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Why do we Need Teachers

In addition to the usual leveling when applying skills in Skyrim, you can also level them with mentors, paying a certain amount of gold for this. Each teacher is assigned a specific rank:

  • Adept - raises the skill level to 50;
  • Expert - teaches up to level 75 inclusive;
  • Master - with it, you can pump skill to 90.

Further, unfortunately, you have to swing yourself, books will not help either. The process is complicated by the fact that from 90 to 100 the skill grows extremely slowly. This is more than compensated: the most "delicious" perks of any skill are located just on top.

The game has a limitation: for each character level, you can take no more than five lessons of all skills in total. There are also a couple of ways to cheat to make it easier for you to level up.

The first way is to take two lessons, then steal money from the mentor from the inventory. In this way, you can save a decent amount, which is better spent on equipment. It’s very difficult to steal some teachers, so it’s easier to throw a Paralysis potion in your pocket and get the money, while the NPC is limited in its capabilities.

The second way is to go through all the Companions' quests and become the most important among them. After that, any of the associates can take partners. NPC gives the money that your character pays for the lesson voluntarily from the inventory.

It should be borne in mind that the leveling of the character is due to the leveling of skills. And if level 100 can still be pumped, then it starts very difficult: if you want to pump a character, you have to re-profile completely, using skills, equipment and learning professions that you don't like at all.

As for the teachers, it should also be noted that access to some of them can be obtained only after passing the appropriate quests and opening locations. There are several teachers who do not sit still, but constantly move within the city limits, so it can be difficult to find them - unless by chance.


The skill allows you to enchant an item by casting suitable spells on it: attack enhancement for weapons or defense for armor. The pinnacle of mastery is two powerful spells on one subject at once. The power of the enchanted spell depends on the level of the charmer. Teachers Enchantment:

  • Adept - there is no mentor;
  • Expert - Sergius Turrianus from the College of Winterhold;
  • Master - Hamal in the Inner Sanctuary of the Temple of Dibella and Neloth in the Tel Mithryn Tower (only in Dragonborn expansion).

Blacksmith Craft

A skilled blacksmith can not only make the best weapons and armor for himself, but also process them on a grindstone or workbench, improving his characteristics. The pinnacle of mastery is dragon bone gear. Teachers Blacksmith Craft:

  • Adept - Ghorza gra-Bagol from Markarth;
  • Expert - Balimund from Riften;
  • Master - Eorlund Gray-Mane from the Skyforge in Whiterun.

Blacksmithing teachers in Skyrim

One Handed Weapon

The skill determines the effectiveness of a cold weapon, which is equipped in the left or right hand, of one of four types - daggers, swords, maces and axes. The higher the level of possession of the weapon, the more damage the character inflicts, including additional damage - for example, causing bleeding when using an ax or a breakdown of armor with a mace. The pinnacle of mastery is a power attack that paralyzes an enemy who has come under attack. Teachers One Handed Weapon:

  • Adept - Amren from Whiterun;
  • Expert - Atis from Jorrvaskr;
  • Master - Burguk of Dushnikh Yal.

One-Handed Weapon Trainers in Skyrim

Two-Handed Weapon

It affects the efficiency of using the most powerful weapon used from two hands - swords, axes and hammers, increasing the damage dealt and slightly absorbed with the help of a block. As in the previous case, skillfully wielding two-handed weapons, it is possible with some chance to paralyze the enemy. Teachers Two-Handed Weapon:

  • Adept - missing from the game;
  • Expert - Torbjorn Shatter-Shield from the House of Clan Shatter-Shield;
  • Master - Vilkas from Jorrvaskr.


The skill level affects the efficiency of bow and crossbow possession - the higher it is, the more damage the character will inflict both during shooting and when shooting with small arms. The pinnacle of skill is paralysis of the adversary on a successful hit. Teachers Shooting:

  • Adept - Faendal from the House of Faendal;
  • Expert - Eola the Huntress from Jorrvaskr;
  • The master is Niruin from the Cistern and Sorine Jurard from Fort Dawnguard (in Dragonborn expansion).

