Best Playstation 4 Building Games


Building games are a subgenre of simulation video games where players build, expand, or manage fictional communities or projects with limited resources.

These have features that emphasize their economy, as players must manage resources as they expand the project. But construction and management games differ from strategy video games in that the player's goal is not to defeat an enemy, but to build or accomplish something.

With the advent of games such as Minecraft for Playstation, it made the gamer community love for this category to increase, bringing to the market a wide variety of building games for its newest console, that's why we'll show you the best building video games for Playstation 4 here.

Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

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Osiris: New Dawn is a sci-fi game that will combine crafting with exploration and combat. Players will have to investigate an alien system and colonize the planets within their reach. It places players in 2046, where they are part of a United Nations colonization team.

Thanks to a new technology to travel at the speed of light, they can search for potentially habitable planets. By building a central base on the planets they encounter to fight the climate, they will get food and manufacturing centers by installing modules.

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Cube Life: Island Survival

It is a Minecraft-style survival adventure and construction game that takes you to an archipelago full of dangers like cannibals and wild animals. Build weapons, build work tools and explore great places with total freedom. Cypronia's production includes multiplayer options as well as a day and night cycle where in the dark it will be a challenge to survive.

It is important to emphasize that the success of Minecraft, as has happened with any other bombshell in the leisure industries, has led to the emergence of clone games, almost clone or inspired to a greater or lesser degree in different aspects of this title, such as its gameplay or its aesthetics.

As with Cube Life, however, the result is good, although it is evidently inspired by Minecraft and by far pursues its own goals without doing any plagiarism.

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV - one of the best Building Games

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It allows users to create their own role-playing game directly on the console and then share their creations online with the community. It includes the resources needed to create fantasy worlds, contemporary regions, sci-fi, institute adventures, etc., with a simple and accessible interface.

In addition to using the already integrated resources, players can use editors to create their own visual resources, build their own story and adventure they want.

The Survivalists

The Survivalists -  promises strategy, survival, construction and the possibility to have fun allies

It is an open-world survival video game with roguelite touches set in the universe of indie hit The Escapists. The game promises strategy, survival, construction and the possibility to have fun allies like monkeys with a lot of humor among its ingredients.

This game will lead us to survive against the forces of nature in a series of procedurally generated islands, with different biomes and a good number of resources to consider. Featuring puzzles and temples laden with rewards for the more adventurous, the title includes a day and night cycle, an overwhelming catalog of wild animals.


Dreams - Take the ultimate creativity as a playable bulwark of Little Big Planet to a new level

Dreams is an ambitious video game developed by Media Molecule and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Take the ultimate creativity as a playable bulwark of Little Big Planet to a new level, introducing us to absolute freedom to experience and create three-dimensional worlds in which to play and delight.

It is a huge intangible universe in which the player can create and shape his dreams, which will translate and materialize in his own video games, creations and on-screen worlds. The idea behind this PlayStation 4 video game is to create and imagine without limits or restrictions offering an imaginative experience.

Home Improvisation

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It is a twist to one of the most common everyday situations in the home: the assembly of a piece of furniture or a home décor element. The game allows us to build furniture and other accessories, but enhancing the imaginative capacity of the user, encouraging him to find original solutions and leaving him free to enter more modern art grounds than simple decoration.

Home Improvisation is not only a sandbox in the traditional sense, but players can also find totally original ways to interact using the game in different ways by showing the worlds their most ingenious creations.


Constructor - a remake of the classic Builder of 1997

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It is a remake of the classic Builder of 1997 that, this time, offers fans of consoles the possibility to manage the city of their dreams, or their nightmares.

Within the genre of tycoons this name has a great fame, because the civil strategy has few representatives as friendly and light-hearted as this one. Figures like thugs, hippies or squat are some of the characters we can send to solve the problems of our communities, but there are also others like the clowns ready and willing to terrorize whoever gets in their way.

This production is handled by John Widdy, the programmer of the original as well as Aladdin, and it has great key figures of the development of that classic with the intention of reimagining it with adapted graphics, a new point of view for the camera, renewed balance in the gameplay and unpublished maps and modalities.

Surviving The Aftermath

Surviving The Aftermath - the sequel of Surviving Mars

This is the sequel of Surviving Mars, a title that enjoyed great success on consoles and PCs.

While the first title proposed to survive on Mars, this time Iceflake Studios and Paradox Interactive are looking for something different. One of the first goals is to integrate players into development thanks to early access.

In addition, the Martian environment is changed to a post-apocalyptic context: after an event that has swept through all civilization, we now take over a colony of survivors.

These and many other titles for Playstation 4, are part of a high range of construction games aimed at those creative gamers who want to make their projects and ideas come to reality in a console, giving rise to the development of art and the imagination of each one.

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