Witcher 3 Gangs of Novigrad | Walkthrough Quest


Gangs Novigrad - a side task in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which you will automatically receive during the passage of the story quest “Get Junior”. The task is not mandatory for the passage of the storyline and even contains many drawbacks, because of which players miss it. Before you take up the quest, you should carefully consider the proposal of the Cleaver and consider all its advantages. Let's move on to the passage of the job, so as not to fail, and consider its pros and cons, to know whether to carry it out.

Walkthrough of the quest Gangs of Novigrad

During the execution of Novigrad's storyline, Geralt is sent to the baths of Sigi Royven, one of the big cones of the city. In Bane, he finds an unusual company - the King of Beggars (he is Francis Bedlam), Cleaver, the head of the gang of the red men, and Sigi Reuven, who turns out to be already familiar to us from the past games and books.

During the dispute about what to do with the Junior, the boys are attacked by his own guys, which our guys successfully beat off with everything that comes their way. After that, our heroes disperse, and before that, Slasher offers his help to Geralt.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Gangs Novigrad

Whether to take advantage of the offer - red?

It depends on the player. If you do not want to deal with everything alone, spend a lot of time and effort, to participate in long dialogues, gladiatorial battles and parties in gvint with experienced rivals - in this case you can take advantage of the Tesac offer. In the process of completing this quest, Geralt with a gang of red men without long conversations and trials will earn several estates of Bastard, simply cutting out his people and staging a bloodbath.

Because of this, the storyline will suffer, but the task you can perform much faster. Using the help of the Cleaver gang, at the end of the story quest Geralt will not be able to get into the Oxenfurt estate of the Bastard through the basement of a neighboring house. This option will be impossible, because the gatekeepers will recognize in the witcher the murderer of their fellows, and that White Wolf would not respond, they will pounce on him.

If you are used to working alone, not afraid of difficulties and not in favor of “just cutting everyone out”, then best of all, ignore this side task. In this case, you will be able to complete the story task and also succeed in searching for the Bastard, only with this you will get to the Younger estate through a secret passage, gaining more experience and not failing one of the items in the task.

How to complete the mission

If you nevertheless decided to use the brute force of the little gangsters, then immediately after visiting the bath we go to Cleaver.

Attention! If you decide to perform this task after you have independently inspected the arena and casino, then the offer of Tesac Geralt will be rejected. It will be impossible to continue the passage of the quest, it will freeze, and after the completion of the plot it will be considered completely failed. The cloister Cleaver is located right in the center of Novigrad near the Hierarch Square between the house of Margrave Henkel and Vivaldi Bank. At the request of Geralt about the search for the Junior, Slasher will propose that he lead the squad and thoroughly clean out the famous little ones - the casino and the arena.

Witcher 3 gangs novigrad or hunting for younger

Cleaver has already sent his guys there and found out everything, it remains only to get to the point. If you want to complete this task - agree, of course. Two items will appear in the task log - to clear the arena and to clear the casino. It does not matter in what order to perform these items, so let's start with the casino, because it is closer.

The first group of gangster brothers will be waiting for Geralt in the alley near the casino.

Novigrad Gangs - Casino

To start the raid, it is enough to approach the red men and talk to any of them. Next, we give the command "start" and quickly run to the entrance to the casino. The guys are clearly not the first time doing the bloody work, so running up to the casino immediately snapped at the two gatekeepers.

Redmen will cheerfully swing two-handed hammers and axes, knocking enemies to the ground even on the maximum complexity. You just have to react quickly and finish off the mercenary Junior who was sprawled on the floor. As always, use Quen for protection, as well as Aksy, who works great against humans.

Cleaning the entrance, the first and second floors of the institution, the guys will stop and for some reason will not go to the third floor. Here Geralt will have to work himself and kill the two remaining guards. Even if you bring them to the lower floors to the red men, they will be completely neutral. Here so assistants, yes? By clearing the last guards, the item with the casino will be considered complete.

Mission "Gangs Novigrad"

However, do not rush to leave the building - on the third floor in the room we can find the lower Rico. He will be a spy for the King of Beggars, who was exposed by the people of the Junior. Freeing him, we will get an additional task “Honor Among Thieves” (for which, by the way, they give a good silver sword and a unique cuirass).

Important! If you do not talk with the redmen before the raid, and go yourself, then this stage of the task will be considered failed. Because of this, at the end of the quest, you will not receive a reward from the Cleaver. The second group of your new friends with axes will be in the alley near the arena. The arena on the map is not far from the casino, so, having quickly reached it, we also speak with any of the dr and give the command “Forward”.

Novigrad gangs - arena cleansing

Despite his small stature, the gang will very quickly rush into battle and immediately begin to chop the people of the Bastard. In the first room there will be not many opponents, but in the last one, which is Igor’s “cabinet”, you will have to help. There will begin a massacre and a complete "meat", because there will be about ten opponents at the same time. Use Aard, Quen, to not accidentally die in this mess, potions and, of course, do not forget the poison.

Having cleared the arena, Geralt can only find and search the cache of the manager of the arena, Igor. Initially, the cache is closed, but the key to it will lie on the corpse of Igor himself. Finding him in a pile of corpses will be a little difficult, but when you find and open the chest you will receive the “Mysterious Letter” necessary for the promotion on the “Get Junior” assignment.

Clearing all fighters from the Bastard in the arena, the mission point will be considered fulfilled, and Geralt must go back to Cleaver for the reward.

Important! Just as with the last item of the assignment, if Geralt goes to clean the arena without Tesn's redmen, the subparagraph "Meet the Cleaver redmen in the arena" will be considered failed and we will not receive the reward. So, having dealt with the arena and casino, we return back to Karl Varese. The reward will differ depending on how you completed the quest.

  • If the witcher used the help of Cleaver brother and in the casino, and in the Bastard's arena, interrupting as many enemies as possible, the Slasher will be very pleased with the showdowns and will reward Geralt with 300 crowns. This will complete the task, and you can continue to go through the main story “Get Junior”.
  • If Geralt cooperated with the redmen in only one place, then he will receive only half of the sum from Varese - 150 kroons. Slasher, of course, will be unhappy. This completes the task.
  • And if you did not use the services of krasnolyudov at all and did everything yourself, then you will not receive any reward. However, the quest will still be considered complete, and you will gain experience for successful completion.

The reward for the mission "Gang Novigrad"

Gangs of Novigrad in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Possible Bugs

Due to the fact that the quest conflicts with the plot task, the bugs were encountered quite often. Many complained that after the dialogue with the Slasher, the task simply did not continue, and as you progress through “Get Junior” it was completely failed. Others Junior people in the casino just spawned back after you leave the institution and go back. There was also a problem with the fact that, even agreeing to the proposals of the Cleaver, Geralt replied, “This is not my concern,” and later the mission was also considered failed. With the patches, many errors have been fixed, but I still advise you to stick to the passage described above, so as not to “break” anything by accident.

You will be able to watch a more detailed task in this video.