Best PS4 Boxing Game


Sports video games have always set a standard in the community of sports gamers, so whether you're a fan or an actual boxer, you're absolutely going to like these Boxing Games.

That contact sport, in which two people fight using only their fists that are covered with a special glove. The goal of boxing is to hit the opponent the most times above the waist and inside the ring, knocking them out.

Video games consist in climbing into the virtual ring, train with the punching ball or participate in tournaments and fight for top rank. There are many varieties of Boxing Games, including arcade-style games, classic boxing, no gloves or crazy fighters. Also, these games honor boxing and its code of conduct.

Who hasn't feel like fighting a personal battle while wielding control of a video game? This has been the case for more than twenty years with games that have the world of boxing as the protagonist, below we present a list that suggests the best games for Playstation 4 in that sports category.

Creed: Rise of Glory

Creed: Rise of Glory - best game for fan Rocky Balboa

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Are you a big fan of the great Rocky Balboa? Well, we're telling you, he's back in the video games with this installment of Creed: Rise to Glory.

This is the first version of the franchise that dabbles into the territory of virtual reality, putting us in the shoes of Adonis Creed, disciple of the mythical character played by Sylvester Stallone and son of his biggest quadrilateral rival Apollo Creed. Feel how you're getting stronger and defeat the most imposing opponents in boxing's most iconic rings.

This Boxing Game tests both the mind and body as you win fights to become the new champion of the competitive Creed: Rise to Glory.

It features the special "Phantom Melee Technology" that offers a real sense of movement in combat with "sensitive control" and "virtual energy", so that every turn and every stroke is immersive.

Experience virtual reality melee combat that perfectly mimics the real blows thrown into the ring. With each hit, your body and avatar separate, but you can return to the game by aligning yourself with the body's fighting posture or getting back into your character.

Pato Box

Pato Box - one of the Best PS4 Boxing Game

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Pato Box is a boxing and exploration combat video game developed by a Mexican indie studio, inspired by Punch-Out!! It’s starred by a man who is characterized by having a duck's head.

The game is based on an undisputed champion of many clashes, who one day is defeated after being drugged by nothing less than the members of Deathflock, the society that raised and trained him. And there begins Pato Box with its story of betrayal and revenge with punches in every corner capable of testing the player's reflexes with each boss, and a black-and-white aesthetic typical of a graphic novel that adds the perfect drama and suspense.

The story unfolds very differently from what we are used to see, it is not the typical sequence of betrayal and revenge. In this title you will be able to enjoy puzzles, action, fights and lots of action.

After its release the indie immediately placed on the list of the most outstanding titles in digital format of PS Store and from now on players who want to give it a try can do so at a comfortable price.

So those players who miss the unbridled and crazy classic clashes of the Punch-Out saga!! They can be detachable with this proposal that, although it is not exactly the same, stands out precisely for capturing excellent boxing matches in arcade plan.

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Knockout League

Knockout League - It is an arcade style game created from the ground up for virtual reality

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It is an arcade style game created from the ground up for virtual reality devices developed by Grab Games. With this technology, the proposal offers an intuitive game mode where you can move, dodge and hit as you like without relying on a few buttons. All completed by a fun cast of characters.

You may have heard the expression "getting in the ring" many times, as it has never been as literal as in this Knockout League. So get ready, the fight is going to be very moving, challenging and crazy.

In the main mode, you'll have to face 9 opponents of the most peculiar, increasingly difficult, in fights that are almost puzzles instead of a fight.

Knockout League relies on studying opponents' attack patterns, to attack only at the right times. In essence, rivals will show us some animation to know that they are going to perform an attack, so that we have a time to dodge by moving to one side or crouching down, or instead blocking.

However, there are quite a few very well implemented mechanics that make us look at a fairly complex title.

Punch Club

Punch Club - exciting story about fighter

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Punch Club tells the story of a mixed martial arts fighter whose father, also a fighter, was killed. We will follow in his wake as a fighter, in an adventure that combines touches of RPG with elements of sports manager and social simulator. The main plot of the game narrates as the protagonist, after the murder of his father by someone mysterious, he is left to a friend of his, and decides to train to avenge his father. Along the way, he will participate in various boxing leagues, to become stronger.

The graphics are one of the best aspects of the game, because everything is made in 16 bits, paying homage to the games of the 90s. The result is a really good pixel art, with a good color palette in which red and gray stand out.

Another highlight in this Boxing Game is on the soundtrack, as it features very catchy and quite good melodies, which also pay homage to some 90s compositions, such as the battle theme.

We hope our Boxing Games list has helped you to select the best one for you, don't wait any longer and become the undisputed boxing champion knocking out your enemies in the ring and advancing to the finals from your Playstation 4.

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