Best Playstation 4 Hunting Games


The hunt is never off-season, thanks to our large collection of Hunting Games for Playstation 4. You can hunt a wide range of animals, from rabbits to deer and birds. Fine-tune your Hunting skills on a training course, practicing your rifle aim in a hunting challenge in the plate shot.

You can adjust your best equipment and practice shooting in many different landscapes. Give your character the right camouflage for forests in summer, plains in winter, or even the desert! With so many levels available, all your best shooter skills will be put to test.

Several of our Hunting Games feature photo-realistic graphics, with views and sounds from the location. Different challenges have varied weapons, allowing you to see through different scopes to make the perfect shot. You can calm a finger that shakes on the trigger using your mouse to aim, helping you to find your target with ease.

Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator - you can hunt a wide range of animals, from rabbits to deer and birds

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The door opens with Hunting Simulator for PlayStation 4 and PC. This title comes set to become the benchmark for a new generation of hunting simulators. With multiple modes, team options and a variety of preys to take down, this game guarantees hours of uninterrupted hunting.

Developed using Unreal 4 Engine, the game features some of the best-known hunting regions, such as the Colorado Mountains, the Oak Forests of France and the Snowy Plains of Alaska. Each environment is populated by perfectly modeled and animated animals with realistic AI behaviors.

Hunting Simulator offers the most faithful hunting experience thanks to its amazing and detailed graphics and animals with complex and hyper-realistic behaviors. This title offers you up to four different game modes. Enjoy a campaign with over 100 missions, change environments hunting waterfowl and participate in free hunting mode so you can go at your own pace or hone your skills in dish shooting mode.

This Hunting Game features over 35 different animal species reliably recreated in their own natural ecosystems, 12 distinct, huge hunting areas based on real regions around the world, dozens of weapons such as rifles, bows or ballestas, accessories such as lures, claims or wind detector dust among others and missions in online co-op multiplayer mode for up to four players for you and your friends.

A perfect hunting simulation that is both suitable for any audience, Hunting Simulator offers a new gaming experience, with hours and hours of open field immersion with single or multiplayer game modes, unique gameplay mechanics, a multitude of hunting areas and hundreds of objectives to complete.

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Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown - dark and terrifying western, full of monsters

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Hunt Showdown takes us to a dark and terrifying western, full of monsters. Crytek gets an atypical shooter, an online multiplayer that doesn't look like any other game you've tried.

This Hunting Game is a "dirty" western. Think about these duels between gunmen of the late nineteenth century, in the swamps of Lousiana, when the weapons were not too reliable and the wild nature was bathed in twilight light. In the game, this decadent setting flirts with terror - think of movies like Bone Tomahawk - and with supernatural elements: zombies, demons, witches and monsters.

And everything is combined in an open scenario, in which in addition to forests, swamps and plantations we find slaughterhouses, forts of the abandoned civil service war or old chapels and cemeteries. It's a nightmare scenario, lending itself to Hunt Showdown's multiplayer clashes.

We need to clarify that Hunt Showdown is an exclusively multiplayer game and requires connection. It doesn’t have a story mode, and training is limited to one game against monsters, without interference from other human bounty hunters. We can either participate in quick games in which up to 12 players face death or in the true feat of the game: loot hunting. This Hunting Game is a unique alternative for any online FPS fan. Its combination of PVP and PVE has seemed very balanced and the atmosphere has managed to put us in tension. Crytek has managed to innovate in a genre that seemed stagnant.

Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunter Reloaded is a first-person hunting simulation

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Deer Hunter Reloaded is a first-person hunting simulation video game that is part of one of the most beloved licenses and sagas with the most presence in the world of video games.

This new installment introduces more realistic scenarios within the geography of North America, new animal species to take down and track and an improved catalog of high-end weapons, accessories and equipment.

Cabela's African Adventures

Cabela s African Adventures - feel like a hunter in africa

Cabela's African Adventures on PS4 challenges us to explore the nature of Africa on foot or in a vehicle, hunting the most dangerous animals on the planet, including the "big five": The Lion, the Leopard, the Cafre Buffalo, the African Elephant and the Rhino.

It has the largest hunting area ever seen, and a story mode that will tell us more about the scenario we explore. In addition to Safari mode, we also have shooting galleries.

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