How to get Married in Skyrim | Who can marry | Where is better to live


In the vast world of Skyrim, our hero will find not only adventures, puzzles, dungeons and dragons, but also his love. Yes, in the fifth scroll game, Dovahkiin can get married, and he has a huge choice! There are no restrictions on gender, age and race, so you can definitely find someone to your liking. In this guide, we will look at how to marry in Skyrim, the pros and cons of marriage, where you can live with your wife and whom you can marry in general.

How to get Married in Skyrim

How to get married in Skyrim and where is better ti live

To get married in the game, you need to complete the quest “The Bonds of Matrimony”. The mission can be taken from the priest of the Temple of Mary in Riften. During the quest, you will also need to get the required item - the amulet of Mary. Without this Item, your future wife even has the necessary option, so we go in search of a quest item. There are several ways:

  • In the same temple of Mary, buy an amulet from Maramal for 200 coins.
  • Find the amulet while exploring the world. The amulet can be worn on the body of a bandit, whom you will find in the dungeon, or found in the pocket of an injured merchant.
  • Buy an amulet from random stray merchants who travel between cities.
  • Get the amulet for the mission. For example, you will receive the desired item after successfully completing the quest “Book of Love”.

Attention! If you did not talk with Maramal about the upcoming marriage, but immediately put on the amulet and went to your beloved, nothing will work. Without the “The Bonds of Matrimony” task, your future wife will not even have a similar option, so a visit to Riften is a must. If you did not find Maramal in the temple of Mary, then look in “Bee and sting”, he may be there.

So, you took the necessary task and got the amulet. Now all characters available for marriage will have a new dialogue. If there is no new dialogue, then most likely you have not fulfilled the necessary condition to win the girl to you. Each one has a different one - to fulfill a personal task, to hire as a companion, to persuade to go with her and so on.

To get down to business, you need to select a new phrase in the dialog box - “Do you like me?”. In response, the girl will ask you the same question, and if you answer yes, then you can prepare for the wedding. To do this, you must again visit the temple of Mary with her lover, talk with Maramal, wait 24 hours of play and select “Appear for your own wedding”. I congratulate the newlyweds in advance!

Maramal will read a speech in which he will greet the bride and groom, after which he will begin the ceremony and ask:

  • Do you agree in love to tie your lives together - now and forever?

The main character will have several answers:

  • Yes. Now and Forever - on this, Maramal will finish the wedding ceremony, bless our gers and give wedding rings.
  • Stop the wedding! I do not want to marry! - yes, even at this stage you still have the opportunity to change everything. Of course, Maramal will not like this and will expel Dovahkiin from the temple. The abandoned girl will answer the hero “Go away.”, Like all temple priests.

If the ceremony ended successfully, then now you need to talk with your spouse and choose where you will live. You can choose both your own house and your wife’s house. This does not really matter, because then you can move at any time.

Immediately after the wedding with the Dragonborn, your lover will open his own trading shop. Now you can find out from her how much profit she received per day and even get a share! Starting from the second day, the protagonist will receive 100 Septims every day. In addition, if you have settled a spouse in your home, then you will always have a merchant of various goods at hand. Unfortunately, this will not affect the profit, and you will still receive 100 coins.

If you suddenly change your mind and interrupt the ceremony, then do not worry, not everything is lost. You can talk to the rejected spouse later in her house or in her usual place of residence. At first, she is extremely outraged by the behavior of Dovahkiin, and then she agrees to listen. If you choose the answer “It was a mistake. Maybe we’ll start from the beginning? ”, Then you will again have the opportunity to start a novel darling. Maramal will also forgive the hero’s stupidity and re-conduct the wedding ceremony, after which you will be considered husband and wife.

Well, if you answer “Why did you get the idea that I love you?”, Then you can forget about relationships with this character forever. The abandoned girl will despise the protagonist, but you can still start an affair with other candidates.

The benefits of getting married

  • Every day, your spouse will cook food that speeds up the recovery of mana, health and stamina by 25% for 10 minutes.
  • If you took a companion as a wife, then your wife will still be able to follow you, exchange equipment and again prepare home-cooked food that will greatly help during adventures.
  • Sometimes your spouse may make a sudden gift.
  • The opening of the store and profit in the form of 100 Septims per day, as mentioned earlier.
  • Buff while sleeping. Even if you sleep only an hour nearby in your sweetheart, you will receive the temporary ability “Embrace of Love”, which increases the speed of leveling skills by 15% for the next 8 hours. This ability can be obtained even if you did not sleep on your bed, including sunbeds in dungeons and open locations. Thus, having a companion gives you even more benefits.

Where is better to Live

If you just started the passage of the fifth scrolls, then you probably do not have money for your own housing. Therefore, it makes sense to marry someone who owns a chic house and live with him until you can build your own nest.

If you decide to move to your wife’s house, then all objects that were in the house will remain in place. If you have your own home, then you can choose it. Unfortunately, you can’t settle in nobody’s empty houses or those houses that are a reward for a quest, the home of a hero’s faction, and so on. For housing, only those properties that Dovahkiin bought for his own money are suitable. If you have the Hearthfire add-on, then you can settle with your own built estate if it has a bed.

Who can Marry - Most Popular

Before making a table of all the candidates available for marriage, I would like to draw attention to the most beautiful wives of Skyrim, who were chosen by thousands of players. Perhaps some of them will appeal to you!

Isolda is a pretty northerner with blond hair

First of all, pay attention to Isolde. A pretty northerner with blond hair and brown eyes walks around the market in Whiterun to gain experience, and then sells fresh flowers. The hearts of the girl can be achieved by completing a small commission. You just need to get the mammoth tusk ... and do not ask why she needs it.

Yordis is a beautiful warlike maiden who always holds a shield and sword. The girl occupies the position of Huscarl with Tan Haafingar. How to conquer it? Become a haafingar tan and she's all yours!

And of course, one of the most popular options is Lydia. The girl will be the first companion of Dovahkiin, as well as his huskarl. If you love the owners of long dark hair - do not be shy and make her your companion.

Lydia - the owner of dark hair - an excellent companion of Dovakin

Many players choose Muiri Breton. True, you will meet her under rather unusual circumstances. The girl will ask the Dragonborn to kill his ex-girlfriend and ex-groom, who cheated on her. Having performed the ritual of the Dark Brotherhood, you can win the beauty.

Who can I marry in Skyrim - Muiri

Aela is another popular player choice. The first time you meet a warlike maiden with a bow on the way to Whiterun. At this moment, she will be busy attacking the giant with her brothers in arms - Companions. Conquering it will not be so easy. To do this, Dovahkiin will have to join the ranks of the Companions and significantly advance along the plot chain of the faction, raising the guild to a new level.

Camilla - a great companion of Dovakin in the game Skyrim

Well, Camilla is a dark little empire from Riverwood. Two boyfriends are already fighting for the girl’s heart, so first you have to solve this issue, and then seek her heart. Complete the mission "Golden Claw" and she will follow you even to the ends of the world.

Now consider the entire list of Girls available for Marriage

As you can see - a lot of options. Find the one that you like the most and run down the aisle!