Archery teachers in Skyrim. All Trainers in Skyrim


The skill with which you can clean the pockets of the NPC or throw something there. The more skilled the thief, the higher the chance of success. The pinnacle of mastery is to discreetly remove an equipped item from a NPC. Teachers Theft:

  • Adept - absent;
  • Expert - Majad from the Khajiit caravan of Malran;
  • Master - Vex from the Violent Flask.

Theft Training Teachers in Skyrim


Skill affects the outcome of some plot dialogs and the loyalty of merchants. The higher the level, the more expensive you can sell loot and the cheaper it is to buy the necessary items. In the dialogue, you can convince, intimidate, bribe an opponent or start a fight with him. When you activate the last skill in the branch in the inventory of each merchant, an additional 1000 coins will appear - it is very useful after a long trip for loot. Teachers Eloquence:

  • Adept - Dromarash from the Khajiit caravan Ahkari and Revyn Sadri from Sadri's Used Wares;
  • Expert - Ogmund from Markarth;
  • Master - Gyro Giman from the College of Bards.

Light Armor

It affects the efficiency of using light armor, which provides the necessary protection, but not restricting movements and producing less noise. Teachers Light Armor:

  • Adept - Well Known of the Swamps from the Argonian Assemblage;
  • Expert - Grelka from Haelga's Bunkhouse;
  • The master is Nazir from the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Heavy Armor

Affects the effectiveness of heavy armor - more bulky, but gives more protection. Teachers Heavy Armor:

  • Adept - in the game there is no mentor of this level;
  • Expert - Gharol from Dushnikh Yal;
  • Master - Farkas from Jorrvaskr and Isran from Fort Dawnguard (DLC Dragonborn).


A skill useful for a thief and a saboteur - in this mode, you can kill everyone or take out everything valuable without being noticed. The pinnacle of mastery is to hide in the shadows right during the battle, when opponents lose sight of the character. Teachers Stealth:

  • Adept - Khayla from the Khajit Karvan Ri'saad;
  • Expert - Garvey from the Anthill;
  • Master - Delvin Mallory from the Raging Flask.


The effectiveness of craft potions depends on the skill level. The pinnacle of mastery is the creation of elixirs and poisons without side effects. Teachers Alchemy:

  • Adept - Lamy from the Jorgen and Lami's House;
  • Judge - Arcadia from the Bowlero Arcadia;
  • The master is Babette from the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.


A magical school, whose spells are aimed at manipulating the mind of living beings, making them furious, charming or terrifying. The peak of skill is to make the enemy fight on their side. Teachers:

  • Adept - absent;
  • Expert - Atub from Largashbur;
  • Master - Drevis Neloren from the College of Winterhold.


The spells of this school raise the dead, summon creatures from Oblivion, capture the souls of defeated enemies. The pinnacle of excellence is the appeal of astronomers, very powerful allies. Teachers Witchcraft:

  • Adept - Runel from the Hall of the Dead (Falkreath);
  • Expert - Phinis Gestor from the College of Winterhold;
  • Master - Falion from Morthal and Talvas Fathryon from Tel Mirin Tower (in Dragonborn expansion).


This school includes war magicians, commanding the elements - fire, ice and lightning. With a high level of pumping, opponents take enormous damage. Teachers Destruction:

  • Adept - Wuunferth the Unliving from the Royal Palace;
  • Expert - Sybille Stentor from the Blue Palace;
  • Master - Faralda from the College of Winterhold.

Destruction Magic Teachers


The spells of this school regenerate the health and manna of the character and associates, expel the undead, create magic charms and protective barriers. A wizard who skillfully masters such spells actually becomes invulnerable. Teachers Restoration:

  • Adept - absent from the game;
  • Expert - Colette Marence from College of Winterhold and Keeper Carcette from Hall of the Vigilant;
  • Master - Dannika Spring Light from Temple of Kynareth.

Recovery Ability Teachers


Spells of this school affect the physical properties of objects, sometimes leading to irreversible transformation. The pinnacle of mastery is to paralyze all enemies within the radius of destruction. Teachers Alteration:

  • Adept - Melaran from the Blue Palace;
  • Expert - Dravynea the Stoneweaver from Wood lace;
  • Master - Tolfdir from the College of Winterhold.

In total, the game has 18 skills that can be pumped including with the help of teachers. However, this is not necessary: all this shakes perfectly and without outside help with the right approach.