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During his adventures in Skyrim, Dovahkiin will meet a lot of characters, some of which will later become his companions. Some will remain with the player for as long as he wishes, others will be only temporary partners and will only keep the company for a short period of time. They can perform a variety of functions from additional equipment and assistance in battles to lighting dark caves and theft of other characters.

Types of Companions

Conditionally, companions in Skyrim can be divided into several categories:

  1. Guild companions - become available after joining a guild or attaining the rank of head of the guild.
  2. Mercenaries - can be hired by Dovahkiin in the tavernas of the hundreds of gold.

    One of the mercenaries in the tavern in the game Skyrim

  3. Huskarly - take up the service after becoming a lord of Tan.
  4. Random - can be detected during travels, join the hero after he renders them some kind of service.

Companion Outfit

Each hero can be equipped at your own discretion, only you constantly need to introduce the factor that, out of all the armor in the inventory, the companion will choose the one with the highest protection rate. With the same criteria, he will choose a weapon, but here the damage indicator will play a decisive role.

Companion Management

Everyone who turns out to be a companion of Dovahkiin voluntarily or involuntarily becomes a victim of his influence and therefore will carry out his instructions if they do not contradict his morality. In general, companions will carry out different tasks: interacting with objects (beds, chairs, bowlers, etc.), attacking other characters, breaking locks, stealing and collecting trophies from fallen enemies, various decorative orders (chop wood).

Managing your companion while traveling in Skyrim

In order to give an order it is enough to visit the companion and hold down the interaction button (by default E), after which the cursor will change its appearance and when you hover over objects, a variable menu will appear for the companion's action.

However, orders companions border on their moral principles and rest against them more than loyalty to the player.

Companions whose moral compass is not high (members of the guild of thieves, assassins of the dark fraternity) will be ready to carry out any order from the theft of another's property to murder.

Others will be ready to use their weapons and skills against enemies, but they will refuse if they are ordered to attack innocent characters.

Still others will go to steal someone else’s property; they refuse to carry out an attack order.

Those who can be attributed to law-abiding companions will be refused to commit any criminal actions, however, Dovahkiin will not be handed over for committing such a guard.

Ralof and Hadwar the first temporary companions

It is important to remember that the commission of any crimes by a companion increases the reward for Dovahkiin’s head, therefore all responsibility falls entirely on his shoulders, even for the slightest misconduct of the companion.

Companions and Death

Like any other characters in Skyrim, the player’s companions are mortal (with the exception of quest and important characters) and can die during dangerous adventures, but they are quite difficult to achieve death. The companion can be seriously injured and then fall on one knee, and will gradually restore its health supply, and the enemies at that moment will switch to the player.

At low levels of difficulty, companions will seem immortal at all, shackling them in heavy armor, any enemy, even a dragon with its high damage rate, will not immediately seriously injure Dovahkiin’s companion.

Companions and their habitat

Each of the partners that will meet in the game has its own habitat and you can find it in this place when Dovahkiin decides to part with it.


To get a Housecarl companion, you must complete a Jarl quest or acquire real estate in a particular city of Skyrim. Housecarl will be a loyal player's bodyguard, they will appear in the game only upon reaching the title of Tan. The following huscarls are:

The First Housecarl - Lydia


Mercenaries are sitting in their trousers in Skyrim who are waiting for the moment, someone will pay for their services and call for an adventure, you can find them here:

Guild Companions

Upon reaching a certain rank in the guild, or simply when joining it with Dovahkiin, new companions may want to travel, namely:

  1. Companions: Vilkas, Farkas, Ayla Huntress, AtisNyada Stone Hand, Torvar, Riya
  2. Mages of Winterhold: J'zargo, Onmund, Brelin Marion
  3. The Dark Brotherhood: Cicero (if left alive), dedicated to the Dark Brotherhood
  4. Guardians of the Dawn: Serana, Agmeir, Beleval, Dorac, Selanne, Ingyard

Serana is the strongest possible companion (albeit a vampire)

In addition, in the game you can meet a lot of characters who are in trouble or in a difficult situation, if Dovahkiin helps them, they will be very happy to become his companions and cover their backs while traveling.

Fendal accompanies the game and teaches archery

Companion Level

Companions in the world exist with a pre-generated level and will remain on it until the moment when Dovahkiin recruits them to his team. By joining the hero, their level will grow in proportion to the level of Dovahkiin, but it is not possible to distribute their skills to the appropriate branches, all partners develop according to an individual scheme and it is not possible to influence this.

Eola associate Guild companion


Summarizing all of the above, it can be argued that companions will be useful tools during the passage of the game. They will render all possible assistance to Dovahkiin, taking the blow and covering the rear during travels.