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“Pieces of the past” - this is one of the side quests known to us The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mission is one of the few quests of the Daedric princes that you could meet in Morrowind, and in Oblivion, and, of course, in Skyrim. In the course of the assignment you can find a lot of good loot, a few books with skill points and chat with Dagon himself. The quest has several endings, and the reward and certain consequences depend on your choice. Let's take a look at where to get the task and consider the detailed walkthrough.

Where to get the job Shards of past glory

So how do you start the quest? Do not worry, the task itself will find you. Immediately after reaching level 20, as soon as you enter any settlement, a messenger will run up to Dovahkiin and pass the invitation. In the letter, the dragonborn will be offered to look into the Mythic Dawn Museum, which is located in Dunstar. A letter was sent by a certain Force Vesul, whom we do not yet know. The “Visit Museum” item will also be added to the journal so that you don’t forget and can navigate through the map.

Attention! After receiving the letter, immediately make two separate saves. Known bug, because of which the game crashes a few minutes after receiving an invitation, and the save game becomes unavailable. If you are faced with this, then simply load the second save from another slot, and you can already delete the old one.

Walkthrough of the mission: Pieces of the past

We will not waste time in vain, go to Dunstar. On foot, on a horse or on a cart - it's your business. The house we need and the very owner of the museum can be easily found with the help of a job tag on the map and the “radar”. The building is located in the eastern part of the city, and the Force will be waiting for you right at the entrance.

Where to get the job Shards of past glory

Location Pieces of the past in Skyrim

The owner of the museum will invite us to admire rare artifacts and will volunteer for a tour of the exhibits. In addition, it will be possible to learn many interesting things about the Oblivion crisis in Tamriel, to get acquainted with the cult “Mythic Dawn”, in whose honor the museum was named. This cult worshiped Prince Daedra Merunes Dagon, and after its expulsion the organization was almost completely destroyed. Members of the cult were persecuted and almost all were killed by a group called “The Keepers of the Razor”.

The owner of the museum is very proud to be a descendant of one of the leaders of the cult. At his exhibition, he collected items remaining after the destruction of the group: artifacts, books, mentions. Unfortunately, he could not collect the most important thing - the Daedric artifact “Mehrunes' Razor”. According to rumors, Prince Dagon himself presents this dagger to the most devoted and worthy admirers.

Interesting. This artifact was in almost every game of TEC, namely in Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion. Unfortunately, in comparison with Oblivion, the knife was significantly weakened, making the possibility of instant killing a chance with a rather small possibility of triggering. But we will talk about the legendary subject near the end of the quest. After many years of searching for the Force, I was able to obtain the secret records of the “Guardians of the Razor”, from which one can learn that the artifact fragments are now in Skyrim. In the same records the possible locations of parts of the legendary dagger are indicated.

How to get a Mehrunes' Razor in Skyrim

After the introduction, the director of the museum will offer Dovahkiin to find all the parts of the “Razor”, for which we will receive a considerable reward. After the dialogue, the task “Pieces of Bygone Glory” will appear in the journal, as well as three marks on the map, with the estimated locations of the fragments.

Location - Merunes razor

Hilt of Mehrunes' Razor

So, we need to visit three places that are quite far from each other. Let's start with the handle, because it is the closest, and it will be easy to get it. From the scroll we learned that it is kept by the woodcutter from Morthal- Jorgen. We leave for the city in search of the North.

Arriving in Morthal, we are guided by the mark on the map and find ourselves near the house of the local jarl. Jorgen, together with the other inhabitants of the town, will argue about something with the assistant Jarl, but now this does not concern us.

Hilt of Mehrunes Razor - Skyrim

If you bleed “Eloquence”, then it will be possible to agree with Jorgen and get the key from his house, where the dagger's handle is kept. If this skill you did not pump, then just break the front door using the master key to get inside (see that no one noticed you!).

The woodcutter's dwelling is located here in Morthal, just behind the bridge. In the afternoon, Jörgen is at the sawmill, and his wife is in the “Thaumaturgist's Hut”, so the house will be empty. The quest item is in the chest, which you will see immediately upon entering. One is, there are two more left!

Shards of the Merunes Razor

Fragments we have to search in the fortress “Cracked Tusk Keep”, which is located near Falkreath. The ruins of the ruined fortress are surrounded by a palisade and a camp of gangsters who decided that now it is their possession. A gang of orcs, which trades robbery and hunting, will not be happy with Dovahkiin. Well, they still have no choice.

All pieces of Merunes Razor - Skyrim

Four enemies are waiting for us in the courtyard of the fortress: one orc is standing near the forge, another is by the fire and two brave guys with bows are standing on the towers. It is up to you to break through with a fight or penetrate an imperceptible fortress and steal a part of the artifact.

How to penetrate the fortress:

  1. The easiest option is through the central entrance. The four orc guardians, of course, will not welcome you.
  2. Another option is a sunroof on one of the towers to the left of the entrance.
  3. The last option is through the door, which is located in the ruins of the foundation of the fortress. The door is locked with a “Master” level lock, so it will be complicated.

If you decide to get inside with a fight, then hitting the tower and having run a little, you will stumble upon the leader of the gang, Ghunzul. After the victory over the main bandyuganom inspect his room. On the bedside table will lie the key to the vault, in which is part of the relics.

gang Ghunzul. In this room located part of the relivs

If you could get inside through the hatch of the tower, then, once inside, you immediately get into Ghunzul’s room with the same bedside table and key. Grab it and go back to the street. Now you need to break the door in the foundation to get into the treasury of the fortress.

