with a Hunter in the Sanctuary of Philippi

In the room with the hunter, if you face the portal, then on the right there will be a chest in which we will find a love letter to Philip, written by a woman’s hand. We take our crystal from the hunter using any of the methods, activate the portal and move to the next room. This will be a balcony, to the right of which there will be a special holder for activation crystals. We insert into it our crystal, which was taken from the hunter. Then again we use the witch sign Aard to activate it.

How to activate the portal

This portal will take us to the room with the Nakers and one more non-working crystal: we interrupt all the Nakers and use the Aard sign to activate the portal. Now we will be transferred to a new room again, but there will be no crystal in it (we will be able to find the missing crystal if we go downstairs). There will be three poker that protect our desired crystal. We beat the Nekker, pick up the crystal, insert it into a special mount, activate it with the Aard sign.

This portal is the last one - it takes us to a huge hall, at the end of which will be the secret room of the wizard Philippe. But in this big hall the room of the sorceress is guarded by Ifrit, to kill whom the same witch sign Aard will help us. When using the sign, the flame of Ifrit will be extinguished, which will significantly simplify our task.

Enemy of the People - Ifrit in the Sorceress Shelter

After Ifrit is defeated, we need to carefully examine the shelter of the sorceress and look for at least some evidence. In this room we will find burned notes, a disinfecting drug, various surgical instruments, on which there will be traces of blood, indicating that relatively recently a surgical operation took place in this room. Also here we will be able to find the favorite jewelry of Philippi - Agatha. But the most important thing that Geralt should find in this room is a crystal from a megascope, which will be in relative proximity to the device itself.

Inspect the asylum of Philippi

Now Geralt decides that he has found plenty of evidence for the stay of the sorceress in this ill-fated hideout.

How to get out of the cave

Through all the same portals we return to the surface, where we are anxiously awaited by the witch-hunters who will extort at least some evidence from us that Geralt has managed to find in Philip's shelter.

To give the crystal to Philippa

And at this stage, we again have a choice, which will promise the corresponding consequences:

  • To give the crystal found from the megascope to the hunters. In this case, the witcher will avoid fighting with the hunters, but at the same time he will have nothing to give to King Radovid, since all the evidence found will be in his subordinates;
  • Say that searches were conducted in vain, and you did not find anything. In this case, the hunters will attack the witcher, and there will be a fight, but at the same time Gerald will keep the crystal;
  • To say that you have found a crystal, but you will not give it to the hunters. In such a situation there will also be a fight with hunters and the same consequences as in the second answer.

If the witcher saves the found crystal, then he will have the opportunity to give it to other characters of the game, but any choice will be accompanied by certain consequences.

Initially, this crystal can be shown to our friend Triss, who will be very surprised that the witcher decided to help King Radovid, who so unfairly dealt with all the sorcerers, in this matter. But at the same time, she will be able to extract the information we need from the crystal, which is in the dialogue between Margarita and Philippa. Here we have again the opportunity to choose actions:

  • Leave the crystal in my backpack, then show it to Yennefer or provide King Radovid as evidence;
  • To give the crystal to Triss, but in such a situation we will again have nothing to provide Radovid to receive our reward.

If we decide to show the crystal Jennifer, then it will also extract all the information from it, but at the same time keep it. If we decide to provide the crystal to Radovid, then this will be substantial evidence of Philip’s stay in that shelter. In this case, we get our reward, as well as an additional branch in the dialogue in the quest "Reason of State".

If the crystal is left with the sorceresses, then we still need to complete the quest and go to Radovid. We can get to his ship by talking to one of his guards, who is not far from the ship. Even despite all the evidence, Radovid will not pay us our reward, but the quest will acquire a valid status.

Video of the quest Redania's Most Wanted in the game The Witcher 3 "Wild Hunt"