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The world is full of a countless number of sublime and amazing inventions. These inventions and gadgets have been greatly embedded in our lives. This has made our lives convenient. All of this has only been possible due to the advancements in science and technology. Technology has completely covered the world in itself. Due to this, each and every person is connected to others. These are the great doings of technology. Technology has introduced Gaming for us that has affected our lives. Gaming has a great impact on our lives. It has taken us into the future.

Now a day, countless genres have been introduced to us that contain a large number of games. One of the top gaming genres is MMORPG. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) are known to be the best gaming genres of all time. It provides true gaming thrill and experience to a gamer. It enables us to do those things that we cannot do in our real lives. Suppose you are wandering in a large world that belongs to you. You can go wherever you like. You can explore different areas, complete quests or do whatever you like. Or you can be a knight that saves a kingdom from beasts. You can also be the ruler of the world.

This pleasure and sensation can only be provided an MMORPG.As far as popularity is concerned, there are some top MMORPGs in the world. The one we are talking about is none other than Elder Scrolls.

Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls is a top MMORPG that was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. It is currently believed to be one of the best MMORPG in the gaming universe. We can still see a large number of fans of this game that rank it on top of their lists. It is one of the latest and most developed graphics. Although it went through a sudden downfall in some years before. But currently, its most recent updated version has been released and is accessible to all the Elder Scrolls users. This version is said to take it back to the top.

Gameplay and Storyline

Just like most MMORPGs, Elder Scrolls is also a fantasy world game in which players can complete different quests, challenges, and they can roam free to explore the world. We cannot see offline single-player mode, but the developers have said that they have plenty of other stuff in the game for single players.

Talking about graphics and game development, Elder Scrolls has been the best. Its graphics and animations are high, and they can be easily compared with any other leading MMORPG. So, it will be great for MMORPG fans to try a game like this. Now we will be discussing about one of the most popular parts of Elder Scrolls.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is a complete package of entertainment and competition for the gamers. It has a big map for players to play. Skyrim offers a wide range of places that are worth visiting. Each place has its specific importance.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Raven Rock

In the vast world of Skyrim, there is a city known as Raven Rock. This city is a highly worth visiting place for the players and it will be the center of our attention in this discussion.

Raven Rock is a city along the south-western coast of Solstheim. It basically lies near the forest of Hirstaang. It is a main settlement that is under the control of House Redoran. There are many great houses of Elder Scrolls world, House Redoran is one of them. House Redoran has been given the hold of Raven Rock over the old times and eras. It is the most powerful house of Marrowind.

Raven Rock can also be found in former and later parts to Skyrim. But our main focus is the Skyrim Raven Rock. We will discuss the changes that were done to it in the other parts.

Skyrim: Raven Rock


Raven Rock was founded in 3E 427 by the East Empire Trading Company during the Third Era of Elder Scrolls history. It was basically discovered as a big mine that was a big source of a large amount of natural resources. As a mine was discovered in the area, it became a settlement in a little time. So, it was basically formed as a mining colony from the beginning.

Raven Rock: Origin

Geography of Raven Rock

If you have been through the Third and Fourth Era of Elder Scrolls, then you will notice that there is a big change in the geography of Raven Rock. In the Third Era, after its birth, Raven Rock had a straight structure. If you walk through Raven Rock then it will be a straight path through the mine and the houses but it is different in the Fourth Era. It has developed and also, its geography changed.

Raven Rock’s Goal in Skyrim

Raven Rock is basically a mining city from origin. It was basically originated from the mind found in the area. This city has many important roles in the game and plays a part as destination in most quests. We will be looking at all the Raven Rock Quests in detail. It is also home to a number of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that award the player or guides him during his quests.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in Raven Rock

We will give you the complete list of all the Non-Player Characters of Raven Rock. Let’s have a look at them.

Places and Buildings in Raven Rock

Raven Rock is a popular city in the Elder Scrolls world. It has a number of places that are worth visiting. Let’s see a detail of all the places and buildings in Raven Rock.

Raven Rock Mine

As we have seen earlier, Raven Rock is basically originated from a mine. So, its most important place and area is the Raven Rock Mine. This mine is the main cause of town’s economy and income. We have searched that this mine contains a large amount of ebony ore. Ebony Ore is a highly valuable resource that is used in many applications. There are some stories about the Raven Rock Mine. According to one, the mine was closed at some point in time, because it was said to be dried up. But actually, it was blocked and the ore was stolen. After some years, the original reason was uncovered and the mine was opened again for work.

