Skyrim: Restoration | Advantages | Skill Levels | Spells and Perks


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Elder Scrolls

If speaking about the top role-playing games, Elder Scrolls is on the top. It is one of our personal favorites and you must try it as well. This game holds the record to have the largest number of players in all time.

Elder Scrolls Online is our personal choice and is known to be the best MMORPG. It provides the best gaming experience to its players.

In all the parts of this game, we will be discussing about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

As we know, the game makes us to choose among different races that include elves, orcs, high elves and some others. Some of the top races in the game make the mage archetype. And the purest mage race are the high elves.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Restoration

Mage Skills

Every race has some specific skills that are given to the player when he/she chooses the race at the start of the game. The skills grow stronger as the player progresses. There are six mage skills that are as follow:

  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Destruction
  • Restoration
  • Illusion
  • Enchanting

One of the most demanding and beneficial mage skills is Restoration.


As we have gone through earlier, restoration is a magic type skill that is given to the mage archetype. The mage has five other main skills with restoration. All the skills have been mentioned above. Now let’s have a detailed look at what restoration skill is:

Restoration in Skyrim: Symbol

What does Restoration do?

In short, this skill can be described as a control over life force of one own and others as well. It is a highly underrated skill that gives us access to healing abilities and control over the undead. It has a huge advantage for any player who can use it. It lets you heal yourself easily and you can also bring any undead creature to your side. There is one more thing that Restoration gives to its users which is protection. In spite of healing, players can use Restoration spells to make protective circles around them or get protective wards that protect them form damage. So, we can say that restoration is one of the most beneficial skills in the game that is underestimated. If upgraded and used properly, it can make a player nearly invincible for others. Restoration skill can be manifested with the help of specific spells. We will discuss the spells and their importance later. Firstly, let’s have a look at the advantages of Restoration skill.

Restoration Spell in Skyrim - restores players health

Advantages of Restoration

As we have read above, Restoration skill is a blessing for a player. It benefits the player as he/she uses it. At first, the player can heal himself/herself in just a pinch with the help of Restoration. Also, the player can have protective wards or protective circles around their bodies that protect them form damage. As an addition, when the player heals himself or blocks himself from any damage, he gains Skill Experience that is also beneficial for him/her.

Skill Levels

Restoration has different effect at different skill levels. Each player has his own skill level in the game. The skill level of a player is decided by his experience in the game. The more he has completed the game, the more his skill level will be. Lower skill level players can use a smaller number of spells and perks. The healing effect will be smaller for smaller spells. However, the expert level players can have a wide variety of spells and almost all the perks to use enabling him to use the top healing spells that can be highly beneficial for the player. The skill levels don’t only effect healing but other abilities as well. Following are the skill levels in Elder Scrolls V:

  • Novice (skill level 15)
  • Apprentice (skill level 25)
  • Adept (skill level 50)
  • Expert (skill level 75)
  • Master (skill level 90)

Restoration Spells and Perks

Perks are special abilities and additions to your skills that are given to you on every level up. If we see the Restoration skill, it will be shown in form of a tree, there are total twelve perks in the Restoration tree. These perks are as follow with their level and a short description:

Healing in Skyrim. Restoration Spells and Perks


Restoration is mainly casted with the help of spells. There is a good number of regeneration spells in the game. Just like other abilities, the spells are also dependent on the experience and skill level of the player. Following are some important spells.

Where to find Spells?

There are some ways to gain spells. Let’s have a look at them.

The best vendor for all Restoration spells is Colette at the College of Winterhold. You'll have to do a quest to get access to her and the rest of the College. She will be present at the second floor. Her spell collection will depend on your skill level. And you can find a variety of different Restoration spells form her. You must keep this in mind that Colette is the only one who later gets access to advanced spells higher than adept level so should familiarize her.

Colette in Skyrim the best vendor for all Restoration spells

Another way to gain spells is to raise your experience. However, the former one is quicker and more efficient.

In the end, Restoration is a valuable skill in Skyrim and is worth using in the game.