If you immediately broke open the door in the foundation, then you will have to use all your cracking skills and try to open the grille yourself (“Expert” level lock). If you manage, then you can do without the key Ghunzul. If not, you will have to first get into his room.

Broken door - need key Ghunzul

Whatever method you choose, you will end up in storage at the end. Ahead of the double lattice is already seen part of the artifact, but first you need to get to it. It will be easy, just lower two levers: one is to the left of the grille and the other to the right. Carefully, in the room itself there will be many traps-stretch marks, so look at your feet.

Pieces of the past - Merunes Razor

Merunes Heads

Two parts are assembled, it remains to get the last - pommel. Behind him will have to go to the mountains of the Reach and clean up the witch's lair called “Dead Crone Rock”. And before you get to the wall, you will have to deal with a group of rogue people in the camp “Hag Rock Redoubt”.

The camp territory stretched across the mountain, representing small buildings and structures with outcasts living there. You will have to fight with the whole crowd, well, or try to get through unnoticed. In front of the tower you will also be waited by a troll, which is a very strong opponent.

In the tower there will be a pair of guards, as well as a walkthrough to the “second” floor, where Dovahkiin will wait for the fortune-teller. Besides her, there will be fire traps, totems, a lot of all kinds of loot and the Word of Power. Be sure to collect everything that you find, there are many valuable things. And grab the pommel, which is on the stone table.

Last parts - pommel. Wich guards entrance

All three parts of the dagger are assembled, which means that you can return to the museum to Silus Vesuius's House. A descendant of the cult will be delighted with the successes of the dragonborn and will generously reward the hero. If you give away all three items at once, you will receive 2500 septims as a reward, and if you give away one by one, 1000 for each. If you want to receive bonus 500 septims, then do not be lazy and look into Morthal after each find.

Further we learn that these are not all parts of the artifact. The latter is the sheath, and it has been kept in the museum all this time. Having promised Dovahkiin an additional reward, Seal will ask him to escort him to the sanctuary of Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon and help him carry out a ritual to restore the legendary dagger. Be sure to agree and go to the designated place. The label on the map, as always, is.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon in Skyrim

If you have not been to the sanctuary, it will be problematic to get there. The fastest way is to get out of Dunstar towards Whiterun along the road. Soon you will stumble on Fort Dunstad, from which you should go to the right, walk past "the Hall of the Vigilant" towards the mountains. Here you will notice a mountain path that leads Dovahkiin directly to the sanctuary. On the way there will appear various enemies: ordinary and snow wolves, saber-toothed, polar bears, trolls and ghosts. If you set off separately from your partner, the Force will already be waiting for you on the spot.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon in Skyrim

So, all parts of the artifact are collected on the altar, so it's time to start the ritual. And here the Force will wait for failure. Despite the fact that everything was done correctly, the Prince did not respond to his call. After the failure, the poor fellow will ask Dovahkiin to help him and conduct a ritual instead of him.

Silus Vesuius - Choices and consequences

Nothing complicated, just interacting with the altar of the Lord of Chaos and everything works! Prince Daedra responded to the call of our hero and even agreed to repair the Razor. True, for this we will have to kill the Vesuius' Force. You can agree or immediately refuse the Prince. It does not matter what you choose at the moment, because immediately after the dialogue with the Daedra, Sil himself will turn to Dovahkiin. Here you have to decide whether to kill the owner of the museum or leave it alive.

If you do not kill the strength of Silus Vesuius

If you decide to spare the failed cultist, Dagon will be angry and call for the two Lords of Dremor. Forces will help you in this fight, so that problems should arise. After defeating your opponents, the customer will hand over 500 septim to you and go to the museum with fragments of the artifact. Back in Morthal, Sil will expose all parts of the artifact in the museum, and Dovahkiin will be considered a friend until the end of his life. If the collector somehow dies, then a messenger with a letter will come running to the dragonborn. The letter says that Dovahkiin is the heir to the Silus Vesuius and you will receive 100 septim in the heritage.

If you killed Silus Vesuius

The razor is a powerful artifact and no wonder you decide to get it. It remains only to deal with the caster, who will call the ghostly wolves and use various attacking spells.

After victory, the Lord of Chaos will keep his oath and restore the damn blade. But not everything is so simple, he will call the two Lords of Dremore anyway. What for? But who knows. Daedra have a peculiar sense of humor.

Silus Vesuius  Skyrim - Choices and consequences

If you went to the quest a small level, the battle will be problematic. If you can not cope, then you can cheat: as soon as the artifact is restored, grab it and immediately make a quick move. The lords of Dremor will still call, but will stand at the entrance to the sanctuary.

Having settled with the Lords now or later, I strongly advise you to enter the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. The key to it will be in the pocket of one of the Dremors. Inside you will also find two dremora - mage and warrior. And besides them, there is still a huge amount of loot: chests with random things, a book with a point of the “Enchanting” skill, spell volumes, ingots, stones of souls and much more.

Interesting! All four dremors (two inside and two outside) are revived every 10 game days. So now you will have the source of the infinite pharma heart daedra. Do not forget about them and visit for rare materials! At this mission, "Pieces of the past" is completed.