Skyrim "Door that whispers": review and quest passage


"The door that whispers" (in some fan localizations is called "Whispering door") - an additional task in the game Skyrim. After completing a mission, a player can get an Ebonite Blade - a Daedric artifact, which is sometimes also called the “Leech” or “Vampire”. When carrying this one-handed weapon, the character will be able to absorb up to 10 units of health of the victim. The blade can be "pumped" by increasing this figure to 30.

Where to get the job "The door that whispers" in Skyrim

For this you need to ask Hulda in the tavern "Prancing mare" about the rumors that go around the people about the Whiterun. A woman will tell that they are talking about the weirdness of one of the children of Jarl.

An important condition: the mission “Dragon in the sky” must be completed, and the character’s level is not lower than 20, otherwise Hulda does not tell such gossip and the quest does not begin.

How to get the quest "The door that whispers" Skyrim

How to pass the quest in Skyrim "The door that whispers"

Having learned about the problem, you should go to the very jarl and ask him about everything directly. Balgruf will tell you that his son Nelkir has recently behaved not quite adequately: he is bold, has become too aggressive, gloomy and gloomy.

The same dialogue will take place, if Whiterun is already captured by the Brothers of the Storm during the passage of the storyline, and Balgruf escaped to Solitude. After the dialogue with the jarl, you need to talk to Nelkir, who is always in the Dragon's limit, regardless of the progress of the passage.

Passing the whispering door quest in Skyrim

If you start asking, the boy will tell you that the Whispering Door, located in the basement of the Dragon's Limit, is to blame. In the process of passing the mission, further it turns out that the door is indeed speaking, and the voice belongs to the Daedric Princess Mephale. She tells the hero that there is a great power hidden behind the door, but only the Dark Child knows the details. The key to the mysterious door is in two people - the very jarl and court magician Farengara.

Who to kill in the quest Skyrim "The door that whispers"

It is impossible to kill a jarl technically. If you want to go Skyrim in this way, the only one you can kill is Farengar. Nelkir will assure that no one will notice his absence in the Dragon's limit.

An alternative way to get the key is to steal it from the pocket of the jarl or the court magician. A very high chance to quietly steal the necessary thing from Farengar, even when he is awake.

"Whispering door" - to kill someone to find the key

Having seized the key, the hero enters a slightly gloomy room. On the table in the center is a book with caution and the Ebonite Blade itself. As for level 20 - this is a very good reward. However, the blade lay in the basement and partially lost its strength. To restore it, you have to kill loved ones.

Whispering Door - Ebony Blade

Blade is not taken in the mission "The door that whispers" and other known bugs

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the quest was “trimmed” and different from the original version, references to which can be found in the Creation Kit, some scripts sometimes work incorrectly. What can a player encounter:

  • If Hulda accidentally dies and Isolde replaces her, it is impossible to accept the task - the latter does not share the necessary rumors.
  • Hulda herself can get involved and not share gossip. The quest ID is DA08, and to launch it from the pusher, you must enter the setstage DA08 10 command in the console.
  • After accepting the quest, some dialog options with Jarl Balgruf may disappear.
  • Known bug when the blade is not taken from the table. To complete the quest, you can add it to your inventory using the console command player.additem 4A38F 1.

Overall, this is one of the easiest quests for the Daedric princes in Skyrim. To get an artifact at level 20 with such characteristics is quite good, especially if you are playing the game for the first time.