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“A Feast for Crows” is a side task that you can stumble upon while traveling through the back streets of Novigrad in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In order for the task to appear, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions, and it is not displayed on the map in any way. Therefore, many players accidentally miss it, depriving themselves of additional experience, money, and acquaintance with local redmen. In this review, we will examine how to activate the task, how best to proceed and learn about the rewards for different endings.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “A Feast for Crows” - a detailed walkthrough

How to start the quest “A Feast for Crows”

Great question! Even after a few years with the quest happen lining. The task is not displayed on the map or in the journal until we stumble upon a corpse. But in order for this corpse to appear, you need to complete several tasks in Novigrad. Some players said that they had a corpse immediately after the execution of the order “The Apiarian Phantom”, others that as soon as Geralt met Priscilla on the story mission “Broken Flowers”.

Personally, he came to me during the walkthrough of “Get Junior”, and even when I had not finished it yet. Someone else wrote on the forums that he stumbled upon a quest just running around Novigrad on reaching level 18. And it is not known, the bug is, or so the developers conceived. In general, the best way is to regularly visit the crime scene and check if a dead body has appeared there.

“So, where is the task to be found?” You ask. The crime scene is located right next to the Dandelion cabaret Rosemary and Thyme. I will mark the location in red on the map.

How to start the quest (A Feast for Crows) - location map

Run along this path after completing various quests, until one day Geralt does not notice what stinks of decaying meat here. And, apparently, human. Immediately heal witcher's flair and follow the smell. Fortunately, it's not long to run here.

Beginning of the quest (A Feast for Crows) - Trigger

We find the corpse under the wall of the wreck, and next to it are many traces and stains of blood. Yes, apparently, he followed in the shelter, but did not reach.

Passage of the quest (A Feast for Crows)

The key will be held in the hands of the corpse (it will immediately be automatically added to the witcher’s inventory after examining the body). Judging by the trail of blood and injuries, the poor fellow ran away from someone until he died from blood loss. A huge puddle of which is found near the corpse. And there are traces with which we can find out where he ran from.

Where to find the house Cleaver

We investigate the tracks and, with the help of witch's instincts, we follow them along the pavement. We turn the corner, we pass a little more, until we see the last track near the closed door. I strongly advise to preserve in advance, because there may be a fight ahead.

The house will be people Cleaver who made a lair here. If you are not familiar with him, then I will briefly tell you. Slasher, he's Carl Varese, is one of the criminal leaders of Novigrad. Talk to Slasher, as well as often intersect it will be possible during the passage of the plot tasks, and especially the “Get Junior” He will also have his side job “Gangs of Novigrad”, in which you can fight alongside with the redmen, and then come to the Cleaver's house for praise and reward. The headquarters in which he lives is practically in the center of the city, not far from the Vivaldi bank. However, it is not necessary to search for the Cleaver, there will still be a label on the map. But back to the red men.

Conversation with the Cleaver - the consequences of choosing

From a conversation with the bandits, we learn that the Cleaver desperately needs the key to the treasure chest, which was clamped in the hand of the corpse. Next, there is a choice to defeat the people of the Cleaver or give the key.

A Feast for Crows - a conversation with Slasher

  • If Geralt decided to give the key, then there will be no massacre. Redmen will be delighted that they were able to get the key for their boss and reward Geralt with 20 crowns, and then put him out of the door.
  • If Geralt refused to give the key , then the slaughter will begin. The fight will take place with a small closed room, and you will immediately be faced with three men with two-handed axes who can kill a witch with 1-2 blows even at low difficulty. The best tactic is to retreat to the ladder, go up to the second floor and lure the redmen one at a time, and then deal with them. After the battle, be sure to collect loot from corpses, because in one of them there will be a drawing of the Mahakam sword with very good stats. And on the second floor we will have to wait for the treasured chest, in which there is 50 kroner, 200 florenes. Agree, the reward is much more attractive than 20 crowns. On this task “A Feast for Crows” will be completed. Do not forget to exchange the florenas for Vivaldi crowns!

This mission will not suffer any consequences. If you want to make sure, then you know where the base of the Slasher. The conversation with him will be the same as usual.

Video of the quest "A Feast for Crows"

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