Skyrim Boethiah's Calling | Walkthrough | How to Start


“Boethiah's Calling” is one of the side quests in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is directly related to the Daedra. The conditions for obtaining an assignment are quite complex, and few know where to find it. The task is calculated at the level of 30+ and will reward the hero with good loot and a unique daedric item (well, so far without it). Let us proceed to the detailed walkthrough.

How to Start

To start a task you need to fulfill several conditions:

  1. Reach level 30.
  2. Get an “invitation”. This can be done in several ways: find the book “Boethiah's Calling” in one of several locations or take it from the body of a Boethiah fanatic who can attack you immediately upon reaching level 30 or run to the quest location yourself.

Important! If you upgraded using the console, then you most likely will not get the task. And you can not take it in any way possible, even a console command. If you are faced with this, lower the level to 29 and hit 30 by fair means. After that, everything will work.We analyze the locations where you can find the desired book:

  • The first place is the post of Septimius Segonia, the book lies in the tower.
  • The second place is the cave of Khoba, but the third place is much more difficult.
  • An inaccessible place to get a book is an abandoned house in Markart, which you can get into only by completing the mission of Molag Bal. The book can be found in the second room under the cupboard.
  • A fanatic with a book in his pocket can attack you in any city as soon as he reaches level 30.

With getting found out, go directly to the task!


The location we need is located east of Windhelm in the mountains. If you have not been here, you will have to go on foot. To do this, get to the city and stomp along the eastern road from the stables. On the way, you will meet several farms: Hlaalu, Brandy Mug and Ostrolist. After the Holly, you will need to turn to the mountain and climb up the barely visible path. If you have already activated the quest, then wait for a meeting with the mountain trolls, which will constantly appear.

Interesting! If you have already activated the task “Boethiah calling” with the help of a book, then an inexplicable oddity will appear around the chapel. It lies in the fact that at the very peak of the mountain there will always be night, regardless of the current time of day. Here it is, the power of the cultists!

Skyrim quest: Boethiah s Calling

The sanctuary is a platform high in the mountains, enclosed by a camp and with a huge statue of Boethiah in the center. Climbing into the camp, you will immediately notice the arena where the Daedra fans fight among themselves. Around everything is lined with dwellings, huts (in one of them you can find an alchemical laboratory and a pentagram).

Why do cultists fight each other? In this way they try to please the Prince Daedra. Interesting guys. However, soon you will also have to join them.

In the camp, a priestess will immediately approach you and begin a conversation regarding the task. In order to attract the attention of one of the Daedra, it is necessary to make a sacrifice. To do this, they even built a ritual platform, which can be found on the second “floor” of the camp, immediately behind the statue.

Quest: Boethiah s Calling in Skyrim

So, now Dovahkiin to find someone to lure and sacrifice on the altar. For these needs, the priestess even gave us a special blade. You can’t bring anyone, you have to sacrifice only those who trust the dragonborn.

Where to Find and How toLure the Victim

Unfortunately, it’s impossible not to sacrifice anyone. Only if you decide to skip the task and no longer return to the cultists. It is impossible to fulfill the mission without sacrifice. Refusing to pass the task, you can not get a unique ebony armor with an additional effect, and in general everything. With this sorted out, let's go to the candidates.

The victim can be any companion or satellite Dovahkiin. Resurrected creatures are not counted (called creatures, dogs, corpses, horses). If it's easier, then you can kill anyone you can say: “Follow me.” Only in this way can you lure him up the mountain and tie him to the sacrificial pole. If you want to complete the task, then choose the satellite you least love and go!

Attention! Known bug, because of which Dovahkiin will no longer be able to enter into a marriage upon completion of this task. It happens if you choose a victim of your spouse. Be careful with the choice of the victim for the job. When you decide your decision, you will need to go back to the sanctuary with a potential victim.

How to Make the Victim Touch the Stone

Now the selected satellite must be made to touch the stone. Rise with the victim to the column, select the dialogue: “I have a task for you”, move the mouse cursor over the column and order it to activate the artifact. Immediately after that, he will be immobilized, and the Daedra's minions will start running to the column. The trap was a success, and now the game will make us look at everything that happens.

Skyrim Boethiah s Calling - how to make a victim touch a stone

Now you need to hit the shackled satellite with the sacrificial blade that you received at the beginning of the quest from the priestess. Immediately after that, the Prince Daedra of Boethiah will appear, enter the body of the victim you have chosen, and begin a dialogue. You can choose any answer options, they have no consequences.

As a result, Boethiah decides to have fun and arrange a massive battle between all his fans, including our hero. The last survivor will receive further instructions from the daedra. Immediately after the end of the dialogue, all members of the cult will become your enemies and the massacre will begin.

Fortunately, everyone will fight everyone, and not everyone will unite against you. Therefore, the fight will be quite easy. As soon as the fight is over, Boetiya will once again turn to Dovahkiin, this time occupying the body of the priestess. Prince Daedra is pleased with your achievements, but there is one problem. The fact is that now in Skyrim there is already one winner elected by the Prince. And you have to defeat him to take his place.

Boethiah's Calling - How to Become a Champion

Dragonborn will not have sweet, because the champion at the moment is the leader of a large gang of robbers. And the main problem is that you need to cut out the entire camp of the gangsters together with the leader, while remaining unnoticed. This will be possible only with a high level of secrecy, pickpocketing and alchemy. Invisibility spells and illusions will also come in handy. Without a full arsenal, it will be very difficult to accomplish this. So if your secrecy is not yet pumped, I advise you to return to this task later.

Skyrim Boethiah s Calling - to trap someone in a sanctuary and kill him

If you are confident in your abilities, then immediately go to the camp Ridge Point Knife, which is located in the north-west of Falkreath. The camp itself is surrounded by a palisade with lots of security. Even clearing them, you will have to enter the cave where the remnants of the gang are hiding along with the leader. If you are lucky, then the leader you will find standing with his back to the entrance, so it will be easier to kill him. However, he has a lot of health, so be careful.

How to go in Skyrim quest: Boethiah s Calling

After defeating the current champion of Boethiah, the Prince Daedra will contact you again and recognize you as their champion. As a reward you will receive a unique artifact - ebony armor with an additional effect. The item must be removed from the dead champion and put it on himself to complete the task. Be sure to inspect the cave, and the whole camp as a whole. Here you can find a lot of "tasty" loot.