Raven Rock Mine is the main asset of Raven Rock. It is the main source of income for the city. The city would come to ground if the mine would have been closed. So, we can say that whole city of Raven Rock basically depends on the Raven Rock Mine.

Raven Rock Mine

Alor House

Alor House is a goods and hardware store in Raven Rock. It is run by NPCs Dreyla Alor and Fethis Alor. This shop can be used to buy different goods and will also be involved in quests.

Glover Mallory House

It is an empty house that belongs to a blacksmith. The front door is locked. It is also involved in quests that will be discussed later.

The Bulwark

Bulwark is present in the east of the town. It is actually a gate outside the city of Raven Rock.

The Bulwark Jail

There is a jail near the main exit gate. It is used to hold prisoners and bandits.

Bulwark Jail

Caerellius House

It is another house in Raven Rock. It is located in the west of Bulwark. It is also included in quests.

Raven Rock Temple

It is the only temple of Raven Rock. It contains three shrines in it. We can also find two NPCs the temple. The two are priests and live in the temple.

Ulen Ancestral Tomb

There is a tomb located in the north of Caerellius House. It has no character related to it. The tomb has two doors. The one on the west leads to Temple Ancestral Tomb but we need to have a key at first. This place is not related to any quest.

Ulen Ancestral Tomb

Morvayn Manor

It is a house that can be used for residence. It also has three NPCs named as Lleril Morvayn, Adril Arano and Cindiri Arano associated to it.

Raven Rock Port

Raven Rock Port is the main place for the transportation of its resources extracted from the mine. It is one of the most important parts of Raven Rock economy.

Other Buildings

There are many other buildings in Raven Rock in spite of these. These buildings include:

  • Alchemy Lab
  • Grindstones
  • Blacksmith Forges
  • Tanning Racks
  • Workbench

Raven Rock Quests

Now let’s come to the most important part of our discussion. Raven Rock has a total of eleven quests related to it. The quests reward points and items to the player. Let’s see all the quests in detail.

  1. Fetch the Netch

    This quest requires the player to find and retrieve the netch jelly for Milore. And we will tell you that there are three locations on which the player can find netch jelly items in Raven Rock. Once the player aquires the jelly, he needs to go to Milore and obtain the reward. The reward for this quest is two potions of ultimate well-being.

  2. The Final Descendent

    This quest is related to the Raven Rock Mine. In this quest the player will be given a role to help Crescius Caerellius. The quest demands a heavy task from the player. He needs to go and retrieve Gratian Caerellius’ Journal and escape from Bloodskal Barrow. Then he needs to give the info back to Crescius Caerellius. This quest has a gold reward.

  3. First Addition:

    This quest is also related to Raven Rock and is given by Cindiri Arano. In this quest, the player has to go to Wreck of the Strident Squall and find the Lusty Argonian Maid Folio in a treasure chest. Then, the player has to return to Raven Rock and give the folio to Cindiri Arano.

  4. Its All in the Taste

    This quest is given by Geldis Sadri and it takes place at two locations, the Raven Rock and the Retching Netch. In this quest, the player has to distribute ten bottles of the Sujamma given to him by Sadri. For this, he has to find ten different persons for the brewing. The reward is gold coins.

  5. Paid in Full

    This quest is given by Glover Mallory. In this quest, the player has to recover the Bonemold Formula for Glover Mallory and take it back to him. Reward is great loot and coins.

  6. Pain in the Necklace

    This quest also takes place in Raven Rock and is given by Fethis Alor. In this quest, the player is given a task to search for the East Empire Pendants and bring them to Fethis Alor. The player has to search for Raven Rock for these pendants and given them to Fethis Alor.

  7. An Axe to Find

    This quest is given by Glover Mallory. In this quest, the player has to retrieve the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe and give it to Glover Mallory. He needs to search the Raven Rock for this item.

  8. Clean Sweep

    This quest is given by the temple elder Othreloth. In this quest, the player has to clear the tomb of ask spawn and clean it from any creature left. After this, he has to report back to the elder. Reward for this quest is gold coins.

  9. Feeding the Addiction

    This quest is given by Bralsa Drel. In this quest, the player has to convince Geldis Sadri to let Bralsa Drel stay in the inn. The reward is an enchanted weapon.

  10. Served Cold

    This quest is given by Captain Veleth. It is a long quest that has involvement of a decent number of characters and events. The reward is also decent enough for the player to complete it.

  11. Recipe for Distraction

    This quest is given by Captain Veleth. In this quest, the player has to locate the hidden stash of Emberbrand Wine in Raven Rock. The reward is gold coins.

These were all the quests in Raven Rock. Raven Rock is a place worth visiting and it is an important part of Elder Scrolls.